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EcoMedia-Europe is an educational Socrates Comenius Network co-financed by the European Commission. It was founded in 2005 and after 3 years of cofinanced activities, the network cooperates with the activities of partners and tries to keep the partners in the network together through the main topic – ICT in the education. The network coordinator is Schulgemeindeverband from Wolfsberg (A). The professional background offers the Danube-University Krems (A). EcoMedia Europe’s networking initiatives were carried out by 22 partners from 18 countries.

The main thematic area of the network is the strategic development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and digital media based education in the field of Comenius. The network works on three different but well complemented sub-themes linked to Socrates – Comenius programme, namely ICT basics, digital media, and ICT strategies. The second sub-theme was coordinated by Slovenian partner The National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Regional Office Slovenj Gradec.

The homepage of the network, where you can read all the activities and also see the professional contributions and publications is .


Nevenka Štraser – coordinator for the network in Slovenia

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