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Kranjska Gora, from 14th to 17th April 2010

Interlacing Education and Research with ICT.

SirIKT 2010 is made up of the following conferences: 

  • Videoconference is the biggest slovenian videoconference, where both pupils and students represent their projects (13.4.2010)
  • Arnes conference unites the users from diverse levels of education, research and culture in usage of new technologies, network services and technological support at international cooperation (14.4.2010  in Kranjska Gora). 
  • "Heading towards e-competent school" conference for the 21st century with ICT application in all educational levels from kindergarden to university (15.4.2010 and 16.4.2010 in Kranjska Gora).
  • "Heading towards e-competent school" conference is aimed to all headmasters, longing for higher and more qualitative level of school informatization (16.4.2010 in Kranjska Gora). 
  • Training of E-šolstvo project co-workers (17.4.2010 in Kranjska Gora).
  • KONFeT or eTwinning  conference unites teachers who incorporate ICT and international cooperation in their lectures. This event will also be an opportunity to award the best eTwinning projects (12. 4. 2010 in Ljubljana).

Contributions in conferences will be presented in forms of plenary lectures, symposium or short presentations, workshops, posters and sponsor presentations.

SirIKT is an opportunity for exchange of experience among all educational workers, pupils and students, who use the contemporary tools of digital era at their work.

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