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Instructions for presentations

Authors of the contributions, short presentations and posters (hereinafter contributions) present their contributions in the sections. We ask you to please pay attention to the schedule and duration of the contributions as well as to the arrangement of the conference rooms.

At least one author of the contribution shall report their presence to the moderator at least 15 minutes before the commencement. Moderator of the presentation is answerable for carrying out the section in the anticipated time, what gives him/her the right to shorten the presentation. Provided there are 4 contributions in an hour, presentation of one contribution should last up to 15 minutes including discussion. We ask you to consider the time frame at the preparation of the presentation.

All presentations will be carried out on the computers of the organizer. Each room will be equipped with computer with Windows XP operating system and MS Office 2007. Computers will also have installed browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as well as the Acrobat Reader program.

In case you need additional software, please e-mail us a message with text 'SIRIKT 2010 Software' in Subject field to until 19.3.2010.

Since e-šolstvo project is financed by funds of ESF, under which SIRIKT conference is organized, all contributions have to be prepared according to the template (template). 

Your contributions are expected to be received at until 26.3.2010. Please name your presentation with the contribution number (ID) and the surname of first author – e.g.  102_Novak.ppt.

Sibilants in the surnames should be replaced by non-sibilant letters.

Please do not forget to register to the conference as a lecturer (registration form).

Kind regards,

SIRIKT 2010 organizing comittee.


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