Enabling education and research with ICT
SirIKT 2008

Ljubljana, Kranjska Gora, from 14th to 19th April 2008

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SIRIKT 2008, Kranjska Gora - report of students

SirIKT conference connects the following sessions:

  • KONFeT or eTwinnig conference links the teachers, who incorporate ICT and international cooperation into their lessons. The event will also be an opportunity for granting rewards for the best eTwinning projects (14. 4. in Ljubljana).
  • Pupils and students present themselves is an important part of the conference, giving a possibility to the pupils and students to present their work and the vision of the inovative lessons and work at schools, with a support of the videoconference (15. 4 – videoconference) .
  • ARNES conference links the users of various levels of education, research and culture in the implementation of new technologies, network services and technological support in the international cooperation (16. 4.- 18. 4. in Kranjska Gora).
  • Innovative teaching and learning incorporates new approaches and strategies in learning and teaching for 21st century, using ICT at all educational levels from kindergarten to university (17. 4. - 19. 4. in Kranjska Gora).
  • Management of the informatized school aimed to all headmasters, to whom the planning of the informatized school is a challenge (18. 4. in Kranjska Gora).

The subjects of the single session will be presented through the examples of good practice, workshops, lectures and presentations, while the exchange of the participants' experiences shall be carried out in the project meetings and round-table discussion.

SirIKT conference is the opportunity for the exchange of the experiences between all teaching personnel, pupils and students who use the modern tools of the digital era at their work, and other users of ARNES network at all levels and scopes of education and research.

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