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SirIKT 2008

Invitation to the videoconference event

Pupils and students present themselves

All-Slovenian videoconference 'Pupils and students present themselves'

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 from 9 am on within SIRIKT conference

The event aims to motivate pupils and students to get to know each other and cooperate (discussions, exchange of views, and expectations of own education) by using new technologies. 
The topic selection shall be interesting for general public as there will be schools of different levels and regions participating in videoconference connection.

In bygone years, MES equipped 120 educational institutions (primary and secondary schools, faculties) with room H.323 videoconference systems through four public competitions.  We would like to stimulate the employment of these systems for their regular intercommunication.

Pupils and students prepare and carry out a 5 minutes presentation of topic of their choice, followed by 10 minutes discussion on presented topics with other participants.    

Suggested topics

  • My achievements to praise with…  (ICT in school and at home)
  • Virtual friends
  • My school of the future


Technical requirements
There are no technical requirements needed for participation on the event with your contributions. In case that an educational institution:

  • does not have the adequate videoconference equipment for participation in videoconference, shall indicate this in the registration form. Organiser of  videoconference will provide premises and equipment on other location (e.g. neighbouring school),
  • has own videoconference equipment, shall include a precise technical information of the equipment in the registration form so that it could be involved into the videoconference

The following equipment is needed:

  • H.323 videoconference system:
    • room H.323 videoconference system


    • H.323 videoconference computer software (Polycom PVX or VCON vPointHD – costs cca 100 EUR) and web USB camera
  • minimum 512/512 kbit/s (symmetric) internet connection to Arnes

Priority will be given to organisations with room H.323 videoconference systems!

Every school, participating in such videoconference meeting for the first time, has to carry out individual testing of videoconference connection to Arnes Support center for multimedia (video-podpora@arnes.si) between March 17th to 31st, 2008, at the latest. Testing is necessary because:

  • school’s network system (router) needs to be preset (filters protecting school’s network need to be adequately removed to enable H.323 conference protocol for IP videoconference system);
  • QoS needs to be carried out for organisations without fast (optical) connection to Arnes (but using ADSL or PPPoE DSL or CATV connections). It is necessary to set higher priority of videoconference traffic over other internet traffic on school connection to internet (QoS);
  • school videoconference system needs to be integrated into international videoconference network (GDS). School videoconference system is registered at Arnes gatekeeper server and is given a permanent international GDS videoconference call number.

Testing will be carried out with all registered schools between April 1st to 8th, 2008, according to the order fixed in advance.
On April 10th, 2008, all participants will simultaneously carry out a joint trial.  (All schools will log in simultaneously.)


Final date and method of registration
The school registers using web registration form until March 14th, 2008, at the latest. Registration has been extended to March 21st.
The registration form  can be found on http://www.sirikt.si/videokonferenca-prijava.html.  All required fields in the registration form  must be completed. The school that wants to use a computer presentation (video, PowerPoint, Impress), is required to send it until April 4th, 2008, at the latest to e-mail: Sirikt_video@arnes.si.

The schools can monitor the entire videoconference event passively, using web browser.   Few examples of videoconferences can be found on Arnes Support center for multimedia web pages (http://www.arnes.si/video/vod/).
No further settings are required for watching videoconferences. In case you have problems with video, please find instructions for installing the adequate code on your computer on http://www.arnes.si/video/vcg/navodila_vcg.html

SIRIKT 2008 Programme Committee