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SirIKT 2008

ARNES conference

ARNES conference will be again this year held within the SirIKT 2008.
It will take place from Wednesday, 16th April until Friday, 18th April, 2008. First day will be reserved for academic lectures of local and foreign lecturers, and will embrace a wide spectre of topics, including one of the top European technological projects.

The afternoon of the first day will be divided into two sessions:

  • technical session will be oriented to the integration through optical fibres (DWDM, availability of optics in Slovenia, examples of good practices in network planning) and to the mobility of users (AAI, LDAP, Eduroam),
  • general session will present the services for end-users, as web videoconferences, content management systems and other web applications, web servers and lectures on web security.

Thursday will provide various academic workshops, which had very positive response last year. Likewise, this year the participants will gain the concrete knowledge, needed at their work.