Enabling education and research with ICT
SirIKT 2007
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The SIRIKT 2007 conference consists of the following contents:

  • Active learning and ICT
  • The meeting of Arnes users
  • Managing an informatised school

The meeting of Arnes users

The meeting is designed for the annual review of services in research and educational networks, for assistance to domestic and international cooperation, for expert workshops and for the exchange of experience amongst the users of the Slovenian academic and research network ARNES. The main topics of the meeting will be:

  • new services of Arnes,
  • European network GÉANT2,
  • management and maintenance of networks,
  • safety and reliability of computer networks,
  • infrastructure for authentication and authorisation,
  • mobility, wireless networks and eduoram,
  • development and support of video-conference connections,
  • strategies and developmental projects,
  • safe use of the internet for the young.

Active learning and ICT

Active learning and ICT in individual subject and technical areas, in the curriculum integration and in educational activities at educational establishments in general and vocational training and the training of participants with special needs;

  • e-material (progress, evaluation, quality, multimedia) and inclusion in the lesson,
  • web classrooms (expertise and skilfulness in virtual environments),
  • net projects,
  • Slovenian educational network,
  • other new accessions and strategies of learning and teaching,
  • new technologies: didactic viewpoints of the employment of interactive blackboards, digital cameras, video-conferences, etc.,
  • projects of development and research,
  • ICT competence of scholars and school curriculum.

Managing an informatized school

The following areas will be discussed:

  • strategy of informatisation of the educational system,
  • strategy and plan for the informatisation of schools (equipment, workers, organising, funds, the openness of educational establishments in the local and international area, effects, evaluation).