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Sirikt 2009

Innovation and creativeness in classes


Second all-Slovenian SirIKT videoconference 'Inovation and  creativeness in classes'


Tuesday, April 14th , 2009 from 9am on within the framework of  SIRIKT conference


The event aims to stimulate pupils and students to use new technologies for distance learning, to access the educational contents (lessons,…) and for performing multimedia communication in real time while running national and international projects. Schools are offered to prepare themselves their own presentations concerning their work and innovative approaches to lessons with the help of H323 videoconference technology.


Each school is supposed to prepare and carry out a 10 minute presentation covering the topic by their own choosing. After each thematic part a 15 minute discussion is planned between participants (questions and answers, associations, round-table discussions…).


Suggested topics

This year we don't suggest the topics, as we believe that the title of the videoconference Innovation and creativity in classes itself>defines the possible content. Due to the fact that schools at different levels and from different regions are going to be connected in the videoconference the topic you chose should be interesting for wider public and it should reflect as much as possible your own creativity. 

Technical requirements

The following equipments are needed:

  • H.323 videoconference system

a.) room H.323 videoconference system


b.) H.323 videoconference computer software (Polycom PVX or VCON vPointHD – costs cca 100 EUR) and web USB camera

  • minimum 512/512 kbit/s (symmetric) internet connection to Arnes

Schools (120 institutions from primary, secondary, hostels and universities) equipped with contemporary room videoconference system H323, especially those who were funded to purchase the equipment through the four public official invitations by Ministry of Education are privileged to attend the conference.  


Preparations for videoconference


Every school, participating in such videoconference meeting, has to carry out individual testing of videoconference connection to ARNES Support centre for multimedia (video-podpora@arnes.si) from March 9th to 20th, 2009 at the latest. Testing is necessary because:

  • the school network system (router) needs to be preset (filters protecting school’s network need to be adequately removed to enable H.323 conference protocol for IP videoconference system);
  • QoS needs to be carried out for organisations without fast (optical) connection to ARNES (but using ADSL or PPPoE DSL or CATV connections). It is necessary to set higher priority of videoconference traffic over other internet traffic on school connection to internet (QoS);
  • The school videoconference system needs to be integrated into international videoconference network (GDS). School videoconference system is registered at Arnes gatekeeper server and is given a permanent international GDS videoconference call number.
  • The school audio/video connections should be checked to test the performance of computer presentation (PowerPoint or other…)


Schools that have already used H323 videoconference only have to test with ARNES the settings and the function of the videoconference system.


After successful technical testing each school plans and carries out also content testing from 23rd march to 3rd April with the help of videoconference programme coordinators (sirikt-video@arnes.si). They will help and advise schools how to prepare their videoconference presentations well. During these tests schools briefly present their ideas for presentation.


Deadlines and how to register

Schools register through web registration form till March 6th, 2009, the latest.

The registration form can be found on the following link.

Registration Form


All required fields in the registration form must be filled in. Schools that plan to use a computer presentation (video, PowerPoint, Impress) have to send it to Sirikt_video@arnes.si till April 3rd, 2009, the latest.


How to attend videoconference passively


The schools can also attend the entire videoconference event passively, using the web browser only. No special settings are required for viewing videoconferences. In case you have problems with video, please find instructions for installing the adequate code on your computer on



Examples of videoconferences can be found on Arnes Support center for multimedia web pages