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Warriror Convictions

Warriror Convictions

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Ask any military veteran, and they’ll tell you they didn’t enlist for the sole purpose of fighting and killing.People enlist and subject themselves to the horrors of war so that future generations won’t have to.Then, of course, there’s the saying that deep down, everyone wants peace. But that just isn’t true.If truly no one wanted war, there would be no war.It exists because certain people want it.It brings them wealth and power, silences opposition, maintains their warped ideal of justice in this world, and countless other reasons.For every war that ever has been or ever shall be, someone wanted it, and they either forced or convinced others to want it too.There is no such thing as a war no one wanted.Because there will always be someone who wants a war, we must be prepared to fight one, and by looking into how spirituality, magic, and mysticism have played a part in them, those who are workers of magic, partners with the Divine, or have had just about enough of oppression in this world can all be a little better prepared in the forthcoming fight.To do this, we will look at both the aggressors and defenders in eras of conflicts and social justice struggles around the world throughout human history and how both sides have incorporated active and passive spirituality into their arsenals.We will look at the deities and spiritual forces of the universe that have been called upon as allies in the war effort.We will look at the inspired mortals who rose to battle leadership or had the warrior mantle thrust upon them, leading their people to victory.We will look at the spells, rituals, and daily practices of everyday people actively engaged in combatting injustice.We will look into the mythos and at all things spiritual and mystical that have been used to fight the good fight.And along the way, as we learn these arts of war, revolution, and social justice activism of our worldwide ancestors, we will also meet contemporary warriors.These living and breathing peers of ours from cultures throughout the globe will share with us their own stories in their own words of personal trials and tribulations, activities on the front lines of protests and underground movements, spells and meditations to bind the wicked and elevate the oppressed, rituals to strengthen our bodies and galvanize our souls, and everything else under the sun and moon that can and will aid us in our own battles internally and in the world at large.As a person who can enact change in the material world, a person capable of manipulating the energies and natural forces of the universe, you are already a warrior whether you accept the outward label or not.After all, a person who cannot fight back is not peaceful, they’re just harmless.But you, you’re different.As a warrior, you have the capacity to fight back and the ability to say, No, I do not accept this and then do something about it.Only a warrior has the ability to shape the future, and therefore, all of history.Only a warrior can choose peace since only they have the strength and capacity, should they so choose, to not be peaceful.So, if you’re going to forge your own destiny and help bring about a better world for all those who cannot or do not have the power to choose it for themselves, then you might as well learn how to be the best warrior you can be.You already are, though you may not know it or believe it.As you’ll see, the power of a warrior comes in many shapes and forms, all of which play their part in the effort.All of the history yet to be written depends upon it.Of course, all forms of war are costly, especially in human life.It’s also, in a sense, emotionally easier to advocate for war since those who will be sacrificed on the front lines will often be unknown strangers to the vast majority of the population.Having worked in the funeral industry myself, I can guarantee you there are lots of people dying all the time all around you in big cities, but because there are so many of us, no one outside of immediate family and friends really notices or is emotionally affected by the loss.That is, of course, unless there was nowhere else to go because of ecological crises.War is part and parcel of humanity, but it is not exclusively ours.Enter the warrior class.Here in the historical region of the Middle East, now called Mesopotamia, is where some of the earliest examples of such specialization in soldiering have been unearthed.Keep in mind, Mesopotamia wasn’t just one single civilization.

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