The third SIRikt Web Roundtable - Social Media has changed our social lives, is it about to transform our schools?


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Tuesday, 14. 5. 2013 at 1 pm


The Web RoundTable is aimed at teachers, professors, principals, directors and others who are interested in the use of social media in the field of education. Participants will use microphones and webcams on the computers in a web conference VOX will be associated with different locations in Slovenia and abroad.


This event is aimed to encourage teachers, professors and principals to engage with and explore the debate about the use of social media in a school setting.


Social Media has changed the way we interact, connect and share, is it about to transform our schools too?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a galaxy of new arrivals in the social media space have transformed the way our social world works forever. With ICT now firmly on the schools agenda and delivering real results in classrooms, is widespread use of social media a natural and beneficial next step? How do we prepare our pupils and teachers to use it safely and in a focussed way? Can it be integrated into a nationally accepted approach to education?

This Web Roundtable brings together a number of experts in the fields of collaborative learning, social media strategy and digital citizenship to address the following questions:

  • Our pupils use it outside of the classroom, but does social media have a future in our schools?
  • What are the potential benefits of using social technologies as part of learning? Are these measurable?
  • How can you get started and what issues do you need to think about before jumping in?

We hope to get questions from the audience and explore some of the challenges we face in adjusting the experience in the classroom to fit our new ‘connected’ pupils.


  • Dom Graveson - Digital strategist and commentator, United Kingdom
  • Conor Galvin - Lecturer and Researcher at College of Human Sciences, UCD Dublin, Ireland
  • Sue Keogh - Expert in best practice use of social media and director of sookio.com, social media campaigns agency, United Kingdom
  • Andrej Tomšič - Deputy of the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Simon Dražič - math, physics and computer science teacher. Šmarje pri Kopru primary school, Slovenia
  • Vid Čeplak Mencin in Rene Knapič, students at Gimnazije Poljane, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Nives Kreuh - Senior Consultant, the E-competent Teacher Project Leader, National Education Institute Slovenia

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Join us on Tuesday 14th of May for the third SIRikt Web Roundtable - "Social Media has changed our social lives, is it about to transform our schools?". More.

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