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With the rollout of 5G, there is a pressing need for companies to attract and utilize the skilled labor required to implement the new technology. According to Ed Fox, vice president of Network Services and head of customer innovation lab at network and telecom services provider MetTel, companies need to make sure their fiber solutions and power distribution networks are in place to accommodate 100 to 400 Gbps devices made feasible by the new telecoms standard. If they don't, then they're at the risk of falling behind. 

The current workforce at most companies is not up to the task. What's more, companies don't always know the type of people that they need to build out their systems. Job descriptions are dated, and there is a lack of understanding of how new technology fundamentally differs from that of the old. 

Compounding the problem is the fact that there is, as yet, not enough skilled labor to go around. Building out an extensive  5G network is a mammoth undertaking, but finding workers to make it possible is a challenge. Even finding people to update and maintain existing infrastructure is a significant issue for many companies, let alone finding the required labor to roll out completely new and upgraded infrastructure. Funneling resources to the development of 5G capabilities is a luxury that very few in the industry can afford. 

As you will learn below, however, Field Engineer's online freelance worker platform is part of the solution. 

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