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od Albert Cheung - torek, 26. maj 2020, 03:14
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Food Extrusion Machine Line Plant

Puff Snacks Processing Line can process various direct cereal based snackswith a wide variety of recipes and shapes.

Food extrusion machine is a form of extrusion utilized in food processing. It is a process through which a collection of blended components are forced through an opening in a perforated plate or die with a style specific to the food, and are after that cut into a particular dimension by blades. The food extrusion equipment which requires the mix through the die is an extruder, and also the mix is called the extrudate. The extruder consists of a large, turning screw securely suitable within a stationary barrel, at the end of which is the die.

High productivity food extrusion machine makes it possible for automation of food through a continuous, reliable system that ensures harmony of the end product. Food produced using food extrusion machine normally have a high starch content. These include some pasta, breads (croutons, bread sticks, and also flat breads), several morning meal cereals and also ready-to-eat treats, confectionery, pre-made cookie dough, some infant foods, full-fat soy, distinctive vegetable protein, some drinks, and completely dry and semi-moist animal foods.

What is an extruded snack made by food extrusion machine?

Blown and extruded treats consist of anything involving mixed components that are either pressed with a mold and mildew or accuracy cut. Examples include corn smokes, veggie straw snacks, pork rinds, cheese treats (puffs and also curls) and a lot more.


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