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This is not the road often traveled but it's definitely doable I have my tools over here and I've got my notes and here what is it first if that is one of the degree classifications especially for undergraduate courses forty to fifty is a third 50 to 60 is 80 to 60 to 70 is a to one and 70 upwards is a fast class this is insanely hard to get you know the UK or if you're from the UK probably thinking okay so I want a 99 then I want a hundred in my degree yes not gonna be happen especially the top five universities which include LSE the marking the scheme is more stringent than other universities and it 's especially in the a course like the law the highest people really get on average like a 73 they don't mark up 200 if your work is a 73 that can be published that is really good I'm not a lot of people get a first because of that reason obviously it's influenced by the type, of course, you study so if you're studying a quantitative the subject you're more likely to get it fast because it's even yes or no like you're even right or wrong whereas if an essay subject it is so subjective I'm gonna show you my feedback I got a grade 17 most of my feedback was very good but not necessarily excellent so I engaged with the portfolio piece I was accurate I applied legal authorities it was logical what I did the worst was basically my grandma I know this because I didn 't even really get to over my essay many times I had so many grammatical errors in the satisfactory that is almost poor if I had improved my grandma then I think I would have got like a 72 73 maybe okay so the structure is the most important thing you can get right my the structure is on point right from when I set out to plan my essay to when I actually, write here I booked an appointment to attend a one-on-one session where I learned how to write this was in my second-year man changed my life he taught me the pyramid method so what this basically is he drew out a triangle and at the top of the triangle is your thesis is basically what your argument is so for instance your argument might be that London has amazing the weather that is your thesis right and that goes either to the pyramid you need to think of three reasons why this is true thejustification are the three reasons or maybe even five or six but generally you probably have three depending on the length of the essay being justifications is gonna prove your the thesis that's what you put in the second part of the pyramid now at the bottom part of the pyramid basically need to have the evidence for your justification in my body, I would explain each justification and each paragraph would work to prove my face it and then I would conclude basically reinstate my thesis and explain what we have learned and then I would feed that back into what I said at the beginning about British weather being great and that was that is the structure that is the winning structure that can allow you to get a first in yours what you put in the second part of the pyramid now at the bottom part of the pyramid basically need to have the evidence for your justification in my body I would explain each justification and each paragraph would work to prove my face it and then I would conclude basically reinstate my thesis and explain what we have learned and then I would feed that back into what I said in the beginning about British weather being great and that was that is the structure that is the winning structure that can allow you to get a first in your best law essay writing services honestly it changed my life it changed the game it's about the writing technique is about how or 32b sound and how sure you are about your argument so this is my introduction despite the shortcomings of the online Hans white paper it should be welcomed notwithstanding its room for improvement Smith's piece offers a comprehensive though the condemnatory account of the online harms white paper by providing a brief insight into its purpose and scope with reference to intersections Smith oversimplifies the white paper on assessments three running themes emerge Smith's criticism centered vastly the regulator secondly the content of the proposals and thirdly the normative implications of the initiative so in the body of my essay I spoke about the three running themes which are why you can see the headings and then I conclude here I 'm going to read my conclusion the online Hardin's white paper is a welcome recognition of the need to profile the use of fairness inclusiveness and democracy at the heart of the Internet, Smith explained its nature and risks by denoting three substantial subjects of criticism as part-time beany the appropriate response to the paper is not to simply dismiss it proposals such as a differentiated the model would mitigate Smith's very valid concerns much academic literatures in discussing the online harms white Engler have acknowledged the uniqueness of the Internet and the challenges Disney works if the road to hell is paved with good intentions it has been demonstrated in this essay that on this motorway there can be more than one lane with 101 exit point and thus how does not have to be this lesson I take when I 'm writing an essay is that the first thing I do is I think really hot about the question I assess the question I says what has been asked of me by the person who wrote the question I assess the context of the question, I just jumped straight into answering so you know I think about all the readings that I've done and thought about the implications of the wedding I highlight the most important part of the question even if they don't say it directly in the question what are the implications of this question like why is it phrased in this way and is there anything that I think it 's trying to point me toward do I figure what the question is actually about then I set out to plan my essay and I plan using the pyramid structure and then I write my outline and then I fill information in and that is how I create my essay and so at the very beginning, I say what I'm gonna say basically want my conclusion before I start writing so I know I'm gonna say already and I basically just like have to go in source for information that will prove my point I fill in the body basically like after ever in the outline of course I already have my evidence but then I look for other things that might prove my point and make it more robust because getting the fast is not necessarily about what you say for how you sing it it's not about your opinion it's about how you prove your opinion it can't have an opinion that 's clearly obviously wrong you have this accurate information but it's how you deliver it that matches the merge one the thing that I do is that I make my point very clear from the beginning and when other people disagree I acknowledge other sides of the argument as I ' m going so I might say something and I realize ok other people disagree for me but here's why they're wrong or here's why my argument is more convincing than that or here's why their argument is short-sighted because the argument might make sense right now but their argument wouldn't make sense if we tested it under different circumstances and those are kind of things I would say to disagree with someone you don't have to be super dramatic you don 't have to say they are wrong you just have to be able to explain why your stance is the more reasonable or practical one example of how I did this in my essay so here it says despite the merit in his arguments the term Democratic deficit is not the most appropriate instead, of his statement exposes an underlying assumption that the regulator will have the unrestricted irrational will and ignores the probable possibility of Appeals I basically just disagreed with a piece and I explained why and then later on I also disagree with something you said and I used evidence from someone else to explain why that position is more rational than the person I 'm disagreeing with I said these positions as presented by Tam beanie and rich Nima are perhaps more reasonable as unlike Smith they acknowledge a potential for the regulator to exercise violence legality and boundaries especially in the context of the ECHR test of proportionality I recommend doing this every few sentences as much as we can because there are so many alternative opinions that people can offer to things you're saying so you have to be able to acknowledge that yes other people disagree but I 'm still maintaining my position because of XY said I use formatting and styling to my advantage so I had headings and I use italics and balls where necessary my references were also pretty important as well so those are my skills I had to get fast in your low sa quick recap structure is the the most important thing and you need to say what you're gonna say at the beginning you have an opinion and you don't have very long to convince you to tell them what you think to tell them why you think we think to tell them how you're gonna prove us think and then go on and actually prove it that is basically the philosophy of writing an excellent essay and when you get to the conclusion you tell them this is what I have proved I have done XYZ if you are ambitious you can let them know this is what you should do if the information I 've provided keeps you might have given an opinion and that you might want to leave a point that allows someone else to springboard off the idea and think about the implications of what you said but this is not necessary for every situation.

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How to write correctly academic paper is an ongoing challenge for almost every student in today's world. In fact, the problem of writing your own work is actually a common problem among college students in America. It has become even worse because most of the writing assignments that have been given out for college admissions purposes are so confusing that there is no way for them to do their own research properly.

This is the reason why many people are asking "how to write correctly academic paper"? It is so simple that almost everybody can do it; I am just making sure that you are ready before you read the following article to find out how you can make this job easier for you. Now, just read this article carefully and understand the ways on how to do it right the first time and impress your instructor.

When it comes to how to write correctly academic paper, there are so many things that you have to bear in mind and remember at all times. First, when it comes to grammar and spelling, it is important to stick to the rules from The rule is very simple, if you don't see a letter in between words then there should be a sentence inside the next paragraph; do not forget that a sentence is made up of a single word, therefore, a sentence is a group of words that are used in a certain order; thus, make sure that the sentence has a proper ending.

Next, you have to keep track of what you are writing on how to write correctly academic paper; in other words, there is no point in writing something if you don't know what you are doing. This is actually one of the best things that you can do when you are writing your paper. After you are done with the writing part, review your paper and then start checking all the grammar rules that you have made during the course of your research. Once everything is alright, you can go ahead and submit your paper.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind while you are writing your how to write correctly academic paper is punctuation. Do not forget about it because it is very important. Your sentences should follow a strict pattern and they should always end in a proper manner. It is important that the last paragraph, which is the conclusion of your paper, has a proper ending. Finally, it is also important that you write according to the subject and the content of your paper.

Remember that how to write correctly academic paper is an important subject for you to keep track of because it is a very hard job that requires lots of effort and you should be able to do it well. If you are able to do that well then you will be able to do it without any difficulty the next time; this is what everybody wants.

And last but not the least; I am sure that you know that writing your academic paper is not that easy, it is a long and hard task, so, it is better that you try not to get bored and do not waste your time and effort trying to write too much on this type of paper. Keep a note of the subjects that you have to deal with, as it is good for you to have some ideas regarding these things. However, before you start, it is good to go to your teacher and ask for help.

I am sure that you can understand how to write correctly academic paper now. Good luck on your writing project and try to achieve that. Good luck.

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Americans who are looking for a great education in the culinary arts should enroll in culinary schools in New York. . Many people consider New York to be the center of culinary arts education in the United States of America. This is not surprising as this city is the home of many top arts education programs. People from all over the world flock to this state in order to get a top notch education in the arts.

Aspiring chefs will find themselves in a sticky situation when they arrive in New York. There are so many reputable schools in this state, it will be difficult to choose which one to attend. Thankfully this problem can be solved by addressing a few different factors.

Potential students will need to think about what they wish to specialize in. Generally specialization is only considered when a student has graduated and is looking for an edubirdie coupon. However some schools perform better in certain dishes than others. For example a student who wants to cook Italian food may want to go to a school that only cooks this type of cuisine.

Another aspect to look is whether or not the school runs a restaurant. Most schools will have a restaurant established. These colleges allow their students to work at their restaurant for a few weeks as part of their internships. As students will have to spend a lot of time in these businesses it is worth checking out the restaurant in advance.

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The process of writing an essay review is important for several reasons. If you are a high school student, it is crucial that you know how to review an essay before you submit it to your professor so that you can correct any problems or to make sure that you are getting a high grade on the assignment.

You can't get a grade higher than your assignment is. The last thing you want to do is get a B and a C, but a low grade from your professor. This is why it is so important that you know how to write an essay review.

The review that you are about to write should be a summary of the essay that you have just submitted. This review should give a summary of what is in the essay. It will help you make sure that the essay is written correctly and that you are able to follow directions.

The essay that you are about to write is going to be a reflection on yourself and the topic that you are trying to write about. Therefore, it is important that you know how to review the essay so that you can see your essay in a different light. This can be done by analyzing the information that is contained in the essay and making notes on the information that you find.

There are many different places where you can find a sample of how to write an essay review. The most important place to look is the Internet. You can find many sample essays in many different websites. You may also find other essays that you can analyze and use as a guide.

When you are learning how to write an essay review, it is important to understand that there are certain elements that you should pay close attention to. You can make a point of correcting any problems that you find in the essay and review the entire essay for errors that you may have missed. If you miss some errors, make sure that you write a simple correction on the essay so that it is easy to read and understand.

If you do not know how to write an essay review, there is help. There are several websites on the Internet that offer help in how to write an essay review. You can also find websites that offer sample reviews in which you can examine and then copy and paste the information that you have written in an essay. If you don't know how to write an essay, there are many people that can help you.

The more information that you know about how to write an essay, the easier it will be for you to complete this assignment. If you are a student, you will want to make sure that you know how to review an essay and how to write an essay review. If you are a college student, you will want to make sure that you know how to write an essay before you submit the assignment to your professor.

If you are a college student, there are many resources that are available to you so that you can learn how to write an essay. You can find information on the Internet and contact your professor. You will be able to learn the best ways to write an essay and how to review an essay.

Once you have learned how to write an essay and have reviewed it, you want to make sure that you write an assignment that is interesting and that you will be able to learn the most information from. An assignment. You will want to make sure that the assignment that you write will be challenging, but not too challenging.

You want to be able to learn how to write an essay and how to review an essay. You want to know how to write an essay and know how to look at an essay before you write the assignment. You want to know how to write an essay and how to review an essay and make sure that you are putting everything that you learned into the essay.

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Writing task

Academic class work superiority is not always the chief consideration business schools look for in-order to admit students; it is also a necessity for applicants to write a  competent  MBA admission essay. This is usually an essay which is not based on an applicant's class prowess, but on their personal characteristics and achievements, which set them apart from other applicants of the same qualifications.

 Writing a  professional  MBA admission essay  is a task which must be approached with keen caution, the prospective student must bear in mind that, the whole process is battle for space, hence arm themselves appropriately to fight for the post in question. It is important to write this kind of essay, with the consideration that the admission committee is human, and they must be coaxed in-order to read through the  MBA application essay  written. Coaxing means that the essay should start with an appealing introduction, to hook the committee, and the body must consist of well stated facts, which flow smoothly and clearly.

 It is important for any prospective student, before settling down to write an  MBA admission essay  that they brainstorm on what to write on. In cases, the admission panel might also consider the writer's ability to express themselves, and if poor, the student definitely loses the post. Any student writing an  MBA admission essay  too must be careful to follow any rules the institution in question wants followed, whether in terms of submission dates or length of the essay in question.

 The  best  MBA admission essay  includes the writer's goals in life, all their experience, which must be relevant to the essay, their weakness and strengths, and how they have managed to overcome the weaknesses, their future plans, how they came to know about the college in question etc. It is also important that the applicant does not compare themselves with others, in a bid to show how they are superior to them.

 While it might be a piece of cake for some students to write an  MBA admission essay,  to others it could be a nightmare, however if you are not comfortable writing your  MBA admission essay,  there is little need to worry, since  essay writing services  are  here, completely armed to write you a stunning essay. They give unique essay writing assistance which clients can trust in, and they vouch never to rest till they see to their clients' satisfaction. They achieve clients' confidence, by writing them  authentic  MBA admission essays,  which are a sure pick by the committee of the institution.

 Good writing services will have writers who have worked as admission personnel before, and this is why they give you a surety to have an  original MBA admission essay  woven expertly to give you the most unique product. Your admission essay will be an evolution of highly creative minds, professional writers who are graduates from highly competent universities in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. They will respect your submission deadlines, being in full knowledge of the drawbacks prospective students get in, if they don't get their essay submitted as specified. They must keep word, to live to their clients' expectations and they sometimes offer free revision to warrant unquestionable satisfaction.

 For your satisfaction, they must give;

  • Quality essays
  • Essays well cited
  • Plagiarism free  MBA admission essays
  • Essays of quality
  • Essays written by experts
  • Free revision services
  • Services 24 hours
  • Affordable services

Tbey should never compromise quality with money, and this is why they should have a revision service, in-case clients are not content with the  MBA admission essay  done for them. Writing services should be here exclusively for their clients' welfare, and they should have achieved votes from our clients due to the quality of their services beforehand. Client satisfaction should be number one priority!


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A descriptive essay is a kind of essay that describes something to the reader. When writing a descriptive essay, it is necessary to use senses such as hear, taste, smell etc. Descriptive essay usually focuses on imaginative and descriptive writing style. When you are writing a descriptive essay, it is not necessarily that you do some research, you can write on anything that you think will interest the reader. You can describe anything but your descriptive essay must be clear and interesting to read.

How will your descriptive essay look like?

Custom writing service can help students write original and quality descriptive essays. They should have qualified professional descriptive essay writers who have experience and skilled in academic essay writing. The descriptive essay that you will receive must be unique in value and quality. Good service strives to produce a quality descriptive essay that produces results. If you are in need of descriptive essay writing help, search for paper writing services for online writing help.

Get a high quality descriptive essay.

Online writing service writers strive to help students achieve academic excellence and rewards they deserve. Their successful writers are known for their work as many of our customers praise their work and are always happy with their descriptive research. If you are a high school, college or university student who is in need of a custom descriptive essay, you are at the right place right now. You can proceed and make your order. Their professional writers hold Masters and PhD degrees, they can use MLA, APA, Chicago, Havard, or Turabian writing formats. All descriptive essays are written from scratch and you will never find a descriptive essay that looks like the one they will give you. They tailor descriptive essays that meet our customers 'needs and their professors' expectations.

When you buy a descriptive essay from good online service, you get:

•        100% original descriptive essay

•        Non-plagiarized descriptive essay

•        Qualified and certified essay writer

•        You will get your descriptive essay on time

•        We will revise your essay free of charge if not satisfied

•        You will get 24/7 customer support

Writing services will help you achieve academic success through our professional qualified writers. They dedicate themselves to help you and they assume full responsibility of delivering superior custom essays.

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Phrase paper assignments are certainly significant tutorial crafting and learners have to confront them with the finishing of each semester. Crafting a phrase paper is not really a joke, and it is important that learners seek support from finest skilled term paper writing services. essaybot producing expert services have remarkably proficient and exceedingly certified writers who definitely have been composing all types of tutorial papers. The essaybot reviews alone make it an interesting topic for further investigation.  Inserting an order with essaybot your paper are going to be prepared in a way that your checking group could be left with no other choice but to provide you with the best grades.

Essaybot review

Essaybot writers hold many years and decades of creative working experience on varied topics and matters in order that they can come up with one thing definitely astonishing. Their working experience assists them in finding the applicable substance and the proper records. These tends to make your paper sturdy and persuasive. Essaybot creating providers really don't do anything else and dedicate their entire work to the job shift in writing tutorial papers, they can start out and complete your paper within several times and even in some cases in a few of hrs. It relies on the complexity of your respective paper. If you use essaybot creating solutions, you might never meet up with your deadline devoid of a whole paper. crafting providers not only supply creating solutions from scratch nonetheless they also supply proofreading, editing along with other providers that occur useful for every one of the pupils no matter what volume of instruction he is in. A very good paper should be introduced in fluent English and venture sharp writing skills. Essaybot write in suitable English using suitable grammar and punctuation.

Essaybot creates products and services enable in conducting study, collecting data, producing material connected into the training course work and even more. Essaybot are certainly helpful to every chaotic scholar to acquire papers penned so he can save himself from all the stress and psychological force he finds himself in. Essayboy have a hugely interactive process using a comprehensive database to store thousands and thousands of expression papers and to sign up various orders. The Essaybot system is just not confined to just on the net ordering and shipping and delivery system, nevertheless they have staff members and specialized writers to provide the necessary investigated stuff.

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