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Slika od Kelly Leon
od Kelly Leon - četrtek, 28. november 2019, 13:53
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It is one of the most typical questions in a job interview and with which many companies can conclude their interview. This is the question: Why should we hire you? It is at this time when the candidate must take command of the interview. And at that time express, briefly and concisely, the reason that makes it unique to other applicants for the job.

Why should we hire you?

Unfortunately, there is no right or proper answer that ensures your incorporation into that job. It depends on multiple factors: the priorities of the applicant company, the professional profile of each of the candidates, the criteria that the recruiter decides to use, etc.

However, what we can do is offer you a few tips so you can find out what makes you stand out as a professional. Thus, you will know how to find points in common with the job offered. In addition, you will be able to give the best reasons to win the interviewer's decision.

Slika od Kelly Leon
od Kelly Leon - torek, 19. november 2019, 12:44
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First and foremost, know that you are one of the many potential candidates being interviewed for this job. That means that your education, technical skills, and previous job experience are in the match for the suitable candidate they are hunting. There are hundreds like you who are also in the race for this particular post.


Yes, this is what they need from you. And this is what you need to prove to them. How good are you to take on this role? How prepared are you to meet their expectations for this job?

why should we hire you best answer example

The first task before you attend any interview would be to jot down a few points about yourself and your capability and work experiences. The next step would be to make a research about the company. Not detailed thorough research. But at least pickup points about what your role would be if employed in the organization. Details like what the company is into, what are the roles you would be given and most importantly how would you go about doing your task in such kind of a company.

Once you have an idea about all the above, prepare a note about how you would answer the question put forth to you.

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Slika od Kelly Leon
od Kelly Leon - torek, 15. oktober 2019, 11:31
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As stale and cliched as it may sound, the question “Why should we hire you?” Is still the most indispensable and crucial question in an interview. And the way you answer it decides whether you are in or out.

So what is it that your interviewer expects from you in this particular answer and how do you go about answering this question that will please the interviewer and land you the job?

From Their Point of View:

When a post is vacant and there are many candidates applying for the job, the interviewer and his team narrows down the list of candidates to a few, based on the resumes submitted.

The scrutiny is done regarding the candidate's educational qualifications, work experiences and design held in the previous job.

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