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Đau lưng bên trái phía trên

Các bệnh về xương khớp

Khi mắc một số bệnh về xương khớp dưới đây có thể gây những cơn đau vùng lưng bên trái:

  • Thoát vị đĩa đệm cột sống
  • Thoái hóa cột sống
  • Đau thần kinh tọa
  • Rối loạn chức năng khớp Sacroiliac (SI)

Bệnh phổi

Các bệnh về phổi như lao phổi, viêm phổi, phổi trái có khối u cũng có thể gây đau sau lưng bên trái. Kèm theo đó là những triệu chứng khác như ho kéo dài, thở khò khè, đau rát ngực, xuất huyết phổi…

Khi nào cần đi khám bác sĩ?

Đau lưng bên trái có thể được gây ra bởi một tình trạng nghiêm trọng. Cần đến cơ sở y tế, bệnh viện chuyên khoa để bác sĩ khám chữa ngay lập tức nếu có triệu chứng:

  • Đau nhức dữ dội
  • Khó thở
  • Chóng mặt, buồn nôn và nôn
  • Sốt, ớn lạnh
  • Rối loạn ý thức
  • Đi tiểu đau, có chứa máu
  • Mất kiểm soát bàng quang, ruột

Cách điều trị đau lưng bên trái

  • Nghỉ ngơi: Nghỉ 1 – 2 ngày sau khi các cơn đau bắt đầu xuất hiện.
  • Tránh, giảm các công việc khiến cơn đau nhức nặng hơn.
  • Uống thuốc không kê đơn OTC. Các loại thuốc giảm đau chống viêm không cần kê đơn như aspirin (Bayer), ibuprofen (Advil) và naproxen (Aleve) có thể giúp giảm bớt sự khó chịu.
  • Chườm nóng hoặc lạnh: Chường lạnh giúp giảm sưng đau. Chường nóng có thể làm tăng lưu lượng máu, thư giãn cơ.

Thuốc tân dược

Các loại thuốc được bác sĩ kê toa để điều trị đau lưng bên trái gồm:

  • Thuốc giãn cơ: Giảm độ căng cơ và co thắt như baclofen (Lioresal) và chlorzoxazone (Paraflex).
  • Thuốc giảm đau nhóm Opioids: Điều trị ngắn hạn khi bị đau lưng dưới bên trái gần mông dữ dội. Chẳng hạn như fentanyl (Actiq, Duragesic) và hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lortab).
  • Tiêm steroid ngoài màng cứng thắt lưng, gần với rễ thần kinh cột sống để giảm đau, chống viêm.

Bài thuốc dân gian chữa đau lưng bên trái

Lá tướng quân

Lá cây đại tướng quân cùng bồ công anh, lá ngũ trảo rửa sạch, giã nát rồi thêm một chút muối trắng. Trộn thêm một ít rượu trắng 40 độ trở lên. Xào nóng lên rồi đắp vào vùng cột sống bị đau nhức, cơn đau lưng bên trái sau một thời gian sẽ biến mất.

Cây xấu hổ

Trong Đông y, cây xấu hổ (trinh nữ) có vị ngọt, tính hàn, hơi se có tác dụng an thần, chống viêm rất tốt. Đây là cây thuốc nam chữa đau lưng trái, nhức mỏi xương hiệu quả.

Cách dùng rất đơn giản, chỉ cần dùng 15 – 20 rễ cây xấu hổ đã sao vàng sắc uống thay nước hàng ngày. Sau một thời gian những cơn đau lưng thuyên giảm và biến mất.

vidno vsem

When it comes to employee development, most of the organizations search for training programs, educational sessions, online Sexual Harassment Training and much more so that employees can sharpen their skills and strengthen their proficiency. However, these programs can not be effective unless the organization focuses on the critical achievement factor: individual motivation. Here are some tips to help motivate your staff to improve overall performance of your organization.


 Start with Strong Performers.

Every agency has employees who are particularly motivated. They are very prominent and love challenges and welcome development opportunities. Involve them in events to help them get even better. The enhanced presentation of the highly motivated will help elevate the standards for the whole organization. This will help the less motivated to step up the pace.

 Concentrate on the Future.

Rather than focusing on performance zones that do not work well for an individual, talk about the options for the future. It's much easier to get excited about new opportunities than working on weak areas. Determine the constructive result that will occur if an upgrade is made. For example, ask your employees to reach more buyers by talking more often to groups. Tell them to improve their presentation skills and help them focus on their goals.

 Openly Discuss Desire.

Debates about growth should be optimistic and regular, not limited to annual performance reviews. Let the individuals speak out what they desire. Instead of suggesting them to develop in specific areas, help them build their strengths or increase their efficacy. Try to create an environment where continuing advancement is expected, encouraged and appreciated at all levels.

 Motivate the Topmost.

Managers should be the role models in the commitment to progress and development that is required throughout the association. Many problems assumed to be employee development issues are in fact the leadership lacks the firm. So, make use of some estimations to help workers gain a more objective viewpoint about themselves. Eventually, it's all about realizing what both the workforce and the organization wants. You must be very clear about what is most important to both.

 Vocam is an international learning technology company that provides spontaneous planned learning solutions to all types of businesses. They train your employees for best performance, leadership and wellbeing using highly innovative methods.


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The following infographic is provided by NeonSignage. A presentation plays an important role in both business and education, considering how it can boost our retention. In this infographic we've found top 5 presentation design tips with fun ideas that help you make impactful presentations.

Source: Neon Signs Melbourne


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This infographic is created and designed by Letragrafic. As the faster moving advertising industry shows glimpses of immense creativity in graphic advertisements and banners, it does it in the media selected to reach people. Bottom line is to reach the masses and there you are! In this infographic, amazing vehicle wraps & graphics that can help inspire creative and unique concepts for your next vehicle wrap or graphic.

Source: Melbourne Signage Companies


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This infographic is designed by Caldwell Entertainment. If you want to understand how exactly a relevant video will be made, this video production process infographic gives a look at the video production process.

Source: Business Video Production Brisbane


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This infographic is designed by Yellow Coaching. Yellow is a team of business success professionals based in Morpeth in the Hunter Valley of NSW, a short drive from Maitland and Newcastle. Yellow Coaching works with great businesses and organizations with a proven track record. Just as an elite athlete works with a performance coach to tweak and adjust their game, Yellow Coaching will work with you to get peak performance from yourself, your team, and your business. Our services include Business Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting, Executive & Managers Mentoring, Leadership and Management Training Programs Etc.

Source: Business Mentoring Newcastle


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Want to make your Car Performance better? Here in this infographic, you will find how to make your Car Performance better. Topics include in this infographic are Car perfrmance, General Repairs & Servicing. The infographic is proudly Created by AutoWorks.

Source: Dyno Tuning Brisbane


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Kookaburra Worm Farms create the following infographic on worms infection. When it comes to parasitic infection, flatworms and roundworms are the likely culprits. These two types of parasitic worms can be found in a variety of habitats and are not always visible to the naked eye. In this infographic, we will explain what worms commonly cause infection.

Source: Buy Worm Farm


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The type of accommodation you want to choose will depend mainly on the purpose of travel & your budget. A hotel's primary mission is to offer a comfortable sleeping room and usually offer other services such as meals or recreation. This infographic explains how to choose the best accommodation is one of these.

Source:  Motels Newcastle


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This infographic created by Rose Litigation Lawyers. Learn what constitutes the criminal court system. Explore the definition and components of the criminal court system.

Source:  Debt Recovery Brisbane