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The persecution of P2P download websites continues and it seems that it will never end in this or the next decade. This time the victim is RARBG, a website that has one of the largest databases of series, movies, software and much more.

As is well known, authorities around the world are on the hunt for torrent download portals as they allow access to completely free paid content, or what is the same, they are a paradise for piracy.

However, the internet gives you the quality of being immortal and this is no different from RARBG, which despite this blow still has things to say. In this article, we will explain what happened to this portal and the best alternatives to this to continue downloading torrents.

What happened to RARBG? Doesn't work or have they closed?

Well, the subject is the same as always; a producer with many influences is upset about losing billions because of digital piracy, and being RARBG one of the main means to do so, denounced to close it. However, death is not forever on the internet, and as if it were a hydra; when you cut ahead two come out in its place.

As you may know, the most popular domain on the web was RARGB.TO, in which all the torrents were found. But this is not the first time that they face a blockade since such a domain has long been blocked in Spain, so a mirror was necessary to enter from our country, which was

This strategy worked for a long time, but at the beginning of July 2019 it was also attacked, and currently, it has a “ServerHold” status, which implies that it is very possibly closed definitively in our country. But this is only in Spain, since in Latin America both the RARBG.TO and RARBG.XYZ domain works perfectly with any browser.

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Are you considering losing weight with Lipozene? Comments on the product make it look like the pill is a loot if you're trying to lose weight. But sometimes customer reviews don't tell the whole story.

For example, is lipozeno safe? And does lipozene work without changing your diet and reducing calories? It is important to consider the dangers, costs, and effectiveness of lipozene compared to other typical weight loss products before making a final decision.

Science reviews

The lipozene website contains references to clinical studies. But they do not provide any details on how the research was conducted or where it was published for evaluation by experts in the field. They state: "Overweight people in the active group, and all people in the first study, lost an average of at least 4.93 pounds more than the placebo." They continue to say that "78% of every pound lost was pure body fat."

That statement sounds impressive, but as a consumer, you don't know how long it took people to lose that weight or how body fat was measured. Maybe it took a month, a year, or even five years to lose weight. Most importantly, you don't know what people had to do to lose weight. Perhaps the lipozene complaints group had to exercise and reduce calories and the placebo group did not.

Because the research was not published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, there is no way to know if the study would resist scrutiny. And, in fact, in reports on class action lawsuits, experts have questioned the integrity of the statements about the studies.

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The Anime has become very popular among users of almost all ages due to their unique entertainment capacity and attractive actors. Justdubs is one of the best Anime streaming sites that provide the content that anime lovers adore.

The website, justdubs, offers you animated dubbing on the go. In addition to this, you get services like Download and stream the Anime you want. The best anime and cartoon series will not be missing here.

However, due to some reasons, users cannot access content in Justdubs. The logic could include anything from government bans and suspensions to geographic restrictions. Due to such a fall, many users look for alternative sites with similar potentials.

Here in this post, We have shared the best sites like Justdubs.

Best alternatives to JustDubs






With these main JustDubs alternatives, you won’t have just one option to choose from. You can visit any of the mentioned websites at any time you need them.

If you have any other sites like Just dubs that I did not describe here, please inform us below in the comments section.

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Are cartoons amazing? Is it not like that? Tell me what your favorite cartoon series that you can watch anytime, anywhere, was. I know that after tracking many websites related to anime sites to stream free anime in high quality, you have finally reached the right article. Here in this article, we have added the best alternatives for WatchCartoonOnline in HD and 4K quality in 2020.

Do we relive the good old days?

I was waking up late in the day, having your favorite meal for breakfast, sitting in front of the TV all day, watching our favorite anime and cartoons, going out to play at night with our friends, and finally calling him one day. One of the best methods I used to have when I was a small kid.

When it came to watching cartoons, our favorite cartoons! Animations were the escape route from a stressful life.

Viewing cartoons was the only entertainment we had, right? Like sitting like lazy and lazy bears and watching cartoons all day, and nobody used to say anything. And now, when we are absorbed in our phones, our parents want to burn that thing immediately.

I am sure you must have already realized that life is very complicated. When we should be enjoying our life as children, we want to be adults. And when we are all adults, now we want to return to those days without worries. I, for one, want nothing more than carefree days.

Well, now that I’ve started thinking about it, cartoons were not only an escape route but also the center of our universe. I mean, that’s what our life was about, right? At least, mine was!  

I am ready to change everything I have with those days without worries. For everyone, I know it is the best phase of anyone’s life. That is the phase when we are innocent. However, in this process of growth, we learned the difficulties of life, and this made our life more and more and more and more complicated.

In these complications of life, we have omitted to acknowledge the small stuff in life.

It’s very easy to make children happy, see? For them, life is about little things. They don’t care if they have more money or if they don’t even care about the status of their peers. All they care about is your TV because that’s where the cartoons come, isn’t it?

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Any fried or processed food should be temporarily eliminated from the diet while suffering from any gastritis.

When a disease is suffered, especially if it has to do with the abdomen area, that is, the stomach, as is the case with gastritis, attention must be paid to the food that is ingested. The disease could be aggravated if the guidelines dictated by the doctor are not followed. First of all, you have to understand what gastritis is and what its symptoms are to see what can be eaten having this ailment. Also, in some instances, it can be prevented.

The severity of the disease will always depend on the causative agent. Sometimes gastritis can be complicated (isolated cases), presenting bleeding and increased risk of stomach cancer. Also, if the acids remain altered for some time in the stomach can cause ulcers, so it is important that at a minimum symptom, you go to a health center.

What is gastritis?

Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucosa that lines the walls of the stomach. The stomach lining contains cells that secrete enzymes and acid that help digestion, and when it becomes inflamed, discomfort occurs. There are several types of gastritis, and the most common are the following:

There are different types of gastritis, but the symptoms must be treated in the same way

  • Acute Gastritis. It corresponds to when this medical condition lasts a few days and disappears when what causes it also disappears. These cases occur due to excessive stress, prolonged consumption of drugs, or even excessive alcohol intake.
  • Chronic gastritis. If this disease lasts a long time or appears and disappears easily, we are talking about chronic gastritis. The main cause is infection by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, although there may be other causes, and for this, the doctor must do the relevant tests.

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Most of the companies are looking for the best ats software that works across the world. You can try  Wisestep ATS Software.

Wisestep has a chrome extension that is easy to use. This extension helps you in sourcing the candidate profile from LinkedIn.

With the  Wisestep extension, you can make more time for revenue-generating tasks like speaking to clients and candidates and leaving the candidate data capture for the Wisestep browser extension.

The Extension Features

- Automatically extracts all information from a candidate's job board profile when you view it in your chrome browser
- Organizes the candidate's information and makes the profiles searchable for later use, with one click
- Works with major job boards: Dice USA, Monster ( USA, UK, Poland, Germany, India), CareerBuilder USA, Techfetch, CWjobs UK, JobServe UK, Naukri India
- Works with LinkedIn
- Gives you best-in-class candidate data privacy controls with unmatched flexibility
- It helps you get better value for money for your paid job board profile views that expire after a certain amount of time.

Wisestep browser extension lets you focus on the important stuff, while it does all the heavy lifting on capturing important candidate data.

Try Wisestep Recruitment Software and make your recruitment data-driven, intelligent and agile.

To know more about the features or you can have a  free demo.

I hope this will help you get the best ATS software for your organization.

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Due to the costly task of selecting hundreds of candidates in the selection process,  ATS recruitment technology was born. This is a tool that helps human resource managers manage the information collected when recruiting staff.

The ATS, known in English as   Applicant Tracking Systems. ATS is a top trend in the recruiting field as they make work much easier. Its main feature is that they are software that allows you to filter all the information received from job applicants, greatly reducing the volume of curricula to be reviewed. It is based on parameters such as the use of keywords that define the degree of correspondence between the candidate's curriculum and the position offered, and some also use syntactic and semantic analysis of the words.

Why the ATS system is effective for selecting personnel in companies

The ATS allows the human resources department to be much more agile and efficient in all its processes and also has multiple advantages. We tell you:

  1. They offer a clean database: ATS technology discards all applications that do not meet the requirements for the position in the first phase of the process. In this way, you avoid wasting a lot of time by checking which curriculum adapts to the job offer.

  2. Filtering system: Thanks to the filtering system using keywords or other parameters that you can set, there is the possibility of excluding proposals that do not fit quickly.

  3. They save time: Before, the HR team filtered a large number of resumes. Now, with recruiting tools such as ATS applications, it may not be necessary to filter more than ten before deciding which candidates are suitable for a personal interview.

  4. Management improvements: An ATS application allows you to manage everything related to job offers and applications in the same online support.

The most outstanding ATS recruitment systems

In Wisestep we have different integrations with ATS that allow companies to use our website as a source of recruitment and dump of registrants. Some of the most outstanding ATS systems with which we work to have the best recruiting tools.

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We know as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). The computer systems used to track candidates, automate and centralize the selection processes. And while the concept sounds simple, it goes much further because these software has become a vital part of talent recruitment and staffing in large companies.

These platforms are born from the need to manage multiple positions, store relevant information from candidates, and be able to optimize the selection processes in time and effort. I am using CRMs as a basis. The idea of ​​a platform designed for human resources teams, technical managers, and headhunters was created.

ATS is a solution for talent search

ATS   is the solution to your proactive and reactive recruitment efforts. This allows them to communicate and connect with potentially qualified candidates through social networking sites. Recruiters can search and engage people who match certain skill sets and rules. Using Indeed, Linkedin, CareerBuilder, and Monster. Then create and store contact lists within the ATS.

Your system will not only provide a portal for all interested applicants to apply for job opportunities, but it will provide your hiring team with an innovative tool that allows them to search for candidates, establish relationships and convert passive applicants into new employees. Employers are becoming more proactive in their quest to find the best talent. Cultivating relationships to turn people into employees is very similar to the CRM process, so ATS is the CRM to recruit!

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

The use of this type of software for the recruitment and management of candidates has multiple benefits. Although, without a doubt, the most striking are these three:

  • Time savings by Human Resources.

  • Improvement of communication with the candidate.

  • Selection of the best candidates for the position.

Time savings by Human Resources staff

Through the use of these types of recruitment tools, Human Resources personnel will be able to devote less time to selecting candidates and more to investigate and prepare interviews that will be conducted to those selected by Applicant Tracking Systems

This will result in a more effective and less tedious selection process since the selection of staff will be reduced to a few options instead of tens or hundreds of them. Allowing those in charge of personnel selection to focus more on each of the candidates.


There are many different alternatives when choosing an Applicant Tracking System. Most of them have two characteristics in common, which have a high price and are complicated to use. However, other suggestions try to improve these aspects.


Wisestep is an agile recruitment software that helps accelerate your hiring process with real-time analytics and effective artificial intelligence. The goal of Wisestep is to integrate data-driven decision making and insights into the recruitment process that assists recruiters and hiring managers to attract the right talent productively and efficiently.

The ATS solutions it offers are unique like a quick and intelligent way to search candidates, create your talent pool by capturing candidate profiles through their FREE one-click recruitment automation chrome extension and create an exceptional candidate experience.


It is a very important platform within the Human Resources world, there is no doubt. However, it suffers from the problems that most affect these types of platforms. Since, on the one hand, this ATS is complicated to understand. From the moment we seek to access their services until the moment of truth.

And, because it is an identity "settled" their prices are well above those of other platforms. Making it not the best option for medium or small businesses.


Another of the best-known Applicant Tracking Systems is Workable. And not in vain, since it is a solution that seeks to improve the ease with which the user handles the tool. However, this makes its service offer limited. Since it only has two possible options when using its services.

In addition, the prices it handles are also quite high. Something that may not be fully justified, especially if we are not clear about 100% of the details of the service our company needs.

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Untuk anda yang ingin bermain judi online anda bisa main dengan aman di, karena dewaasia merupakan situs judi bola terpercaya, dengan minimum deposit 25rb, anda mendapat bonus new member sebesar 200%. day of the south anda akan mendapat akses untuk memainkan semua game yang ada !.

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Giving a speech can be unpleasant. In any case, writing a viable one can help your certainty level.

Anyone can make an amazing speech by arranging and giving close consideration to the little subtleties. It plans to illuminate, convince, engage or spur the crowd. Also, it is a successful medium to impart your message.

Interestingly, you can learn speech writing as well. Set aside enough effort to guarantee that it is very much organized. Else you will be neglected to convey the specific message.

Peruse this article to discover the correct method for writing a speech. On the whole, let us pick up writing a speech outline. Furthermore, get help from ' write my essay ' service to take professional assistance. 

How to Write a Speech Outline?

It is a significant perspective to assist you with sounding increasingly definitive and in charge. It will assist you with concentrating on presenting yourself, the point and the focal arguments that you are going to cover in your speech.

In addition, it will assist you with sparring a ton of your time by sorting out your considerations in advance. Ultimately, it provides an appropriate structure and configuration.

Before writing a speech, a writer should know the accompanying elements.

  • Who are you writing this speech for?
  • What is your speech going to address?
  • To what extent should it be?


Follow the underneath steps to create a speech outline.


The initial step is to pick the primary subject and the focuses you will cover in your speech. Thus, it further characterizes the reason and sorts it appropriately.

It is additionally useful to know your crowd with the goal that you can likewise think about their needs.


The presentation of your speech is the opening statement. In this way, it ought to be connecting enough to catch the peruser's eye. Build up a decent proposition statement to express the significant argument for setting up believability.

So also, it ought to likewise end up with a solid progress that leads the prologue to the body sections. In any case, ensure this segment is not surpassed more than one section.

Fundamental Body

The body passages will give the fundamental thought or individual encounters alongside the supporting subtleties. These can be either solid proof or models.

Abstain from meandering aimlessly as it will make perusers lose their attention. Additionally, don't include additional subtleties. Rather, pick the significant focuses and try to adhere to them all through your speech.

In addition, the writer ought to likewise compose all the focuses consistently with the goal that they should support and expand on one another.


This segment ought to outline the primary concerns of your speech by proposing a source of inspiration. Make a point to delightfully wrap up the whole speech by giving something to the crowd to consider.

Convincing Speech Topics

Students are regularly offered chances to pick their speech topics. In such cases, you can write about anything you need. Notwithstanding, the issue is that most students are standing out in picking a great speech subject.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you need more assistance with your speech point, it is better for you to go for scholastic assistance. You can use  essay writing service to help free and get novel speech topics from a free essay writer. It will help you with sparring your time and improve grades.

Then again, we have likewise recorded some topics for you to browse.

  • Should all the understudies be paid for their work?
  • Examine the most ideal ways for schools to quit tormenting?
  • Should prostitution be authorized?
  • Should detainees be allowed to cast a ballot?
  • Who was the best American president?

This simple guide will help you with creating a fascinating speech.

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