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Tropical seedless triploid watermelon seed

Product Description

Type:watermelon                        Color:Black, Green, Red

Certification:CIQ                          Place of Origin:Hebei, China

Brand Name:SHUANGXING            Model Number:SX No.8

Hybrid:Yes                                fruit shape:oval

fruit skin:dark stripe on green skin

cleanliness:98%MIN                     purity:90%MIN

sugar content:12%                       germination rate:96%

fruit weight:8-10kg

Supply Ability:3000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Quarter

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detailswith bags or cans or as your request; all of our seeds choice by handPortTianjin

1.Seedless for tropical weather.
2. Maturity: 95 days after sowing.
3. High resistance, good setting rate.
4. Single fruit weighs about 8-10 kg.
5. Dark stripe on green skin.
6. Tough but thin rind, suitable for shipping and storage.
7. Firm flesh.
8. Brix: 12%.

Hebei Shuangxing Seeds Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, and the predecessor of it is Shijiazhuang Shuangxing Watermelon Research Institute.The company has its own R & D team and perfect R&D systems. It also has its own international leading level bases of production and testing and they are spreading in Hainan, Xinjiang, Gansu and many other places of China, which lays a solid foundation for breeding.We have:Watermelon Seeds, Melon Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Rootstock.

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High yield and resistance hybrid watermelon seeds

Product Description

Type:watermelon seeds                         Color:Green, Red

Certification:CIQ;CO;ISTA;ISO9001              Place of Origin:Hebei, China

Brand Name:SHUANGXING                        Model Number:XIU

Hybrid:Yes                                          Sugar contant:12 degrees

Maturity dates:32 days after blossoming       Disease Resistance:better

Weight:5-7kg                                      Rind color:black

Appearance:oval                                   Flesh color:crimson

Supply Ability:

2800 Kilogram/Kilograms per Year

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details10 grams per bag. or in client's requirmentPortTianjin

seeds manufacturer:Hebei Shuangxing Seeds Co.,Ltd

XIU high yield and resistance hybrid watermelon seeds

1.Medium maturity,32days from blooming.

2.tolerant to drought,resistance to wilt.

3.high yield.

4.fruit weight 10kg.oblong shape,bright green skin,bright red,crispy and sweet flesh.

5.sugar 12 Brix.

Hebei Shuangxing Seeds Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, and the predecessor of it is Shijiazhuang Shuangxing Watermelon Research Institute.The company has its own R & D team and perfect R&D systems. It also has its own international leading level bases of production and testing and they are spreading in Hainan, Xinjiang, Gansu and many other places of China, which lays a solid foundation for breeding.We have:Watermelon Seeds, Melon Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Rootstock.


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Chinese high quality hybrid watermelon seeds

Product Description

Type:Round fruit red flesh f1 watermelon seed         Color:Green, Red

Certification:ISO9001                                     Place of Origin:Hebei, China

Brand Name:SHUANGXING                               Model Number:watermelon seeds

Hybrid:Yes                                                 Seeds type:watermelon seed

Fruit skin:light green with wide dark green strips       Fruit weight:around 7-8kgs

Flesh color:red                                           Germination rate:≥90%

Moisture content:8%                                     Neatness:≥99%

Purity:≥95.0%                                            Maturing date:85 days

Supply Ability:5000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Quarter Round fruit red flesh f1 watermelon seed

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details1kg/bag, 2kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 10kg/bag-200kg/bag inner packed by plastics bag, tin or other as per your demand. Also provide OEM packing for Round fruit red flesh f1 watermelon seed .Port:Tianjin

chinese watermelon seeds:Hebei Shuangxing Seeds Co.,Ltd

Seed Feture:

Strong growth tendency. The maturity is 85 days. Excellent quality. High yield in Jingxin type varieties. High commercial value. Well-adapt. 

Fruit Feture:

Fruit swells fast under low temperature. Rind is thin, non-deformity. Thick-skinned fruit, fruit is round, red flesh. Average weight 7-8kgs. Crispy and sweet, rich juice.

Hebei Shuangxing Seeds Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, and the predecessor of it is Shijiazhuang Shuangxing Watermelon Research Institute.The company has its own R & D team and perfect R&D systems. It also has its own international leading level bases of production and testing and they are spreading in Hainan, Xinjiang, Gansu and many other places of China, which lays a solid foundation for breeding.We have:Watermelon Seeds, Melon Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Rootstock.

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BS5163 Resilient Seated Gate Valve


BS5163 light type gate valve with cap

The ductile iron core is fully vulcanized with EPDM rubber, no iron parts are exposed to the medium and the excellent rubber vulcanization prevents creeping corrosion underneath the rubber.

Guides in the wedge and on the Resilient seat gate valve body ensure a uniform closure, safe operation ensured as the guides prevent overloading of the stem.

Stainless steel stem with rolled threads for high strength.

The Gate Valve can replace stem seals under pressure.

Full bore.

Body inside and outside fusion bonded epoxy coating with excellent corrosion resistant performance. 

Technical Parameters of Double Socket Gate Valves

Nominal diameter(mm)



Nominal pressure(Mpa)



Testing pressure







Suitable temperature


Suitable medium

Drinking water、sewage、seawater、irrigation,or other neutral liquid.

More information please view our web:

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Now most of the chopsticks used at home are bamboo and wood chopsticks. Economical and practical bamboo chopsticks are the most common chopsticks in life. When choosing bamboo and wooden chopsticks, it is best to choose the original color, and a layer of qualified raw lacquer is the best. The chopsticks coated with raw lacquer are waterproof and shiny, which will ensure the service life of the chopsticks, reduce cracking, and prevent the collection of dirt and dirt.

Metal stainless steel chopsticks are loved by many people, and feel like holding it. The content of chromium in stainless steel chopsticks is generally more than 13%, and the content of nickel is also about 10%. The reason for stainless is that there is a solid and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) on the surface to prevent oxidation.

Bamboo Chopsticks

Use stainless steel chopsticks to avoid contact with acids, alkalis, and salts as much as possible to prevent the surface oxide film from being damaged, and heavy metals such as chromium and nickel will enter the body. In general, metal chopsticks are not suitable for the elderly and children, and when hot dishes are clamped, they are easy to conduct heat and be careful to burn the lips.

When buying stainless steel chopsticks, you can look at the label. Generally, 304 stainless steel is food-grade and has good corrosion resistance.

Although the ceramic chopsticks are healthy, who can guarantee that the chopsticks will not fall to the ground when using the chopsticks? Moreover, the ceramic chopsticks are relatively heavy and inconvenient to use.

The material of plastic chopsticks is mostly marked as melamine, the texture is relatively brittle, and the hardness is not ideal. It is easy to deform after being heated. Generally, plastic chopsticks produced by regular manufacturers are less harmful to health, but unqualified products can easily produce substances harmful to the human body when heated. Use plastic chopsticks to prevent high temperatures.

The above information is provided by bamboo cutlery set supplier.

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The overall shape of the Ming Dynasty still maintains the traditional model, but the materials, production and decoration are particularly refined. The lower end of the hanger is made of two pieces of pier wood, and the inside and the outside are embossed with embossed patterns. The pier is planted with columns, and the two front and back engraved curly flowers stand against the clip. The upper and lower parts of the standing teeth are connected to the uprights and the pier with tenons. The two pier installations are built with small pieces of wood. Since the frames have a certain width, shoes and other objects can be placed. The underside of the joint between each cross member and the column is provided with openwork crescent creases. The clothes hangers have reached a very high artistic level in the Ming Dynasty from the selection of materials, design and carving.

The clothes hangers of the Ming and Qing Dynasties were elegant in shape, exquisitely decorated, meticulously carved, and brightly painted. Officials in the Ming and Qing Dynasties wore red gauze hats and wore round collar horseshoe sleeve robes with patchwork on the front and back. Therefore, in the Qing Dynasty, the clothes hangers were tall, and there were horizontal bars on the standing posts. It is called a gantry frame when it is put on a crossbar.

Wood Coat Hanger

In the Qing Dynasty, the policy of "cross-dresses" was implemented, and the clothing was full of people, vigorous and tall, and the clothes worn were large and heavy. The clothes of rich and valuable people are made of silk satin embroidered with phoenixes. Therefore, the prosperity, dignity, and hugeness of the hangers that created the Qing Dynasty are the characteristics of this period, and also the differences that distinguish them from other times.

The hangers in the Qing Dynasty were also commonly called "court dress rack", and were mainly used for men's official clothes. Therefore, all the main beams of the hangers are like two Shuanglong heads, lying there proudly, symbolizing the official prosperity and the rest of the "Fu", "Lu", "Shou" and various decorative floral ornaments further emphasize their values.

From ancient times to modern times, the hanger has a new evolution and development. The combination of traditional styles and modern practical functions has produced new household products, which have a unique charm.

The above information is provided by wood coat hanger factory.

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The clothes hanger was invented by a worker named Albert Parkhouse. At that time, he was a blacksmith who made lampshades at a metal wire and small handicraft company in Michigan, USA. One day he was angry to find that the coat hooks in the factory cloakroom were all occupied. He took out a piece of lead wire, bent it into the shape of the shoulders of his coat, and put a hook on it. This invention is owned and patented by his boss. This is the origin of the hanger.

Clothes Hanger

Hangers are a type of furniture that appeared earlier in China. The Zhou Dynasty began to implement a ceremonial system. The aristocracy attached great importance to the clothing crown. In order to adapt to this need, there were early shelves dedicated to hanging clothes. The hangers of different dynasties have different forms and different names. In the Spring and Autumn Period, the wooden poles of the horizontal frame were used to hang clothes and called "truss".

In the Song Dynasty, the use of clothes hangers was more common than the previous generation, and there are image materials. In the dressing map of the Song Dynasty tomb mural in Yu County, Henan Province, it is supported by two vertical columns and a horizontal bar. Upturned and made into a flower shape. In the lower part, two horizontal wooden piers are used to stabilize the column, and a horizontal bar is added between the two columns at the lower part of the upper horizontal bar for reinforcement.

The above information is provided by plastic coat hanger supplier.

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We all know that clothes rack accessories are essential items in the daily necessities. But how many people know the maintenance of clothes hanger knowledge?

Hanger is actually a lot of kinds, from raw materials, mainly including plastic clothes hangers, cloth hangers, 4 wooden hangers, metal hangers, if from USES points, now many, in common with racks, suit hangers, T-shirt and shirt hangers, model hangers, serviced hangers, wall clothes racks, etc., it is just because of the wide range of USES, modelling is also various. Here, metal hanger factory for you to introduce a few common sense hanger maintenance.

1, plastic hanger: the main disadvantage is not able to bear heavy clothing, long-term hanging heavy clothes may be out of shape, or even broken, so the use of the time to pay attention to.

Metal Coat Hanger

2, cloth hangers: this kind of hanger using range is small, can't hang the wet clothes, only to hang to dry clothes, hidden inside the wardrobe only commonly, do not use in high temperature and damp environment as far as possible, otherwise may fade, the hanger maintenance is very important, must pay attention to clean, if there is dirty, wipe with soft cloth with a little water.

3, wooden hangers: in our China, the first coat hanger is made of wood, for wood hangers, try to avoid long time under sunlight, high temperature and wet environment is no good, easy to corrosion or cracks, affect beautiful, bacteria can produce after corrosion, for clothes is not good, cause a harm to human body thereby.

4, metal coat hanger: for metal coat hanger, can be subdivided into iron coat hanger, aluminum coat hanger and aluminum alloy coat hanger roughly 3 kinds. However, iron hanger is a disadvantage, can not be in contact with water for a long time, easy to cause the corrosion of the hanger, rust, as long as not long soak in water there is no thing, but if it is aluminum hanger or aluminum alloy hanger, there will not be this kind of thing. Let's look at the aluminum hanger, aluminum hanger for clothes may be less than the iron hanger so a little bit, if the wet clothes are heavier, try not to use aluminum hanger, you can use aluminum hanger.


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Chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam nên chọn như thế nào? Đây chắc hẳn là câu hỏi được nhiều chị em đam mê handmade rất tò mò đúng không? Hãy cùng tìm lời giải đáp trong bài viết dưới đây nhé.

Xem thêm những mẫu nhẫn bạc đẹp tại Jemmiasilver nhé.

Việc tự làm cho mình và những người thân yêu một chiếc lắc tay là vô cùng ý nghĩa. Vì món quà này không chỉ đảm bảo tính thẩm mỹ cao, được làm theo sở thích của mỗi người, mà còn mang ý nghĩa về sự yêu thương và trân trọng. Tuy thế, việc làm một món đồ handmade chẳng phải là điều dễ dàng, hãy cùng đọc qua bài viết dưới đây để hiểu thêm về chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam nên chọn thế nào nhé.

cách thức chọn chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam ưa thích

Để chọn được dạng chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam phù hợp với đề nghị của mình, bạn cần viết rõ ra gạch đầu dòng các nhu cầu của bản thân. Bạn phải hiểu rõ được điều mình muốn thì mới có thể hiện thực hóa được nó nhé.

Đặc tính của từng chất liệu bạc khác nhau

Có vô cùng nhiều người nhầm tưởng rằng chỉ có một loại chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam, nhưng thật ra thì chúng có tới 4,5 loại đấy. Lắc tay nam bạc 925 mà những bạn thường thấy trên thị trường được tạo nên từ loại bạc Ý, đây là loại bạc cho ra những sản phẩm trang sức hết sức tinh xảo và tinh tế. Còn khi nhắc đến loại lắc tay nam cao cấp, bạn không thể bỏ qua những chiếc lắc tay nam bạc ta. Đây được xem là loại bạc có hàm lượng bạc cao nhất, giúp cho sản phẩm giữ được vẻ đẹp bền bỉ trong một thời gian dài. Ko kể còn có những chiếc lắc tay nam bạc Thái, đây cũng là một chất liệu được nhiều bạn trẻ say mê vì sự độc lạ và cá tính của nó. Lắc tay bạc Thái nam còn đặc trưng hơn những kiểu trang sức khác ở chỗ nó cho ra được những sản phẩm trang sức có màu sắc rất ấn tượng, như sắc đen huyền bí chẳng hạn.

Chọn chất liệu tùy vào nhu cầu chế tác

Nếu bạn muốn có một sản phẩm đạt được độ sáng bóng cao thì bạn nên chọn những loại bạc Thái, bạc Ý thay vì bạc ta. Vì tính chất của loại bạc ta khá mềm, vô cùng khó để đánh bóng tới một mức độ tinh xảo. Hoặc nếu bạn muốn chế tác thành các chi tiết nhỏ nhưng phải đạt được sự tỉ mỉ và hoàn mỹ nhất, bạn nên chọn chất liệu bạc Ý. Vì chất liệu này thường cho ra những sản phẩm vô cùng tinh tế, yêu thích với các cô nàng yêu thời trang thanh lịch, tối giản. Còn đối với những chàng trai, chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam yêu thích nhất không gì khác chính là bạc Thái. Loại bạc này vững chắc, cho ra các màu sắc mạnh mẽ, phóng khoáng, yêu thích với sự nam tính và cứng cỏi của đấng mày râu.

Nên tìm mua sắm chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam ở đâu và bảo quản như thế nào?

Nếu đã hiểu được rõ mình cần kiểu chất liệu nào rồi thì chúng tay bắt tay vào đi mua sắm sửa nguyên liệu thôi. Tuy thế, bạn cũng cần có một chút kiến thức trong việc giữ gìn và bảo quản để những chiếc vòng tay sau khi làm ra, để giúp những em ấy luôn giữ được vẻ đẹp sáng bóng như mới.

Nên bảo quản trang sức từ bạc thế nào?

Tham khảo những mẫu nhẫn nam bạc mới nhất tại Jemmiasilver

Địa chỉ uy tín cung cấp chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam

Bạn có thể tìm mua sắm chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam là các chiếc vòng bạc có sẵn, mua thêm nhiều mẫu charm để dễ dàng phối hợp và thay đổi theo xu hướng. Thật ra, các món đồ này được bày bán rất phong phú và đa dạng ở các khu chợ handmade, nhưng chúng không thật sự đảm bảo chất lượng. Nếu bạn muốn sở hữu cho mình một chiếc vòng tay với chất lượng cao cấp và sức sống bền bỉ, hãy thử tìm đến các đơn vị phân phối uy tín xem sao nhé. Với những nơi này, bạn không cần phải lo lắng về vấn đề hàng giả, hàng kém chất lượng, vì điều này đã được bảo chứng qua giấy tờ cấp phép và được nhiều người mua kiểm chứng, tin dùng. Một chiếc lắc tay tốt sẽ là vật bảo trợ vô cùng hữu hiệu cho cuộc sống của bạn ấy.

Nên bảo quản trang sức từ bạc thế nào?

Với vấn đề bảo quản trang sức từ bạc, bạn sẽ thường gặp phải hai vấn đề chính đó là cách thức giữ gìn và phương pháp vệ sinh. Để giữ cho món trang sức được mới và tinh tươm lâu nhất có thể, bạn nên quan tâm một vài điều sau. Đầu tiên là giảm thiểu tối đa việc để trang sức tiếp xúc với hóa chất, điều này về lâu dài sẽ làm bạc xảy ra phản ứng hóa học, mất dần vẻ đẹp sáng bóng như ban đầu. Thứ hai là không nên đeo trang sức khi hoạt động mạnh, vì dễ gây ra tình trạng trầy xước và cấn móp không đáng có. Thứ ba là không nên đeo một món trang sức quá lâu, nên thay đổi định kỳ để trang sức có khoảng thời gian được tu dưỡng và nghỉ ngơi. Khi vệ sinh chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam, bạn nên dùng loại khăn chuyên dụng lau bạc để đạt được hiệu quả cao nhất.

Với những nguyên tắc phía trên, hy vọng bạn đã sẵn sàng để bắt tay vào chọn chất liệu lắc tay bạc nam và làm thành một chiếc vòng thật phong cách, ấn tượng và thời thượng cho các người đàn ông mà bạn yêu quý.

Những mẫu nhẫn đôi bạc đẹp tại Jemmiasilver.
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Composing an exposition can be depleting - truly and inwardly. Understudies regularly feel overburdened with all the classes and exploration work and begin losing it through and through. They wind up refering to creators in the writing survey inaccurately, misconstruing the discoveries of writers they allude to, incidentally utilizing incorrectly pictures (particularly when they are directing different trials that produce comparative outcomes), and winding up delivering a proposition that is stuffed with issues . Fortunately, we live in an amazingly associated world and it isn't an exclusive exposition help on the web. 

Thesis help suppliers frequently work in groups. Subject specialists collaborate with proficient scholars and editors to help smoothen the streets of the scholarly world for understudies everywhere throughout the world. 

Here are a portion of this present reality accounts of postgraduate understudies everywhere throughout the world who looked for the assistance of paper composing specialists: 

Ms A's MS theory was coming out find until her life partner wrapped up with his finals and returned home - all amped up for their upcoming marriage. Since he was on a break and she was not, the clamor and interferences began upsetting her daily practice of going to graduate school, functioning as an instructor, and composing the paper on a tight course of events. 

We coordinated Ms A to a site where she could get dependable MBA thesis help in the UK. She found an astounding master to assist her with the exploration and creative cycle. Ms A says that she owes her scholarly accomplishment to this individual and how he spared her rational soundness at the occasions when she was thinking that its hard to relax. 

John shares his first-historically speaking exposition composing experience. He stated, "My heart nearly broke when my original copy was dismissed by my counsel. It required a broad modification however I had lost all the inspiration to take a shot at it through and through." John isn't the only one in being vexed or befuddled by the dismissal of their composition. These understudies whine that their managers are not really supportive in their examination work and feel disappointed. 

Fortunately, John figured out how to locate an online financial aspects thesis help supplier who had experienced the flame broil. Since this woman was a college educator and had long periods of experience as a guide, she had the option to fill in the holes for the John. She had the option to distinguish the areas of his theory that required modification and how he could go about it. John currently grins and says, "Simply realize that somebody has your back and won't counterfeit you for your moronic errors is a major, enormous help." 

Carolyn was puzzled making sense of the measurable strategies utilized in nursing research. She made some hard memories understanding the longitudinal information gathered by various specialists, their p esteems, univariate investigations, and composite results. She shares, "The exploration I was accomplishing for my nursing paper appeared to be absolutely out of my control. I had no clue about how the scientists arrived at their decisions. I was most likely supplicating intensely for some assistance." 

She found assistance on the web and the master helped her comprehend different examination procedures and measurable techniques in straightforward terms. At last, Carolyn's nursing paper proposition came out totally fine and she even won a grant on it. 

The best exposition help suppliers online have solid groups of subject specialists from everywhere throughout the world who are keen on assisting tenderfoots in their particular fields for some ostensible charges. Since you will be paying extra (other than your ordinary scholastic expenses) to get this help and there are consistently risks that you fall in for scamsters, it is basic that you pick your thesis help suppliers with incredible alert. 

Here are a portion of the tips on the best way to scout for the genuine paper specialists in the virtual world: 

Comprehend what sort of master you are searching for 

You have gone through years contemplating your preferred subject. Normally, you would need to take help from a subject master who has comparative examination interests as you. You may like paper specialists who can assist you with understanding a specific piece of the exploration procedure, subject specialists who can assist you with understanding the point in detail and guide you to the correct assets, or expert scholastic authors who can assist you with introducing your examination in the necessary configuration. 

We prescribe you to make a rundown of what sort of help you like and afterward, dive profound into the scholarly specialists that can offer you help. These specialists can be your educators, seniors, partners or online specialists recorded on various exposition help supplier sites. On the off chance that you are looking for a specialist on the web, you may consider sharing the profile of your ideal guide with the client care officials and request that they coordinate you with the correct coach as needs be. 

Search for somebody with proficient experience to audit your proposition 

While a family member, a senior, or a dear companion can assist you with the examination work and composing the exposition, don’t believe them with exploring your paper until they are educators of a similar field and have some information about the subject you are taking a shot at. 

It is consistently fitting to search for analysts and scholars who have a reasonable thought regarding your subject and are knowledgeable with the exposure composing style favored by your college. On the web, you will discover a few people who guarantee to have ability in your field. You should attempt to talk about your examination point with them independently, request their recommendation, and request a paper test on a comparable subject they have dealt with. 

You will be astonished to discover what number of phony specialists you can sift through by asking only a couple of pertinent inquiries. 

At the point when you do locate a real master, request that the person in question audit your thesis and point out any blunders you may have made before you at long last submit it to your teacher. 

Try not to spare a moment in posing inquiries 

The general purpose of looking for help from a thesis composing master is to gain proficiency with the procedure. Thus, do not simply appoint the whole procedure to the thesis help supplier however be engaged with the procedure. Ask the same number of inquiries as you like - at each progression of the procedure. You should know why a specialist picked a specific paper point for you and why the individual in question thinks it is best for you. 

Talk about the examination approaches, the assets you use, the configuration of composing the exposure and each seemingly insignificant detail you find confounding or baffling. 

The great specialist organizations will be happy to respond to every one of your inquiries and show you legitimate exploration and composing abilities that you are relied upon to have. 

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