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This Electrical Machine Trainer consists of Single - phase induction motor, power control part, fault setting .The Single Phase Induction Motor Trainer is powered by the power area ,and the control circuit controls its motor movement,setting the fault point in the circuit by dialing the twist switch, and sets the detection function in the main circuit to allow the student to complete the troubleshooting.


Technology parameter of Electrical Machine Trainer Lab Equipments

The input voltage: single-phase three-wire 220V ± 10% 50HZ

The working environment: ambient temperature range is -5 ~ 40 ℃

The device capacity: AC <1.0KVA

The general power control: leakage protection function, when the leakage current is 30mA, the protection device act.

Dolang owns over a hundred patents, we research and develop electrical automation, mechatronics, electronics, automotive engineering, automotive electronics, rail transit, Hydraulic And Pneumatic Trainer Teaching Equipment, process control series Vocational, Education Training Teaching Equipment independently, can also design solutions and product customization processing according to customers specific requirement.


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    DLWD-ETBE12D-L primary electrical lighting skills assessment training system is designed and researched based on the teaching of conventional lighting circuits and outdoor lighting lines. Practical operation of electrical control circuit and practical electronic circuit can be carried out listed in the teaching material of “Lighting Circuit Foundation Installation”, “ Lighting Control Circuit” can make students' operation skills get good exercise and improvement. The training device not only can be used as the practical teaching for vocational school students, but also is an ideal equipment for assessing primary and intermediate maintenance electrician skills.


    Technical parameters of Electrical Training Education Equipment

    1. Input power: Three phase five wire 380V±10% 50HZ

    2. Working environment: Ambient temperature range -5~40℃

    3. Capacity: 

    AC power supply:<1.5KVA 

    DC excitation power supply:<0.5A   

    Armature power:<2A

    4. Dimension: 1810x720x1620mm (L*W*H)

    5. Technical parameters:

    1)Input power: Three phase five wire 380V±10% 50HZ

    2)Working environment:  Ambient temperature range -5~40℃

    3)Capacity:  AC power supply:<1.5KVA 

    6. The total power control has the function of leakage protection. When the leakage current reaches 30mA, the protection device moves.

    7. The grid voltage indication is provided with 450V pointer type AC voltmeters. 3pcs.


    Experimental contents of primary lighting training equipment

    1 Switch control socket and lamp

    2 Two dual double control switches control a light

    3 Three switches control a light

    4 Control of incandescent lamp by sound control switch

    5 Experiment of single-phase watt hour meter

    6 Connection circuit of single-phase electric energy meter through mutual inductor

    7 Wiring circuit of AC voltmeter and AC ammeter

    8 Measuring three-phase voltage with universal change-over switch

    9 Three phase power factor meter wiring

    10 Wiring diagram of three-phase four wire watt hour meter

    11 Wiring diagram of three-phase four wire electric energy band transformer

    Dolang’s vocational education philosophy come from Germany, we are dedicated to independent research, produce and sale in the field of vocational education training equipment. Including Electronic Training Kits, Electrical Motor Control Trainer, PLC Training Teaching Equipment and other equipment. If you want, you can call us at any time.


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      DLWD-ETBE-G04 Industrial Electricity Trainer can carry out a variety of machine electrical control circuit assessment. The device displays all the electrical movements of the machine . In addition, it also provides a full range of real machine tool troubleshooting skills training, you can set the fault by the host computer, only through the network switch can set the corresponding point of failure, effectively improve the students' machine tool maintenance skills .The device looks beautiful, easy to operate, intuitively,more close to the industrial site, Suitable for training assessment on maintenance electrician (Electrical) in early, medium, advanced skills identification.


      Industrial Electricity Trainer Technical parameters

      1, input power: three-phase five-wire 380V ± 10% 50HZ

      2, the working environment: temperature -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃, relative humidity <85% (25 ℃), altitude <4000mm

      3, the device capacity: <1KVA

      4, the device size: 800 × 850 × 1800mm


      Maintenance electrician and technical training

      Experiment I  Direct Start Control of Three - Phase Asynchronous Motor

      Experiment II  Jogging control circuit of three - phase asynchronous motor contactor

      Experiment  III  self - locking control circuit of phase asynchronous motor contactor

      Experiment IV Y- △ start automatic control circuit

      Experiment V contactor interlocked three - phase asynchronous motor positive and reverse control circuit

      Dolang owns over a hundred patents, we research and develop Electrical Automation, Mechatronics, electronics, automotive engineering, automotive electronics, rail transit, hydraulic and pneumatic, intelligent buildings and supply Mechatronics Training Equipment and Electrical Maintenance Training Equipment according to your requirement.


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        "DLDP-WXD12 Radio Debugging Work Skills Training Examination Identification System" in modular form and provide typical Electronic Training Radio Debugging Device modules like power supply,audio and video processing module, infrared transmitter and receiver module, 433MHz wireless transceiver module, radio module, interphone module, TV module etc. They can complete a variety of wireless transmission equipment debugging, analysis and assessment. It can be used as classroom teaching demonstration,and radio debugging relevant certificate examination.

        Electronic Training Radio Debugging Device Technical Parameter

        Input power: single-phase, three-wire 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

        Output power: AC power supply 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

        AC power supply: 7.5V(1A) two sets , fixed DC power supply +5V (1A) ,+12V (1A) ,+35V(1A),-12V(1A)

        Adjustable DC power supply: 0~30V (1A)

        Capacity: < 1.5 KVA

        Working environment: ambient temperature range -5~40℃ , relative humidity < 80% (25℃ ), altitude < 3000 m

        Total dimension: 2150×1042×1680mm




        Function generator

        Dolang owns over a hundred patents, we research and develop Educational Lab Equipment Electronic Trainer, Mechatronics, automotive electronics, rail transit, hydraulic and Pneumatic Trainer, intelligent buildings, industrial robotics, process control series vocational teaching equipment independently, can also design solutions and product customization processing according to customers specific requirement. CNC Trainer Milling Machine is also available.


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          The Parking training system is a didactic system for the study of parking management inspired by a real industrial parking application. The system consists of two entry and exit barriers. Parking is an automatic system with sensors and actuators; the command can be provided, depending on the choice of the user, either by a computer or a microcontroller.

          General Features

          Robust steel case;

          Height: 284 mm;

          width: 550 mm;

          Length: 550 mm;

          Weight: 8 kg;

          technical training equipment Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

          Power <100W

          Motor control voltage: 24v;

          Processor voltage: 5v;

          Temperature: -10C ~ 60C;

          Environmental humidity: ≤90% (25C)

          PC connection: USB port

          Dolang owns over a hundred patents, we research and develop modular production system, Electrical Training Equipment, renewable energy lab equipment, technical equipment, can also design solutions and product customization processing according to customers specific requirement. vocational training equipment is also available.


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              Tactical Knives - The New Generation of Folding Knives

              Most of the new and popular folding knives to come along in the last twenty years have been tactical-style knives. Tactical knives were originally designed primarily for police and military use, but quickly became popular for their size, strength, and ease of use. Although, most are now sold for general utility knives to the general public. They are still heavily utilized by active and reserve military, police forces, fire departments, and rescue units. Tactical knives tend to be a little bulkier and heavier than traditional knives, but also tend to be larger, stronger, and more convenient.

              see more : best tactical watches guard your health

              There are several distinctive and identifying features of a tactical-style knife:

              1. Single-bladed - Tactical knives almost without exception have a single blade. There are no options for the multiple blades available in traditional pocket knives.

              2. An aid to assist in opening the blade easily and rapidly, such as a hole in the blade, a thumb stud, or a spring-assist.

              3. A pocket clip to keep the knife readily available at the top of the pocket. Many models can be adjusted to be carried tip-up or tip-down.

              4. A lock variant to hold the blade locked open during use. The axis lock is used in the Benchmade Mini-Griptilian in the picture. Lock-backs, axis locks, triple locks, frame-locks, and other variants are available. All are good - most are chosen based on preference rather than any major difference.

              There are models available in almost any variation you might like -- any steel type, lock type, blade shape, and handle material. Benchmade Knives, Spyderco Knives, Kershaw Knives, and Cold Steel Knives are among the best-known tactical knife manufacturers, but there are enormous numbers of knife companies that make good tactical knives.

              Timothy Cook is a geologist and knife enthusiast, who has always been fascinated by pocket knives and folding tactical knives. If you like pocket knives and folding knives, or want to learn more about them, come by: best tactical knives guard your health

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                Người mẹ nghèo nhờ trúng số độc đắc có cuộc sống ấm no 


                Sinh ra và lớn lên trên mảnh đất quanh năm đón lũ, từng phải tha phương cầu thực nơi đất khách quê người, chị chưa từng nghĩ sẽ có một ngày mình đổi đời nhờ xổ số.



                 Nhanh tay xem ngay kết quả SXBinh Thuận mới nhất tại XSBTH



                Mua vé số vì được mời


                Tôi gặp chị vào một ngày chẳng đẹp trời, cầm chén trà nóng cho ấm tay, lại nhìn bên ngoài, trời mưa như trút nước, chị cười bảo nếu là trước kia thì kệ trời mưa hay nắng, chị đều phải ra ngoài làm việc để có tiền trang trải cuộc sống, thậm chí ngày mưa chị làm việc còn tích cực hơn do được trả lương cao hơn.


                Thế nhưng cuộc sống đổi thay, chị nào có ngờ sẽ có ngày mình đổi đời nhờ trúng số độc đắc XSBTh Minh Ngọc. Ngày hôm ấy người ta mời chị mua vé xổ số BTh dự thưởng, cũng vào một ngày mưa như thế này. Chị từ chối, nhưng sau cùng lại mua vì “nhìn người ta tội quá, ướt hết từ đầu đến chân, mình mẩy không ngừng run rẩy”.


                Chị đổi đời nhờ vé số


                Mua SXBinh Thuận xong chị còn kêu họ về nhà thay quần áo đi kẻo cảm lạnh, đáp lại lời nhắc của chị là một nụ cười. Chị thừa biết họ sẽ không về cho đến khi bán hết vé số, bản thân chị cũng từng như vậy, ướt hết nhưng vẫn cố làm để kiếm thêm đồng ra đồng vào.


                Tạnh mưa, chị đút tấm vé xổ số Bình Thuận mới mua vô trong túi áo rồi về nhà. Chị bảo có lẽ số chị được trúng độc đắc XSBTh Minh Ngọc nên hôm ấy mới hết việc sớm như vậy, như mọi lần là chị làm đến tối mới xong, không được về sớm thì nào có được người ta mời mua xổ số trực tiếp Bình Thuận, không được mời mua vé số làm sao trúng giải đặc biệt.



                Đón xem kết quả SXBinh Thuận hàng tuần tại Xổ số Bình Thuận 



                May mắn trúng số độc đắc


                Tối hôm đó, sau khi ăn cơm xong chị chạy sang nhà hàng xóm nhờ cậu thanh niên bên ấy dò kết quả xổ số BTh giúp xem có trúng gì không. “Trời ơi, trúng độc đắc rồi nè!”, cậu thanh niên hét lên như thế làm chị giật mình, vội vàng coi lại thấy trúng thiệt.


                Số tiền lãi hàng tháng cũng đủ cho chị sống dư giả


                Cuộc sống của chị đổi đời từ ấy. Với những người dân vùng quê nghèo như chị, số tiền trúng độc đắc xổ số Bình Thuận khi ấy không hề nhỏ nhoi. Có tiền, chị lại thành ra mất ngủ, thức trắng mấy đêm chỉ để nghĩ phải làm gì, nhiều khi nửa đêm tỉnh giấc chị phải nghĩ xem việc trúng số xổ số trực tiếp Bình Thuận là thật hay mê.


                Từ ngày trúng độc đắc xổ số BTh chị quyết định không làm việc bất chấp nữa, trước đó không ít lần chị mệt gần xỉu vì làm nhiều quá sức. Chị cũng không xây nhà cửa gì, tất cả tiền trúng độc đắc xổ số Bình Thuận chị đều gửi ngân hàng, mỗi tháng số tiền lãi cũng đủ cho chị và con gái sống dư giả.



                 Mời các bạn đón xem kết quả xổ số BTh tại Kết quả xổ số Bình Thuận



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                  KotakQQ merupakan situs qq online yang terbaik dan terpercaya yang dapat melakukan deposit via pulsa telkomsel dan xl dengan minimal deposit dan withdraw 15.000


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                    Jewelry Continuous Casting Machine



                    With economical, practical and efficient features. Besides gold continuous casting machine's high efficiency, it's also with low wastage, flexible operation bringing your ideal casting effect.

                    1. Whole melting process is protected with argon gas to prevent metal oxidation, twisting forced casting method.

                    2. Quick melting and casting, suitable for K-gold, silver, tube, slice, bar and other shapes.

                    3. Downward casting to make high requirement, ideal casting effect.

                    4. Unique induction heating with automatic stirring function to strengthen the power, even to make color items, big casting capacity to improve your production efficiency.

                    5. Accurate temperature control to make a perfect condition for casting.

                    6. Various self error detect system to provide you a safe casting process. 

                    7. Hydraulic cutter is for option.

                    8. With digital PC control, intelligent working.


                    Casting Machines manufacturer SPECIFICATIONS


                    Model No.





                    380V±20% 50/60HZ, 3 phase 

                    380V±20% 50/60HZ, 3 phase 

                    380V±20% 50/60HZ, 3 phase 






                    6kg (Gold)

                    8kg (Gold)

                    10kg (Gold)

                    Application metals

                    K-gold, Gold, Silver, Copper

                    K-gold, Gold, Silver, Copper

                    K-gold, Gold, Silver, Copper

                    Melting Speed

                    5-8 Minutes

                    5-8 Minutes

                    5-8 Minutes

                    Max. Temperature




                    Protective Gas

                    Argon / Nitrogen

                    Argon / Nitrogen

                    Argon / Nitrogen

                    Available mould

                                                                                                   Size can be customized

                    Casting type

                                                                                                     Continuous casting









                    Cooling method

                                                                                   Water cooling Machine / Running water


                    Remarks: 6kg-50kg capacity can be customized. From 18KW-45KW.

                    Our Casting, Melting Furnace system include Jewelry Wax Injector, Rubber Mold Vulcanizers, and Jewelry 3D Printer. HAJET always holds the principle of Profession, Devotion, Cooperation and Win-Win, continually provides clients with quality products and best services!