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od Katja Ilc Virant - četrtek, 26 november 2020, 21:29
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Kriteriji, ki sem jih spoznala na seminarju so že obstoječi del moje pedagoške prakse.

Morda bi lahko poskušala bolj pogosto vključevati učenci k oblikovanju kriterijev. Najpomembnejše se mi zdi, da učenci dejansko razumejo te kriterije in so prilagojeni njihovemu razumevanju, razvojni stopni.


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    Getting closer to the end of high school you are probably bombed with all sorts of thoughts about what you need to research.

    Your parents say, 'Pick something which can allow you to make a fantastic living like Business, Medicine or Engineering'. Your artsy cousin states Move for something more posh and intriguing such as Photography or Fine Arts'. Along with friends and family say, 'Let us go for an enjoyable degree like researching why 1940s cardigans come in vogue'.

    However, the truth is that you don't know exactly what you would like to do to get a fantastic portion of your daily life (frankly, who really does?). Well, don't worry. You are not the only one. Statistics in the US reveal that about a third of high-school pupils do not understand what Bachelor's or profession they wish to pursue.

    The perfect way to confront the "I don't know what to do" fear is to think about which are the Bachelor's areas which are most adaptable and will provide you the time to decide on what is the ideal profession you can train for. Here are top 10 selections:

    1. Study Entrepreneurship - understand how to organize ANY business

    A degree in Entrepreneurship is always convenient to own even if you are enthusiastic about music, artwork, IT or technology, since you are going to find out how to start and handle any business. If something fails or goes wrong, you will have the skills to begin again. And that is one big reassuring also. Not only that, but is going to please your parents since they can rest assured there are always tasks available on the marketplace for this qualification.

    2. Study Computer Sciences - everyone needs a good IT person

    Because there's no business that does not utilize digital tools, beginning with a Bachelor's in Computer Science is just one of those wise choices that can be made. You may go and specialize in any area such as Engineering, Statistics, Art or perhaps Archeology which uses progressively picture versions and applications to analyze information.

    3. Study General Engineering - understand how to research your enthusiasm for creating and unmaking things

    Now, Engineering isn't quite as wide as other areas. A General Engineering degree is very good for you if you already know you're interested in Engineering, but you don't know in which kind of Engineering - mechanical, electrical, automotive etc --you would like to specialize in.

    4. Study Natural Sciences - the beginning for any scientific profession

    Therefore, you've got an almost unnatural fascination for laboratory experiments, you want to peep in your mind through the microscope, and also know your way around amounts. However, you cannot pinpoint the specific career that you need. If you're a physician, a nuclear scientist, or even a brainy researcher?

    We believe you. However, before you start dissecting the issue too far, why don't you just do a degree on the topic you enjoy many now, and pick afterwards on which career path you should take? By way of instance, be it Biology or Chemistry, you could always opt for research in Medication after your degree.

    5. Study Languages ​​- eventually become the connection between individuals

    Psychotherapy is just another area of ​​research you can't fail with. And we are not talking about English, that is similar to a lingua franca all over the planet. That is just for beginners. If you would like to utilize a Bachelor's at Languages ​​as a foundation for different professions, go for different languages ​​which are in need including us Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Nordic languages, or even Arab. Also, Know all about the 2020-21 admission in the very best Dr DY Patil University Pune.

    6. Study Environmental Sciences - discover a way to conserve Earth

    As the discussion on climate change and ecological challenges proceeds, there is no doubt that understanding in these areas will be somewhat helpful. An undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences may pave the way to grad studies in Environmental Engineering or Law, for instance.

    7. Study Nursing - operate to help and teach people about health

    OK, an undergraduate degree in Nursing may seem quite specialized and you may be thinking it doesn’t belong to the list. But let us give it another chance. Even a Nursing degree can pave the way to Person Medication studies and becoming a physician, but it may also be utilized in many different ways.

    8. Legal Studies - utilize the law to function in any sectors

    You do not necessarily wish to be a lawyer, but you're drawn by legal issues. So what do you do? The very best means is to elect for an undergraduate degree from the wider field of legal studies.

    Inside this field you'll be able to concentrate on topics such as Criminology, Justice, International Law, Business Law, etc .. This is a superb way to begin a career as a legal advisor - with companies or authorities.

    9. Study Graphic Design - turned into a contemporary artist

    If you like technology and you are somewhat artsy you can't fail with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. Even in the event that you can not see now what you wish to do in the long term, graphic design surely provides you lots of choices.

    10. Study Media and Journalism - turned into an expert speaker

    In case you've got a thing for words - spoken or written - you can begin your high education with an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Media. Courses in public speaking, communication theory, mass media, and popular culture will educate one for an assortment of professions including: author, information analyst, PR, or event preparation.

    Author Bio-  Nitin Pillai  is an expert in covering subjects related to education, and has been closely working in this industry for almost a decade now.


      Slika Polonca Jelen
      od Polonca Jelen - četrtek, 26 november 2020, 17:33
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      Pri delu uporabljam orodja Moodle, Kahoot, Socrative, Nearpod, Padlet

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        - v moodlu: H5P interaktivne vsebine, kviz, naloga, vprašalnik, odziv

        Lahko bi uporabljala (skrbi me časovna plat) delavnice.

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          Slika Danijela Brložnik
          od Danijela Brložnik - četrtek, 26 november 2020, 17:12
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          Kriteriji uspešnoosti pridobivanja dokazov so zame:

          • vsi dijaki oddajo dokaze,
          • iz pridobljenih dokazov vidim, da so dijaki pravilno razumeli navodila,
          • na podlagi dokazov lahko presodim o usvojeni snovi oz. primanjkljajih,
          • za pregled ne potrebujem preveč časa,
          • imam pregledno evidenco oddanih dokazov in njihovih ocen

          Načeloma bi lahko uspešno uresničila v praksi vse navedene kriterije, po drugi strani pa bi pri vseh potrebovala še dodatno znanje oziroma izkušnje.

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