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(3) Many medium and high power outdoor LED lamps can be equipped with waterproof breathable valves (respirators). The waterproof and breathable function of the molecular sieve in the breather can be used to balance the pressure inside and outside the lamp, eliminate negative pressure, prevent water vapor, and ensure that the inside of the lamp is dry. This economical and effective waterproof device can improve the waterproof ability of the original structural design. However, respirators are not suitable for lamps that are often soaked in water, such as buried lights and underwater lights. Our company sells CE String Lights.

The long-term stability of the waterproof structure of the lamp is closely related to its design, performance of the selected lamp material, processing accuracy, and assembly technology. If the weak link deforms and leaks water, it will cause irreversible damage to the LED and electronic devices, and this situation is difficult to predict during the factory inspection process, which is sudden. Therefore, to improve the reliability of the structure waterproof type luminaire, it is necessary to continue to improve the waterproof technology.

CE String Lights

Material waterproof:

The waterproof design of the material uses the filling potting glue to insulate and waterproof, and the sealant is used to seal the joints between the structural parts to make the electrical parts completely airtight and achieve the waterproof effect of outdoor lamps.

Regardless of the structural waterproofing or material waterproofing, for the long-term stability and low failure rate of outdoor lamps, a single waterproof design is difficult to achieve high reliability, and the potential hidden danger of water leakage still exists.

Therefore, in the design of high-end outdoor LED lamps, it is recommended to flexibly use waterproof technology, combine the advantages of structural waterproofing and material waterproofing technology, and to avoid weaknesses to ensure the long-term stable operation of LED circuits. If the material is waterproof, it can be added to a respirator to eliminate negative pressure. The waterproof design of the structure can also be considered to increase the potting, double waterproof protection, improve the long-term stability of outdoor lighting, reduce the failure rate of moisture.

The above information is provided by a custom String Lights supplier.


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    Based on the structural waterproof design, the lamps need to be closely matched with the silicone sealing ring waterproof, and the shell structure is relatively precise and complex. It is usually suitable for large-scale lamps, such as strip floodlights, square and circular floodlights, and other medium and high-power lamps. LED weatherproof string light supplier shares with you.

    Structural waterproof lamps are only assembled in the purely mechanical structure, simple to use tools, less assembly process, and process, short assembly cycle, easy and quick repair on the production line. The lamp can be packed and shipped after passing the electrical performance and waterproof test. It is suitable for engineering projects with a short supply period.

    Outdoor Waterproof String Light

    Have appropriate material and construction, ability guarantees its waterproof property, the following a few design essentials.

    (1) design the silicone waterproof ring, select the appropriate hardness of the material, design the appropriate pressure, its section shape is also very critical. The introduction line of the cable is the channel of water seepage, the waterproof wire should be selected, and the use of a strong cable waterproof fixed head (PG head), can prevent water vapor from permeating the gap in the cable core, but the premise is that the insulation layer of the wire does not age and crack under the long-term strong compression of the PG head.

    (2) at room temperature, the linear expansion coefficient of glass is about 7.2×10 ~ m/(m·K), and that of aluminum alloy is about 23.2× 10 /(m·K). When the outside size of lamps and lanterns is large, it should be seriously considered. Suppose the length of the lamp is 1 000 mm, the shell temperature is 60℃ during the day, the temperature drops to 10℃ during rain or at night, the temperature drops by 50℃, the glass and aluminum will shrink by 0.36 mm and 1.16 mm respectively, and the relative displacement is o. 8 mm.

    Our company provides outdoor waterproof string light.


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      od Lily Huang - četrtek, 9. julij 2020, 04:48
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      Soon, summer is coming, whether you are in the north or south, we will return to the outdoors. With these days approaching, this is the perfect time to start thinking about how to provide style, atmosphere, and, of course, lighting up your outdoor space by adding outdoor lighting this summer.

      1. Round bulb

      Round bulbs are a great starting point for your outdoor lighting projects. The round bulb has a classic, timeless appearance and is suitable for all types of outdoor spaces. Although not commercially durable, they are a cost-effective way to illuminate your space on a seasonal basis. Consider using spherical lights to outline the railing of the patio, hanging along the fence, or hanging trees in the backyard above the garden or fire pit area.

      2. Outdoor string light

      A good way to improve your outdoor lighting decoration is outdoor line lighting. Outdoor commercial string lights are particularly suitable for outdoor use because they are used throughout the year. They have waterproof sealed sockets and heavy wires to withstand all types of weather. Commercial string lights come in various lengths, and custom lengths can also be purchased.

      Choosing a commercial-grade string light provides a variety of appearances. The light string can be connected in series or suspended; you can use round bulbs or rectangular bulbs; you can choose traditional incandescent lamps, LED lamps, or old-style bulbs to increase the lighting effect.

      Outdoor Commercial String Lights

      3. LED mini light

      Consider LED mini lights, this is a quick and easy option to decorate your outdoor space. This is an effective way to reuse your holiday lights in the warm season, especially if you use white light.

      The use of LED mini lights is the same as yours during the festival. Use them to arrange windows or other architectural functions. Set a string on or under the railing of the deck. Or use battery-powered LED mini lights under your patio umbrella to increase the perfect ambient light. You can even string them together as a replacement for a larger wire lamp on the edge of a pergola, hedge or other structure.

      4. Decorative line lights

      Whether you are looking for interesting talent, something a bit artistic, or rustic touch to your outdoor lighting, decorative line lights are a good choice. The biggest advantage of decorative line lights is that it has a style that suits everyone!

      There are various options and you can match your decorative line lights to the mood of your space. If you want a more rustic look, Rattan Star or Sepak Takraw creates a cunning, homemade atmosphere. For an old-fashioned camping look, black cage lights work well or choose a bear, moose, or deer string lights for the "North" feel.

      There are also battery-powered string lights, which are convenient when you do not have an easily accessible socket. The lights of cotton balls and starry sky add a dreamy atmosphere, while the glittering paper lanterns and mini rainbow boxes provide a more subtle look.

      Whether you are walking simple or complex, decorative line lights can convey just the right mood!

      The above information is provided by a patio outdoor string light supplier.


        Slika od Lily Huang
        od Lily Huang - četrtek, 9. julij 2020, 04:48
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        What's the key to the best backyard ever? It's as easy as string lights! Backyard string lights are a wonderful way to transform your living areas and party spaces into a nighttime oasis. Hang just a few globe string lights or create a canopy of vibrant illumination across your patio. With so many different colors and styles available when selecting outdoor waterproof string lights, you're sure to find the best fit for your style and space! Discover a few new ideas on how to create your own best ever backyard lighting and tips on how to get started with a few of our favorite backyard lighting ideas! 

        Globe Lights

        Globe String Lights

        If the globe fits... wait, globe string lights are a perfect fit for every space! If you're planning a sophisticated backyard soiree or a shabby chic garden party, white satin finish or clear incandescent globe lights provide perfectly elegant lighting while adding subtle charm to your event! Or, if you're about to throw the biggest backyard pool party the neighborhood has ever seen, then a fun atmosphere is what you need! Accent your outdoor bar or dining area with multicolor globe lights and they'll be the life of the party!

        Backyard Patio Lights

        Patio String Lights

        Cafe string lights featuring copper shades are reminiscent of vintage style lighting and inspire the feeling of sitting at a lovely French cafe, while light strings with silver shades add modern style to your space. Brighten the mood at your next summer party with multicolor patio lights or opt for ambient lighting any time when you hang warm white LED or clear incandescent string lights across your deck, yard, or patio!

        Effortless Fence Lights

        String Lights

        This backyard lighting idea is way too much fun! Drape curtain lights over an outdoor fence to create a wall of light in under 5 minutes! This would make an excellent photo booth backdrop at outdoor events too!

        Perfect Pergola Lighting

        Garden String Light

        Pergolas and covered patios provide an opportunity for several string lighting options. Wrap columns in light strings, hang vintage style patio lights across the ceiling and create a shimmering light curtain by hanging strands of mini lights vertically across the back or sides of your outdoor structure. Any of these string lights ideas will add brilliant illumination to patios and pergolas or you can combine them all to create a stunning focal point in your yard!

        The above information is provided by a garden string light supplier.


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          od Jill Zhao - četrtek, 9. julij 2020, 04:46
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          With the development of roller skating, roller skating has also been accepted by more and more parents, and its characteristics of health, sunshine, fashion and competition have also been widely recognized. Many parents have plans to let children touch and learn to roller skating. Many kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools have also opened various skating interest classes and special courses. In some places, almost all children have the degree of roller skates.

          The skating sports that followed the skating equipment (mainly roller skates and 90A pu wheels for skate board) and the surrounding products industry have also arisen. Various brands and various types of roller skates are full of excitement. How should parents choose a suitable roller skating for their children? What about shoes?

          We mainly introduce how to choose the first pair of children's roller skates for children. Special attention is given to how to choose children's roller skates, and how to choose the first pair of roller skates.

          Parents should pay special attention to the wheels when choosing roller skates. The wheels are slippery and the wheels are very important! Don't choose PVC, which is the plastic wheel we often say. This kind of wheel is very hard, it is easy to slip without sliding on the ground, and there is no shock absorption. When the child is skating, the wheel is easy to wrestle, and the knees, spine and neck are subject to vibration and bumps, which can cause damage to the body.

          When choosing roller skates, pay attention to the wheel selection PU (polyurethane) wheel, which is commonly known as the rubber wheel. Such wheels are also divided into multiple levels. However, the general PU wheels also has good grip and elasticity, it is not easy to slip and has the effect of damping.

          How to distinguish between plastic wheels and PU wheels? When you hit the floor with wheels, the plastic wheel will make a relatively "clear" sound, and the sound of the PU wheel will be "dull". The wheels are dropped from the air to the ground, the height of the plastic wheel is very low, and the elasticity of the PU wheel is very good. As in the picture, the wheel on the roller skates is pushed on the ground, the plastic wheel does not have any resistance to slip, and the PU wheel is not so good to push away.

          PU Wheels For Skate Board

          PU Wheels For Skate Board

          Children love lighting things. Many skates have shiny wheels. Is this kind of wheel good? I recommend that when choosing roller skates, the number of green skateboard PU wheels on the shoe should not exceed two (one by one).

          The flashing wheel illuminates by the friction of the core in the wheel to generate energy. Friction means resistance to sliding. For children who are just beginning to learn roller skating or are younger, using too many flash wheels can be a big burden, and it can be laborious to slide. This will increase the difficulty for your child to learn to roller skating!

          As the child's first pair of skates, the number of flashing wheels on a pair of shoes should not exceed two. After the child is skilled in roller skating and has strength on his feet, it is not too late to change more flash wheels!


            Slika od Jill Zhao
            od Jill Zhao - četrtek, 9. julij 2020, 04:46
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            PU wheel is also called Pu filling wheel: strictly speaking, Pu is also a kind of plastic, only additives are added in the production process, so the performance is superior, and the production cost is also increased.

            Features of Pu filling wheel: it has elasticity and can play a certain damping effect (even better than air filling wheel), good grip, not easy to slip, more wear-resistant and comfortable performance.

            PU pulley for skate board has the advantages of wear resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, radiation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, ozone resistance, oxidation resistance, low temperature resistance, tear resistance, impact resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high elasticity, strong vibration absorption, excellent compression and buffer performance, and low compression deformation. Polyurethane products are widely used in textile printing and dyeing, national defense and military industry, mining machinery, construction machinery, chemical machinery, petrochemical industry, sports equipment, wood processing, printing machinery, metallurgical manufacturing industry, agricultural machinery and other industries.

            Polyurethane elastomers are typical multiblock copolymers. The molecular chain is composed of flexible segments with glass transition temperature lower than room temperature and rigid segments with glass transition temperature higher than room temperature. Among them, oligomer polyols form flexible segments, diisocyanates and small molecular chain extenders form rigid segments. The block structure of flexible chain segment and rigid chain segment determines the particularity of its performance:

            (1) the hardness range of common rubber is generally in Sauer a20-a90, the hardness range of plastic is about Sauer a95-sauer D100, and the elastic strength of polyurethane is as low as below Sauer A10, as high as Sauer D85, and no filler is needed;

            (2) high strength and elasticity can be maintained in a wide range of hardness;

            (3) excellent wear resistance, 2-10 times that of natural rubber;

            (4) excellent water, grease and chemical resistance;

            (5) high impact resistance, fatigue resistance and vibration resistance, suitable for high frequency flexure application;

            (6) good low temperature resistance, low temperature brittleness about - 30 ℃ or - 70 ℃;

            (7) it has excellent heat preservation performance. Compared with rubber and plastic, it has better heat preservation effect due to its low thermal conductivity;

            (8) good biocompatibility and anticoagulant properties;

            (9) excellent electrical insulation, mildew resistance and UV stability.

            PU Wheels For Skate Board

            PU Wheels For Skate Board

            Polyurethane elastomer is not perfect, its main disadvantages are:

            (1) large internal heat generation and general high temperature resistance. The normal operating temperature range is - 40-120 ℃. If long-term action is needed under the condition of high frequency oscillation or high temperature, corresponding modification measures must be taken in the structural design or formula.

            (2) it is not resistant to strong polar solvent and strong acid and alkali medium. At a certain temperature, alcohol, acid, ketone will make polyurethane elastomer swelling and degradation, chloroform, dichloromethane, dimethylformamide, trichloroethylene and other solvents will make polyurethane elastomer swelling at room temperature.


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              6 Light Clear K9 Crystal Chandelier NC1241P-6CR

              Factory Professional on inner decoration item, products pass CE and ETL complete certificate. Factory focus on delivery date and products quality but also very important is service to keep good communication with clients.

              Product Description Clear Crystal Luxury Chandeliers

              Frame chrome plating from iron
              K9 crystal in large and small sizes
              Rated for three 40W max. E12/E14 candelabra base bulbs
              Bulbs NOT included
              If brighter light is preferred, consider an LED bulb with a higher lumen output.
              Dimmer switch compatible
              Clear Crystal Living Room Chandelier Can be hung on a vaulted ceiling
              Hangs from an adjustable slender steel cable (included)
              Canopy features Chrome finish
              Dry UL listed: Inner Decoration Chandelier is suitable for use indoors in dry locations not directly exposed to excessive moisture and water Hardware; professional installation required

              More information please view:


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                As an Auto Parts Wheel Bearing Factory, share with you. 

                1.Common causes of high bearing temperature:

                1) Insufficient cooling, such as pipeline blockage, inappropriate use of cooler, and poor cooling effect;

                2) Poor lubrication, such as insufficient lubrication or excessive lubrication, the quality of lubricating oil does not meet the requirements, deterioration or debris;

                3) Large vibration, such as the poor alignment process of the coupling does not meet the requirements, the rotor has dynamic and static imbalances, poor foundation rigidity, virtual feet, rotating stall and surge;

                4) The bearing is abnormal, such as bearing damage, the gap adjustment of each part of the bearing box does not meet the requirements, and the bearing assembly process is poor.

                Wheel Bearing Assembly


                  Slika od JACKY XIA
                  od JACKY XIA - četrtek, 9. julij 2020, 04:21
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                  Bearings are high-precision objects, and the transportation path is far away. The storage requirements for imported bearings are very strict, regardless of temperature, moderation, and packaging. So what is the scientific way to store bearings? The Wheel Bearing Manufacturer will be announced for us below.

                  Wheel Bearing

                  Wheel Bearing

                  Scientifically store bearings, as long as the relative humidity of the storage room does not exceed 60%, and the temperature does not change much, the bearings can be stored in the original packaging for a long time. After long-term storage of bearings with sealing rings or dust covers, the characteristics of the grease in the bearings may be affected. Bearings taken out of the original packaging should be properly protected to prevent corrosion and contamination. The correct storage method for large rolling bearings is to place the bearings in a horizontal position, and the entire side of the bearing ring should be supported. If the bearing is placed in a vertical position, due to the relatively small thickness of the bearing ring, the weight of the bearing ring and rolling elements may cause permanent deformation of the bearing.

                  The scientific storage of bearings is very important. If improper storage leads to bearing rust or bearing corrosion, it is not good. Even if there is no surface damage, then it is possible that such and other failures may occur during the operation of imported bearings, so it must be Bearing storage should be taken seriously.

                  In order to ensure the long-term use of the bearing, and in order to maintain its proper performance, regular maintenance is necessary. The first thing to do is regular inspections. Regular inspections can help to find out the existing faults in time, and early detection and repairs can effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents, and can also help improve productivity and economic efficiency.

                  When storing it, the city should be careful not to damage the anti-rust coating that was originally provided when it was shipped from the factory. This can help to save effectively, and it is best not to get too wet and temperature if it is stored in a place Generally, it should be kept at about 20 degrees, and it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. In addition, some objects that are too low in temperature should not be touched as well.

                  Our company is also selling Wheel Bearing, please contact us.


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                    As a Wheel Bearing Manufacturer, share with you. We know that once the bearing is rusted, it will affect the service life of the bearing, which will also endanger the working efficiency. It will also correspondingly increase the investment of enterprise business capital, so it is very important for enterprises to prevent bearing rust, so what are the methods?

                    Wheel Bearing Kits

                    Wheel Bearing Kits

                    1. A lot of bearing rust is due to the effect of moisture or strong acids and alkalis, which should be eliminated in time.

                    When we use diesel, we must choose the quality that meets the standard. It cannot be a poor quality product with too much water content, otherwise it will affect the bearing rust, and at the same time, we cannot wipe the bearing with strong acid and alkali, which can easily cause rust.

                    When the bearing is drenched in water, we should use professional motor oil or high-quality diesel for spitting, and then use a thicker plastic film to wrap it. At the same time, it is better to wrap a layer of kraft paper around it, which can prevent moisture, damage, and isolation. Air, so it will not rust.

                    2. Anti-rust method during transportation

                    Bearings are subject to rainy weather or harsh environments during transportation. It is easy to cause bearing rust. At this time, it is best to wrap the bearing to better achieve sealability, so that it will not be oxidized or corroded due to moisture. It is best to put a layer of plastic material on the outside of the package to prevent moisture from the bearing during transportation.

                    Therefore, in our daily use, during storage, or during long-distance transportation, the bearing should pay more attention to moisture and rust or corrosion and rust due to strong acids and alkalis. We must learn to seal the packaging. , Wrapped in plastic or kraft paper to prevent corrosion and rust caused by moisture. Mastering these methods is our reasonable protection of bearing material dependence, and at the same time also depends on ensuring the efficiency of work.

                    How to disassemble the bearing

                    It is necessary to carry out regular disassembly of the bearing, and regular disassembly of it is to facilitate its maintenance and check whether it is in any condition. If something goes wrong, it is time to replace it. Disassemble. There are special methods for bearings, which cannot be disassembled at will. If there is no installation and disassembly method, then it is easy to cause a certain degree of damage to the machine and bearings. When disassembling the bearing, pay attention to the use of special disassembly tools, and do not damage the components connected to it.

                    Our company also has Wheel Bearing Kits for sale, please contact us.