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Adhesive Bonded Undercut Anchor

our company develops and manufactures more than 10 kinds of series products: undercut anchors, self-undercutting anchors, undercut panel anchors, adhesive anchors (chemical anchors), carbon fiber fabric (Japan Toray filament, Tairyfil), carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber plate, prestressed anchorage device, carbon fiber adhesive, crack sealing adhesive, steel bonding adhesive, anchorage adhesive, crack filling adhesive, weather proofing sealant, structural adhesive, cast-in channels and so on.

Key Features

● Consist: anchor rod, key lock, expansion head, washer, nut

● Material:carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel 

● Grade: grade 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

● Adhesive:standard-equipped with our MT-500 Anchorage Adhesive, modified epoxy resin, high temperature resistance and aging resistance for 50 years.


Environmental Adhesive Anchor Characteristics

● The wall of drilled hole and mechanical key lock forming the keying effect and providing superior load-carrying capacity to finish the anchorage

● High load-bearing capacity, not only features the advantages of mechanical anchors, but also combines with the seismic resistance and impact resistance of bonding adhesive

● Strong anchorage bonding strength achieves the effect of embedded parts

● Free of phenylethene and ethylenediamine, nearly odorless, non-toxic

● Simple operation, fast and easy dispensing by mixing nozzle ensures accurate mixing proportion

● Cap design is available for several times to use the total amount of adhesive

NJMKT produces chemical anchor, mechanical anchor, prestressed anchorage and other more than 10 kinds of series products. We have has got ISO quality system certification and our product is covered by Ping’an insurance company.


    Slika od Amanda Huang
    od Amanda Huang - petek, 10. julij 2020, 03:55
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    Conical Specified Adhesive Anchor

    our company develops and manufactures more than 10 kinds of series products: undercut anchors, self-undercutting anchors, undercut panel anchors, adhesive anchors (chemical anchors), carbon fiber fabric (Japan Toray filament, Tairyfil), carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber plate, prestressed anchorage device, carbon fiber adhesive, crack sealing adhesive, steel bonding adhesive, anchorage adhesive, crack filling adhesive, weather proofing sealant, structural adhesive, cast-in channels and so on.

    High anchoring force, the best performance in cracked concrete

    ● Material: alloy steel grade 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9; stainless steel 50 70 80 

    ● Designed high strength chemical anchor, suitable for all kinds of concrete base material, even cracked concrete

    ● The main components of the chemical cartridge are modified epoxy resin, grade A adhesive; high/low temperature resistance and aging-resistance 

    ● Injection embeddment, without disadvantage of uneven mixing

    ● We also provide specialized underwater adhesive for damp and water-filled holes for effective anchorage

    ● We recommend our excellent NJMKT Anchorage Adhesive (MT-500 cartridge or barrel) for NJMKT adhesive anchors


    ● Excellent comprehensive performance, safe and reliable, construction tolerance is higher than conventional chemical anchor, non-toxic environmental protection, aging-resistance up to 50 years and high/low temperature resistance 

    ● Comparing with mechanical anchors, the same tensile strength characteristics but low price advantage for your choice

    Adhesive Anchor Factory:Nanjing Mankate Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

    Installation flow chart

    1.Measure the length of bolt

    2.Measure the length of drill bit

    3.Drill the hole

    4.Clean the hole using brush

    5.Blow the hole using compressed air

    6.Attach the mixer nozzle to the cartridge and place it into the applicator gun

    7.Extrude the first three times of adhesive injection to waste

    8.Until an even color of adhesive is achieved in the mixer, inject adhesive until the hole is about 2/3 full

    9.Embed the anchor to the bottom of drilled hole anti-clockwise slowly

    10.Installation finish

    Established in 2004, our chemical anchor system, Dismountable Anchor and other chemical and mechanical anchor products got ISO, CE certificates. Welcome choose us.


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      Nylon66 Filter Cartridge

      Product Description of Micron Pleated Filter Catridge

      Using nylon (N6 / N66) micro-filtration membrane as filter medium, has high filtration precision, hydrophilic, easy to wetting, good strength & toughness, excellent chemical compatibility, especially suitable for various kinds of solvents, chemicals filtering.

      Performance features about Nylon Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge

      Limited dissolved matter, high adsorption features

      Low cost, high flow rate

      High filtration accuracy, long service time, can repeat sterilization

      Products by 100% integrity test when factory inspection

      filter membrane is hydrophilic/hydrophobic

      Extremely low precipitates

      Wide chemical compatibility

      Excellent application under high temperature condition

      Proteins can be intercepted

      Typical applications:

      Sterile filtration of raw material medicine, injections, infusion and other drug;

      Terminal sterile filtration of food, drink & wine;

      Terminal filtration of photoresist, chemical reagent, etc.

      Terminal filtration of water-based ink

      Quality assurance of filter cartridge:

      ISO9001: 2008 guaranteed quality management system;

      Traceability management system of each filter;

      Filter elements are flushed and pass integrity test before filter elements are left from the factory;


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        There are many types of conveyor belts, such as ordinary conveyor belts, high-inclined conveyor belts, and high-temperature resistant conveyor belts. They all have a set of standards. This article focuses on the standard issues of acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts.

        The product of the conveyor belt depends on the environment in which it is used. What kind of concentration problem is needed, the acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt can have specific data. Because the standards are different, the amount of material used in the product is also different. In the case of salt exposure, because of corrosion, EP canvas is generally used as the skeleton of the conveyor belt. This is more practical and easier to make an endless conveyor belt. The resulting conveyor belt has good elasticity and is used for salt transportation. Not easy to fall in the process. Of course, having said so much, what kind of standard conveyor belt product is better? Conveyor accessories manufacturer China shares with you.

        Conveyor Belts

        1. Conformance with appearance quality: The quality standards for the appearance of fabric core conveyor belts.

        2. Tensile strength, elongation, interlayer bonding strength, and groove degree of the full thickness of the belt.

        3. The dimensional deviation of the belt conforms to the standard.

        No matter what kind of conveyor belt product, the side conveyor belt or nylon conveyor belt and other series of products must be installed with a covering layer performance has a certain standard tensile strength, elongation, etc. have a certain numerical standard, and there is a covering There are certain standards for the bonding strength between the layers and the cloth layer. The specific situation also needs to be analyzed. According to the specific situation, customers can customize and process various specifications. The thickness and length of the product can be customized.


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          With the progress of the times, conveyor belts are not only widely used in industry, but also often used in daily life, such as treadmill conveyor belts, airport luggage conveyor belts, etc. Is the airport luggage conveyor a logistics conveyor belt? The airport luggage conveyor belt is one of the logistics conveyor belts. The commonly used materials are PVK, PVC, and PU. Let's follow the belt conveyor series exporter to learn more about the advantages of these materials.

          Material and characteristics of PVK conveyor belt:

          It is a cotton fabric and PVK coating surface, plus two layers of polyester yarn with lateral stability of the fiber. The weight per square is 4.4 (KG / ㎡), and the tensile strength (N / mm) is 15. The operating temperature range is ) -20 ~ 80, PVK conveyor belt has the characteristics of high strength, impact resistance, flame resistance, wear-resistance and so on. Compared with other PVC conveyor belts, the average service life is 3-4 times longer

          Coal Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

          Application scenarios of PVC conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt, and PU conveyor belt

          PVK conveyor belts are mainly used for airport luggage transportation. At present, the airport security inspection machine conveyor belt is mainly composed of PVC and PU materials, which are flexible and light in weight. According to the needs of different environments, unused belts and patterns can be selected to achieve pressure resistance and convenient transportation.

          The above is the introduction of the airport conveyor belt. Generally speaking, airport conveyor belts are not very different from ordinary conveyor belts. The main function of airport conveyor belts is to carry luggage to internal equipment for inspection.

          Our company provides coal Steel Cord Conveyor Belt.


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            Slippage of a coal transportation conveyor belt can cause severe wear, which occurs under certain conditions. When the working resistance of the endless conveyor belt reaches the limit of friction, the belt will slip on the contact surface with the equipment, which makes the rubber belt can not operate normally, and it will cause serious wear to the belt body. A large amount of heat will be generated during the process so that the conveyor belt will continue to be damaged under the dual action of wear and heat until it breaks.

            In order to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor equipment, the mining conveyor belt must meet the following conditions:

            1. The tension acting on the conveyor belt should cause the circumferential force on the transmission drum to be transmitted to the belt body through friction, and there must be no slippage between the rubber conveyor belt and the drum;

            Coal Transportation Conveyor Belt

            2. The tension acting on the belt should be large enough so that the sag of the mine conveyor belt between the two sets of idlers is less than a certain value;

            3. The fatigue damage caused by long-term use is due to the cumulative damage caused by the rubber conveyor belt during continuous work. Due to the working nature of the coal mine conveyor belt, the belt body generally runs for a long time, and the intermittent time is short, so In the production process of coal mines, the fatigue damage of industrial conveyor belts is much larger than in other environments. Due to the entry of coal slag and dust, the friction between the rubber conveyor belt and the surface of mechanical equipment continues to increase, causing the material of the belt to fall off. It causes the material to fall off and accumulate. In addition, due to the continuous changes of the stress during the belt transmission, the internal strength of the material is gradually reduced, and the damage continues to accumulate, which eventually causes a state of fatigue damage;

            4. The quality of nylon conveyor belts are affected by a rubber coating, the number of layers of nylon belts, initial tension, thermal vulcanization of rubber belts, and the quality of conveyor belt joints.

            The above information is provided by the gravity conveyor factory.


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              All conveyor belts must be connected in a ring before they can be used, so the quality of the conveyor belt joint directly affects the service life of the conveyor belt and whether the conveyor line can run smoothly and smoothly. Common methods for conveyor belt joints include mechanical joints, cold bonded joints, and hot vulcanized joints. Nylon conveyor belt maintenance and maintenance 1. The conveyor belt should be kept clean during transportation and storage to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, prevent contact with acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents, and other substances, and one meter away from the heating device. 2. During storage, the warehouse temperature should be maintained between 18-40 ℃, and the relative humidity should be maintained between 50-80%. Conveyor Belt 3. During storage, the product must be placed in rolls without folding and should be turned quarterly during storage. 4. Conveyor belts of different types and specifications should not be used together. The joints are best glued. 5. The type, structure, specifications, and the number of layers of the conveyor belt should be selected according to the conditions of use. 6. The running speed of the conveyor belt should generally not be greater than 2.5 m/s. Materials with large lump and large abrasion and unloading devices using fixed pears should use low speed as much as possible. 7. The relationship between the diameter of the drive roller of the conveyor and the cloth layer of the conveyor belt, the matching of the drive roller and the redirecting roller, and the requirements for the idler groove angle should be selected reasonably according to the design regulations of the conveyor. 8. The feeding direction should follow the running direction of the tape. In order to reduce the impact of the material on the tape, a chute should be used to reduce the distance of the material. The tape receiving section should shorten the distance between the idler rollers and use buffer idlers as the leakage. The belt conforms to a soft and moderate baffle plate to prevent the baffle plate from being too hard and scratching the belt surface of the conveyor belt. 9. The following items should be paid attention to in the use of the conveyor belt: ① Avoid the roller covered by the material, causing the rotation to fail, prevent the leakage of the material from being caught between the roller and the tape, pay attention to the lubrication of the moving part, but do not allow the conveyor belt to be oily; ② Avoid Start with load; ③ The tape deflects, take measures to correct it during application; ④ Repair the tape when it is found to be partially damaged, so as not to expand. The above information is provided by a motorized drum manufacturer.


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                The repair of the logistics transportation equipment is aimed at repairing which parts of the conveyor are easy to be damaged and the transportation equipment cannot work normally. Belt conveyor series exporter shares with you. The repair of the equipment is different from the maintenance of the conveying equipment. The main purpose of the repair is to repair and replace the worn or corroded parts, restore the conveying equipment to its technical performance and performance, and ensure its normal function. Repairs that are due to physical wear and tear are called normal repairs; repairs for incidental damage are called abnormal repairs. Repair is an effective measure to restore the function of logistics equipment, it is partial compensation for tangible wear, and it is also an important part of logistics equipment management. During the use of the machine, its parts will gradually produce wear, deformation, fracture, erosion, and other phenomena, known as physical wear. Conveyor Accessories Due to the different materials and work of the parts, different levels of tangible wear occur within a certain period of time, which gradually deteriorates the technical status of the machinery and can not work normally, causing downtime and even failures, resulting in mechanical accidents. Therefore, in order to maintain the normal operation of the machinery, it is necessary to replace or repair the worn-out parts according to the changing law of the mechanical technology status, and disassemble and adjust the whole machine or part, and restore the technical performance of the mechanical operation, and then must be repaired. Therefore, the repair is an important measure for the machinery to maintain its normal technical status within a certain period of time, and an important means for enterprises to maintain production. The maintenance and repair of conveying equipment cannot be called each other, and it is the relationship between "prevention" and "treatment". If the machinery cannot be repaired in time, the parts and components of the machinery will be used to accelerate wear or suffer unexpected damage, increasing the maintenance workload. Do a good job of maintenance, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and eliminate mechanical accidents before they occur, so as to prevent accidents before they happen. However, maintenance can not eliminate the wear of machinery. When the wear reaches a certain level, it must be repaired in time to restore the efficiency of the machine. In addition, in the maintenance and repair of logistics equipment, it is also necessary to formulate technical measures for safe operation to ensure the safety of persons and machinery. Our company provides conveyor accessories.


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                  En esta prueba PhenQ, analizaremos las alternativas de Phentemine 375 y lo ayudaremos a encontrar la verdad de por qué este producto es actualmente el número 1 en el mercado. Este es un recién llegado al mercado de la dieta.

                  Fue lanzado oficialmente en 2016 y se dice que acelera el metabolismo del cuerpo y aumenta la quema de grasa para reducir la grasa corporal y suprimir el apetito para mantener la pérdida de peso del usuario.

                  Si no está seguro acerca de este medicamento para bajar de peso, no se preocupe. Se garantiza que el medicamento es seguro y se fabrica en laboratorios farmacéuticos aprobados por la FDA.

                  ¿Cómo funciona PhenQ?

                  Con cinco ingredientes clave trabajando juntos, PhenQ España sirve como una solución rápida para sus problemas de pérdida de peso. Estos compuestos trabajan para quemar mucha grasa de una persona más rápido, aumentar su metabolismo y suprimir su apetito, y ayudan al cuerpo a seguir a toda velocidad.

                  Junto con el ejercicio y la nutrición adecuada, este producto garantiza un aumento en la producción de noradrenalina del cuerpo, lo que contribuye a un aumento en el metabolismo y la movilización de grasas.
                  Mientras tanto, los testimonios de muchos clientes satisfechos han demostrado que ahora pueden moverse libremente y tener más energía para participar en diversas actividades, y que sus dolores corporales han disminuido desde que perdieron peso.

                  Algunos también dijeron que dormían mejor y se despertaron al día siguiente completamente rejuvenecidos. Por otro lado, además de su nuevo aspecto, ahora tienen una alta autoestima y se sienten más seguros en su propia piel y tienen grandes oportunidades para sus futuros esfuerzos. Gracias a esta alternativa segura a la fentermina, no solo tiene la energía extra para hacer lo que desea, sino que también tiene una perspectiva positiva de la vida.

                  ¿Para qué se utiliza PhenQ?

                  Para las personas que no tienen tiempo o que simplemente no quieren hacer demasiado ejercicio, pero aún quieren perder un poco más de peso, este producto es definitivamente para usted. Tiene la capacidad de cortar a medio:

                  1. 3 a 5 libras por semana
                  2. Incrementar la energía y la motivación.
                  3. Esfuerzos para perder peso máximo
                  4. Apoya la pérdida de peso
                  5. Reduce el apetito

                  Los usuarios de productos aún pueden reducir su peso incluso si no realizan actividades demasiado pesadas, pero al mismo tiempo proporcionan energía y motivación para seguir quemando calorías.
                  Muchos resultados documentados, como los de, muestran que muchas personas que han probado este producto, la mayoría mujeres, han demostrado un aumento de peso impresionante en solo unas pocas semanas después de usar el producto. Uno de ellos incluso dijo, o declaró, que habían perdido un total de 11 libras en solo dos semanas.

                  ¿Cuáles son los efectos secundarios?

                  En nuestra prueba PhenQ, creemos que es importante que discutamos todos los aspectos de PhenQ. Esto puede verse como una “píldora de dieta mágica”. Sin embargo, aquí hay instrucciones sobre qué esperar al usar este producto:
                  Pérdida de peso en pocas semanas.

                  • apetito
                  • Cuerpo más delgado
                  • Nueva confianza

                  Debido a los resultados positivos y la falta de efectos secundarios, no hay efectos secundarios regulares confirmados de este producto, lo que le da la reputación que tiene hoy.

                  Debido a sus efectos secundarios mínimos, se garantiza que PhenQ es un medicamento seguro porque se fabrica en un laboratorio aprobado por la FDA y muestra resultados efectivos y encomiables para sus usuarios.



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                    od gabriel gabriel verines - četrtek, 9. julij 2020, 22:52
                    vidno vsem

                    In diesem PhenQ-Test werden wir Phentemine 375-Alternativen diskutieren und Ihnen helfen, die Wahrheit zu finden, warum dieses Produkt derzeit die Nummer 1 auf dem Markt ist. Dies ist ein Neuling auf dem Diätmarkt.
                    Es wurde 2016 offiziell eingeführt und soll den Stoffwechsel des Körpers beschleunigen und die Fettverbrennung steigern, um das Körperfett zu reduzieren und den Appetit zu unterdrücken, um den Gewichtsverlust des Benutzers aufrechtzuerhalten.

                    Wenn Sie sich über dieses Medikament zur Gewichtsreduktion nicht sicher sind, machen Sie sich keine Sorgen. Das Medikament ist garantiert sicher und wird in von der FDA zugelassenen pharmazeutischen Labors hergestellt.

                    Wie funktioniert PhenQ?

                    Mit fünf wichtigen Inhaltsstoffen, die zusammenarbeiten, dient PhenQ Schweiz als schnelle Lösung für Ihre Probleme beim Abnehmen. Diese Verbindungen wirken, um einen Großteil des Fettes einer Person schneller zu verbrennen, ihren Stoffwechsel anzukurbeln und ihren Appetit zu unterdrücken, und helfen dem Körper, auch in Ruhe den vollen Gang einzulegen.

                    Zusammen mit Bewegung und richtiger Ernährung garantiert dieses Produkt eine Steigerung der körpereigenen Noradrenalinproduktion, was zur Steigerung des Stoffwechsels und der Fettmobilisierung beiträgt.
                    In der Zwischenzeit zeigen Erfahrungsberichte vieler zufriedener Kunden, dass sie sich jetzt frei bewegen können und mehr Energie haben, um an verschiedenen Aktivitäten teilzunehmen, und dass ihre Körperschmerzen seit dem Abnehmen abgenommen haben.

                    Einige sagten auch, sie hätten besser geschlafen und seien am nächsten Tag völlig verjüngt aufgewacht. Auf der anderen Seite haben sie jetzt zusätzlich zu ihrem neuen Aussehen ein hohes Selbstwertgefühl und fühlen sich sicherer in ihrer eigenen Haut und verfolgen große Chancen für ihre zukünftigen Bemühungen. Dank dieser sicheren Alternative zu Phentermine haben sie jetzt nicht nur die zusätzliche Energie, um das zu tun, was sie wollen, sondern erhalten auch eine positive Lebenseinstellung.

                    Wofür wird PhenQ verwendet?

                    Für Menschen, die keine Zeit haben oder einfach nicht zu viel trainieren möchten, aber dennoch etwas mehr Gewicht verlieren möchten, ist dieses Produkt definitiv für Sie. Es hat die Fähigkeit, auf mittel zu schneiden:

                    1. 3 bis 5 Pfund pro Woche
                    2. Steigern Sie Energie und Motivation
                    3. Bemühungen, maximales Gewicht zu verlieren
                    4. Unterstützt Gewichtsverlust
                    5. Appetit reduzieren

                    Produktbenutzer können ihr Gewicht immer noch reduzieren, auch wenn sie keine zu schweren Aktivitäten ausführen, aber gleichzeitig Energie und Motivation bereitstellen, um weiterhin Kalorien zu verbrennen.

                    Viele dokumentierte Ergebnisse, wie die auf, zeigen, dass viele Menschen, die dieses Produkt ausprobiert haben — die meisten von ihnen Frauen — in nur wenigen Wochen nach der Verwendung des Produkts eine beeindruckende Gewichtszunahme gezeigt haben. Einer von ihnen sagte sogar — oder gab an -, dass sie in nur zwei Wochen insgesamt 11 Pfund verloren hätten.

                    Was sind die Nebenwirkungen?

                    In unserem PhenQ-Test halten wir es für wichtig, dass wir jeden Aspekt von PhenQ diskutieren. Dies kann als „magische Diätpille“ angesehen werden. Hier finden Sie jedoch Anweisungen, was Sie bei der Verwendung dieses Produkts erwarten können:

                    • Gewichtsverlust in wenigen Wochen
                    • Appetit
                    • Schlankerer Körper
                    • Neues Vertrauen

                    Aufgrund der positiven Ergebnisse und des Fehlens von Nebenwirkungen gibt es keine bestätigten regelmäßigen Nebenwirkungen dieses Produkts, was ihm den Ruf verleiht, den es heute hat.

                    Aufgrund seiner minimalen Nebenwirkungen ist PhenQ garantiert ein sicheres Medikament, da es in einem von der FDA zugelassenen Labor hergestellt wird und für seine Anwender wirksame und lobenswerte Ergebnisse zeigt.