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High strength Formwork Tie Rod System 17mm

Metal Formwork Steel Tie rod ,which is used in the engineering and construction support, fixed template parts. It consists of two screw and set between the two screw with two screw threaded connection supports, the end of the screw, the set screw end. This artifact reasonable design, simple structure, pull, pressure big, under working state is stable, good waterproof performance, reusable, screw for both ends of the screw is shorter, easy storage, not easy to bend, in the upper die and discharge mode, no loading and unloading of nuts, save time and construction materials, reduces the project cost.


Q235 or 45# steel Material





Surface treatment

black,zinc plate




in steel pallet or plywood pallet,in bulk or customized

Payment Terms

TT,LC,we can contact in details

Delivery time



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    China's imports and exports improved in March, according to reports from various regions and industries, said gao feng, spokesman for the ministry of commerce, at a regular online news conference on April 9.

    At present, the resumption of production by foreign trade enterprises is proceeding in an orderly manner, with over 76 percent of the country's key foreign trade enterprises recovering more than 70 percent of their production capacity, gaofeng said.

    The PMI's index of new export orders and the index of imports rose 17.7 percentage points and 16.5 percentage points, respectively, from February.

    "But at the same time, the global COVID 19 outbreak is having an impact on the world economy and international trade.

    According to the survey conducted by the ministry of commerce on key regions, key industries and key enterprises, some foreign trade enterprises' orders in hand are delayed or cancelled, and new orders signed are affected, especially in the consumer industries such as textile and clothing, which will suffer a big impact in the short term.



    As for the extent of the impact on foreign trade, the ministry of commerce will closely follow the assessment, gao said.

    We have introduced a series of policies to stabilize foreign trade in the early stage, and we will make vigorous efforts to implement them in the next step, and make efforts to rescue foreign trade enterprises according to the changing situation, so as to minimize the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade and stabilize the basic foreign trade.

    About the resumption of work of foreign-funded enterprises, peak introduction, recently the progress of the resumption of work and production of foreign-funded enterprises has been steadily improved.

    As of April 7, 71.9% of the country's 8,776 foreign-invested key enterprises had a recovery rate of more than 70%, up 5 percentage points from the previous week.

    The recovery of manufacturing enterprises was significantly accelerated, with 76.8 percent of enterprises with a recovery rate of more than 70 percent, up 6.6 percentage points from the previous week, and only 5.4 percent of enterprises with a recovery rate of less than 50 percent.

    The recovery rate of foreign-invested enterprises in hubei province has been rising rapidly, with the percentage of manufacturing enterprises with a recovery rate of more than 70 percent rising 9.9 percentage points to 75.9 percent last week, close to the national average.

    Turning to the current domestic consumer market, gaofeng said that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in China continues to improve, enterprises to speed up business expansion, market consumption bottomed out and steadily improved.

    The opening rate of large agricultural products wholesale market, large supermarket, department store and brand convenience store is above 95%.

    The average daily sales of retail enterprises monitored by the ministry of commerce increased by 0.9% in the second half of march and 3.2% in the second half of February.

    During this year's qingming holiday, the average daily transaction volume of the accommodation and catering industries in China increased by 11.5 percent and 10 percent respectively from mid-to-late march, returning to the same period last year.

    HEBEI WANGBEI TEXTILE TRADING CO., LTD. is a medium private enterprise that integrates the production and the marketing, Our main products include Gray Fabric, TC Fabric, CVC Fabric, Cotton Fabric, Shirt Fabric, Uniform Fabric, Cotton Flannel Fabric, Pocket Fabric, Yarn-dyed Fabric, Print Fbaric and so on.

    We use modern management model and organize the manufacture. From entry of raw materials to products leaving from factory, each workshop is streamlined production. And we control each manufacture process by strict quality control system to guarantee the quality, and complete on schedule.


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      Hot Rolled Concrete Formwork Tie Rod Z Bar /  Dia15/17mm Thread Round steel bar

      The Hot Rolled Tie Rod is widly used in European countries and developed countries. It is normally used for bridge, high ways, tunnels.  And in some developed countries it is widely used in every building. The breaking load of this kind of Tie Bar is 180kn. And the safe working load is 90kn. The Formwork Tie Rod accessories which working together with this Tie Bar are also in high strength.


      Concrete Formwork Hot Rolled Tie Rod/Thread Round Bar




      1-6m or customized



      Failing loading


      Surface treatment



      Buliding, bridge, water conservancy project and so on


      OEM service acceptable


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        Since March 2020, domestic and foreign cotton futures, spot prices significantly lower, cotton yarn, grey cloth prices under pressure, followed by a decline.

        Affected by the suspension and cancellation of export orders, the situation of insufficient orders and cold sales in late march has become prominent. Inventory has been increasing day by day. Some smaller enterprises have reduced production stops, and the capacity utilization rate has decreased compared with early march.

        1. Raw material market

        March, outside the epidemic spread rapidly under the influence of negative factors, such as global commodities fell into the channel, zheng cotton futures fell sharply, cotton spot price month by more than 2000 yuan/ton, April 9, 3128 b cotton spot price 11350 yuan/ton, FangQi procurement, market sporadic clinch a deal, the recent cotton prices remain low volatility.

        The cotton yarn market in early march sales situation is good, since the latter half of the market overall transaction has become weak, the price continues to fall, the price of conventional varieties than the same period last month fell about 1300 yuan/ton, enterprises are more willing to cut prices and shipping, the actual transaction can be discussed, the high yarn market is relatively good, some areas of sales is ok.

        It is understood that most of the current spinning enterprises still maintain normal production, yarn inventory is mostly in a month or so.



        2. Grey fabric market

        In late march grey market as a whole marketing cold and cheerless, enterprise order compression, pressure especially export business, enterprises face a ready order suspend shipment even cancellations, insufficiency of subsequent orders, exports market or to the domestic enterprises through the transfer market and promote production, in order to reduce the impact of the epidemic.

        Starts from the whole, production and marketing, enterprises has increased, but the capacity utilization rate compared with the early march, in the face of weak market demand, companies cut production increase, the product sale slowly, causing the accumulation of inventory, most of today's business inventories in 1 months or so, part of the export business inventories in 2 months or so.

        In terms of orders, some orders of large enterprises can be arranged until the end of April or even may. Orders of small enterprises are in short supply, and they are mainly intermittent orders. In order to maintain normal operation, they are forced to increase the output of conventional varieties.

        In terms of price, the price of most products fell by 0.2-0.5 yuan/ton compared with the same period last month, the market inquiry and procurement continue to reduce, the actual transaction still has room for discussion, classification, clothing gray cloth pressure is greater, home textile gray cloth is relatively good.

        In terms of benefits, into the late march, the grey fabric market continues to weaken, most varieties have fallen to the early rise, the enterprise is basically in a state of no profit, some enterprises even loss.

        3. Future outlook

        The current international epidemic situation is severe. The latest report released by the United Nations department of economic and social affairs predicts that the global economy will shrink by 0.9% in 2020 due to COVID 19.

        In the face of the severe situation of foreign trade, Chinese premier li keqiang presided over a regular meeting of the state council on April 7 to launch a series of measures to stabilize foreign trade, actively respond to the impact of the epidemic, and continue to implement partial tax support policies for inclusive finance and small-loan companies to help smes tide over the difficulties.

        The whole, the current epidemic is still in the fermentation, the influence of global unemployment soared, so at the end of march to unemployment insurance in the United States has the total number of more than 2009 years of history to rising unemployment will further restrain the consumption demand of textile market, the domestic market at the same time new weak demand, shifted under pressure, the enterprise capital turnover are in trouble, hope that Banks and other financial institutions can we will increase support for textile enterprises, to ensure normal production and operation of the enterprises.


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          od Cynthia Liu - nedelja, 28. junij 2020, 08:10
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          Manual dry cleaning refers to the absence of dry cleaning equipment. For clothes that cannot be washed, only manual dry cleaning can be used for decontamination. Cotton Twill Fabric Supplier introduces its methods and points to you as follows:

          Shirt Fabric

          Shirt Fabric

          1. Wiping method

          For Shirt Fabric, it is not allowed to use a washing machine, which will make the fabric hard. If you have time, you can use dry cleaning on this fabric. Use a towel soaked with dry cleaning agent to wipe off the dust on the clothes, so that the dust is dissolved by the dry cleaning agent and adheres to the towel. When wiping, the towel should be washed in the dry cleaning agent while wiping. The dust on the clothes will be dissolved in the scrubbing solution through the towel, and then the effect of cleaning and decontamination will be achieved.

          2. The flushing method

          Severely contaminated clothing, or severely contaminated parts of clothing, can be rinsed with a soft brush dipped in dry cleaning agent. Do not use too much force when rinsing, evenly. The rinsing method is a key method in dry cleaning.

          3. Dipping method

          For some woolen clothes with loose structure, in order to avoid deformation, you can put the clothes in the dry cleaning agent solution and wash it with two hands. It is suitable for washing more valuable clothes. This method is suitable for washing detergents. The loss is very large. After washing the clothes, the used dry-cleaning agent solution should be filled in a closed container, and the dirt can be separated after being deposited, and the application can be continued.

          4. Pre-stain

          Before dry cleaning, remove the dust from the surface of Uniform Fabrics. For local heavy stains, use tetrachloroethylene and high-efficiency stain removers. Especially for water-soluble stains, use high-quality scrubbing liquid or wipe with alcohol soap. Remove. After the water-soluble stains on the clothes are removed, dry cleaning is performed.

          5. Selection of dry cleaning agent

          When dry cleaning clothes by hand, the dry cleaning agent is difficult to withdraw, and it is very spoiling. From the economic point of view, except for the use of tetrachloroethylene in individual cases, most of them use cheap solvent gasoline or high-content alcohol. In addition, these two solvents are less toxic than tetrachloroethylene and evaporate faster. However, these two solvents are flammable substances. When they are used, they must be operated without fire. We must pay attention to fire prevention to avoid loss caused by fire.

          The above is the method of dry cleaning clothes.


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            od Cynthia Liu - nedelja, 28. junij 2020, 08:10
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            Twill means that the interlaced points of warp and weft threads present a structure pattern of twill lines at a certain angle on the surface of the fabric. Its organizational structure is characterized by diagonal lines consisting of warp or weft points on the organization chart, and diagonal weaves consisting of floating (or weft) floating lines on the surface of the fabric. To form a twill weave requires at least 3 warp and 3 weft threads. Cotton is generally used as a proper noun in clothing and other materials. The cotton content is 95% -100%. Some people now compare the quality of a person or thing with real materials.

            Twill fabric is divided into two types: coarse twill and fine twill:

            Coarse Twill Fabric uses cotton yarns larger than 32 (less than 18 British counts) as warp and weft; fine twill fabrics use cotton yarns smaller than 18 (more than 32 English counts) as warp and weft. Twill is available in white, bleached and motley. It is often used as uniforms, sportswear, sneaker linings, emery cloth backing and padding. Wide bleached twill can be used as a sheet, or printed as a sheet after printing. The element color and motley fine twill cloth is bright after finishing by electro-optic or calendering, and can be used as umbrella surface and clothing folder.

            Twill Fabric

            Twill Fabric

            So what are the advantages of cotton twill fabric? The following Uniform Twill Fabric Supplier will come to tell you:


            The first advantage of pure cotton twill fabric is that it is very hygroscopic. Under normal circumstances, fibers can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere. Its moisture content is 8-10%. Soft but not stiff. If the humidity of the cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is high, all the water contained in the fibers will evaporate and disperse, so that the fabric will maintain a water balance and make people feel comfortable.

            2, thermal insulation

            However, because cotton fibers are poor conductors of heat and electricity, the thermal conductivity is extremely low, and because cotton fibers have the advantages of porosity and high elasticity, a large amount of air can be stored between the fibers, and air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Twill fabric made of pure cotton has good thermal insulation, and wearing pure cotton fabrics makes people feel warm.

            3.Heat resistance

            Pure cotton fabrics have good heat resistance. When the temperature is below 110 ° C, it will only cause the water on the fabric to evaporate without damaging the fibers. Therefore, the cotton fabrics will not affect the fabric at normal temperature, wearing and washing and printing. Improved washing and wearing resistance of pure cotton fabrics.

            4.Alkali resistance

            Cotton Twill Fabric has a high resistance. Cotton fibers are in alkaline solution, and the fibers will not be damaged. This property is conducive to washing, disinfecting and removing impurities after taking, and it can also dye, print and other cotton textiles. This process is processed to produce more new varieties of cotton weaving.

            The above is the introduction of twill fabric and the advantages of cotton twill fabric, I hope to help everyone.


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              As people's requirements for shirt quality gradually increase, more and more people choose custom shirts: they not only fit well, they are also comfortable to wear. However, after measuring the body, I faced a thick fabric book: I have so many fabrics, which one should I choose? In order to "cure" the fabric tangles that are common to everyone, today the Shirt Print Fabric Supplierstarts with common shirt fabrics and teaches you how to choose fabrics according to your needs. After reading this article, I believe you can also understand the shirt fabric!

              1. Cotton fabric

              Cotton Combed Shirt Fabric refers to fabrics made from cotton. Our business shirts are usually made of cotton, which has good skin-friendly properties and is more soft and close-fitting. At the same time, the moisture content of cotton is about 8% -10%, and it can absorb excess sweat when wearing, ensuring its hygroscopicity. The quality is also the same for pure cotton fabrics. The finer and longer the fiber of cotton, the better the quality. In terms of cotton types on the market, long-staple cotton is the best. Long-staple cotton is more slender, has better air permeability and gloss, and is relatively more expensive.

              Cotton shirts are comfortable and durable, which has led many people to ignore their "wrinkle-prone" performance, which is caused by the characteristics of cotton itself. However, in response to this problem, non-iron shirts have appeared on the market. It is processed by high-standard non-iron technology. While retaining the soft and skin-friendly cotton fabric, it also increases the anti-wrinkle ability of the shirt. Reduce care time.

              Summary: soft skin-friendly, good hygroscopicity, ordinary cotton fabrics are easy to wrinkle, need to be taken care of, business shirts are often made of cotton fabrics.

              Cotton Combed Shirt Fabric

              Cotton Combed Shirt Fabric

              2.Linen fabric

              In most people's impressions, linen represents natural and casual, and is a noble in shirt fabric. People wearing linen dresses bring their own coolness and leisure. On the one hand, the rough texture of linen and the natural earth color system give the wearer a simple and casual dress charm. On the other hand, the extremely low output of flax has directly caused the price of hemp shirts in the market to become "noble" products. A shirt made of linen is very suitable for summer wear. This is because linen has natural breathability and moisture absorption. It can absorb more than 20 times its own weight of moisture. Loose fabric fibers can better radiate skin heat and keep it dry. The treasure in linen is French Norman linen. The long planting history and suitable natural environment make it different from most domestic linen fabrics. It better retains plant fibers, has better skin feel and stronger texture.

              Summary: moisture absorbing and breathable, cool and cool, suitable for summer wear, more casual style, less output.

              3.Mulberry silk fabric

              Mulberry silk is a white woven silk fabric and is a natural animal protein fiber. Generally speaking, it is the silk liquid secreted by the mature silkworm when it cocoons, and it is formed by cooling and solidifying. The shirt made of mulberry silk is soft and smooth, soft to the touch, has a beautiful luster, and has a gentleman and aristocratic temperament. Because of this, the top luxury shirts are mostly made of high-weight silk fabric, which is full of personality and nobility. Like its expensive price, the care of mulberry silk shirts has also become a headache for people: it needs to be treated with care: it must not be machine washed, it must not be rubbed too much, and it must be maintained regularly.

              Summary: moisture absorbing and breathable, cool and cool, suitable for summer wear, more casual style, less output.

              The cotton, linen, and silk introduced above are all well-known natural fabrics. They have their own advantages. We cannot just deny the advantages of other fabrics because we tout a certain fabric. And in order to improve the shortcomings of the above fabrics, many fabric developers have developed high-quality blended fabrics: such as cotton-spandex blended fabrics, which have added spandex to make them more elastic; cotton-linen blended fabrics combine the softness and coolness of cotton , Improve the characteristics of linen easy to wrinkle, make it more flat.

              The choice of shirt is not only related to Shirt Fabric, but also takes into account the dressing style, occasion and personal shape of the customizer.


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                As we all know, like other industries, the building materials industry is developing in the direction of environmental protection and energy-saving. This puts higher demands on the industry, especially suppliers of construction hardware. What kind of material meets the requirements? After repeated comparisons and references to foreign experience, some experts believe that at present, composite aluminum profiles are one of the best materials for processing environmentally friendly and energy-saving doors and windows. Aluminum Square Grid Ceiling factory shares with you.

                Aluminum Corrugated Ceiling Panel

                The composite aluminum profile is a new type of door and window and curtain wall building material combined with aluminum alloy and polymer thermal insulation material. Through this combination, the center of the aluminum alloy profile forms a heat insulation interlayer, thereby achieving the purpose of heat preservation and energy saving. Doors and windows made of composite aluminum profiles (composite aluminum doors and windows) are replacement products of traditional aluminum alloy windows and plastic steel windows. This kind of door and window has a history of nearly 40 years in the United States, and currently still accounts for more than 85% of the market. However, China is still in its infancy in this field, and its market potential is very large, and it needs to be developed urgently.

                Since 1930, in foreign developed countries, aluminum alloy materials have been the first choice of materials for the door, window and curtain wall systems, and they have an absolute advantage in market share. Later, with the continuous development of the modern aluminum alloy industry, aluminum alloy materials have been widely used as materials for door and window and curtain wall systems. With the deepening of the application, people have learned about aluminum alloy materials and started to gradually accept them. In this way, aluminum alloy doors and windows came out in China in the early 1980s. Because of its unique advantages such as lightweight, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, no low-temperature embrittlement, and easy processing, it has gradually replaced the original steel windows and is favored by consumers. Moreover, the advent of a new generation of heat-insulating aluminum profiles will accelerate the transformation of the profile market.

                Our company provides Aluminum Corrugated Ceiling Panel.


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                  Interior decorates the method to have a lot of, accordingly we should choose suit oneself, decorate the design to have a lot of kinds for instance ceiling, the effect that different kind brings is different, what use most now is aluminum ceiling. What are the types of aluminum ceilings? Below by Aluminum Ceiling Tile factory makeup to give you an introduction. Wood grain Aluminum Baffle Ceiling Types of aluminum ceiling 1. aluminum grille The combination of aluminum grid ceiling is flexible: the combination of aluminum grid and the aluminum frame has the characteristics of unique design and novel modeling after installation. The top of the main bone and the auxiliary bone of the grid ceiling is folded inward to enhance the firmness of the bone strip. The main bone and the auxiliary bone strip can be adjusted on-site to meet the requirements of different sites. The trimmed bone strips can still be used with each other. The port structure of the main bone and the auxiliary bone is exquisite Make the connection of the bone bar seamless. 2. aluminum Fang Tong Aluminum square is generally used in public places with a large number of concealed works, which is convenient for air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation. At the same time, it can make the light evenly distributed, making the whole space spacious and bright. Aluminum square is widely used in subway, high-speed railway station, station, airport, large shopping mall, passage, leisure place, public toilet, building the exterior wall and other open places. Aluminum square pass is a kind of open type long strip hanging board, which is composed of aluminum square pass and separated distance arrangement. The longboard hanging on the keel installation test is adopted, which hides the keel system in the visual degree. The aluminum square ceiling is vertical, coherent and thick, simple and elegant with the style of the times. 3. aluminum buckle plate Aluminum gusset plate ceiling structure is tight and waterproof: the installation structure is windproof special keel snap-type structure, with strong splicing density, no gap at all and strong waterproof; high and deep keel, strong wind resistance: there are fixed module snap teeth on the high and deep keel, and metal ceiling is designed with windproof card code beside each snap tooth for wind resistance, which is suitable for outdoor decoration, high safety, and suitable for outdoor devices It can be flexibly assembled and used to provide designers with a broader space for conception. 4. aluminum hanger The aluminum hanging piece has an open vision, making people's mind incomparably open, ventilated, breathable, clear lines and clear layers. The installation effect of the aluminum hanging piece is simple and clear, which is the style of modern art. The designs and colors of aluminum ceiling are diversified. Woodgrain is the most popular color now, and it is also a highly imitated color of natural flavor so that people can feel the existence of nature in their tiring work. Our company provides Wood grain Aluminum Baffle Ceiling.


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                    Aluminum ceiling tile is the general term for decorative interior roof materials.In the past, straw MATS, reed MATS and wooden boards were used as main materials in traditional dwellings.With the development of science and technology, more and more modern building materials are applied.

                    Choice Of Aluminum Ceiling Tile

                    Aluminum Ceiling Tile

                    Chinese aluminum ceiling tile has excellent surface coating properties.High quality aluminum gusset plate USES high quality coating, by automatic high speed coating line coating, the surface of the plate is smooth, without color difference, coating adhesion is strong, can withstand the erosion of acid, alkali, salt fog, long time does not change color, coating does not fall off, long service life, and maintenance is convenient, only need to wash clean as new. Actually, if choose and design proper, aluminium qualitative ceiling can bring very good result for every space in the home.Aluminum ceilings are lighter and more durable than other materials, such as drywall. The house lived for a long time, may encounter the roof of the problem of water, and in the wet season and place, the roof more because of moisture erosion and cracking and "peeling", and aluminum ceiling tile will not appear these problems.

                    (1) the ceiling of toilet should choose hollow-out pattern

                    Toilet after the installation of the ceiling, space height of the building will reduce a lot (water pipe sealing upstairs in the ceiling above), in the bath, especially in the winter, water vapor spreading around, if the space is very narrow, people will soon feel suffocated, poor health will happen even dangerous, but use the fan to make the air circulation and will no doubt be too cold. .At this moment, the ceiling of hollow out pattern can produce very good effect, it can make vapor does not hinder ground to evaporate upward, because of its thin paper pattern at the same time isolate layer, make the air of fluctuation space produces temperature difference, after vapor rises to the ceiling above, condense water drop very quickly, won't drip fall to fall to fall on the person body again.It can be said to play a double effect.

                    (2) the ceiling of the kitchen should choose flat model

                    One is the leeway that color can choose is much, the kitchen that can make oneself has another kind of glamour, give oneself a good mood.

                    Second, good cleaning, which is also important for the kitchen.Kitchen, can have lampblack problem inevitably, calculate The Times that cook is little, after a year or two also can discover the color of kitchen apparently dim a lot of.When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, the ceiling is a very important part because almost 70 to 80 percent of the smoke will be on the ceiling. If when domestic outfit you chose hollowed-out pattern ceiling, that is equal to cannot clean, because lampblack has infiltrated hollowed-out flower in, but flat ceiling does not exist this problem, use cloth to wipe, brush with brush, can fix very quickly.

                    Aluminum ceiling is a popular decorative material in the current building market, the reason to be able to obtain the unanimous recognition of the market, is because of the flexible advantages of aluminum ceiling can meet the use of demand. Foshan shunde goodwill metal products co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various aluminum products, we provide customized aluminum ceiling tile, if you have any demand for our products, please feel free to contact us.