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Some people may think that the solenoid valve is just a linear drive, but the solenoid valve can be more. They can push and pull, hold and block, rotate, and vibrate. Within this capability, the first and most important question is, "How must the solenoid valve function be used in your application?"

Before you start selecting the specific solenoid valve you may need, you first need to define the performance parameters/standards that best describe your application. The best way to do this is to use the following six steps:

1. Solenoid valve size: You need to determine the available space for the solenoid valve installation-length, width, and height. Please be prepared to understand that the space you allow may not be sufficient to meet the subsequent criteria you define below

2. Need movement direction: Solenoid valve can be designed to push, pull, or rotate movement. You need to define actions that are appropriate for your application.

3. Working stroke (the distance that the electromagnetic plunger/armature must travel): The longer the distance the electromagnetic plunger (armature) must travel, the smaller the force that can be generated. The maximum distance the solenoid armature can travel depends on the size of the solenoid. Smaller / shorter solenoid valves provide shorter strokes (<.25 "), and larger / longer solenoids provide more strokes (<2"). You need to estimate how much mechanical motion is needed to achieve the expected results in the application.

Solenoid Valve

4. Driving force: The driving force is usually defined as the minimum force required for the longest stroke in the application. You need to estimate how much power is required to achieve the expected results in the application.

5. Duty cycle: The duty cycle is the time when the solenoid valve is energized (open) and powered off (off). The duty cycle is usually defined by the following terms: continuous duty cycle (100% on time), intermittent duty cycle (25% on, 75% off), or pulse duty cycle (<10% on time). The first step in determining the duty cycle that an application may require is to estimate how long the solenoid valve must be energized (ON) to perform the required function. From a size point of view, a shorter duty cycle will enable a person to achieve more pull-in force on a longer stroke for a given size solenoid valve, which may help to solve the size limitation in s application.

6. Environmental factors: The two key environmental factors you must determine are:

a. Ambient temperature: The solenoid valve coil generates heat when energized. The hotter the solenoid valve becomes, the lower the driving force it can generate. The upper limit of the operating temperature of the solenoid valve is determined by the insulation system provided by the solenoid valve material. Higher ambient temperatures will allow less coil temperature to rise in certain applications, which will effectively reduce the ability of the solenoid valve to provide the required power. For this reason, you need to define the ambient temperature in which the device you are designing will operate in.

b. Humidity / Moisture / Dust: Solenoid valves must be specially designed to adapt to extreme environments. High humidity/humidity environments require coils to prevent moisture from entering and to protect the exterior of the solenoid valve from corrosion. High dust levels require electromagnetic armature protection to prevent dust intrusion. Unfortunately, when additional environmental protection is required, the cost of the solenoid valve increases. Therefore, it is very important to determine the humidity (moisture) and dust level required by the application so that the most cost-effective solenoid valve design can be selected.

With the above issues, you will enable the solenoid valve manufacturer to help you choose the correct solenoid valve to work.

If a "standard" solenoid valve product does not provide the performance level required by the application, this information will be a good starting point for designing a customized (modified) standard solenoid valve or a fully customized solenoid valve, which will be suitable for The unique requirements of your application.


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    Gas solenoid valve

    The gas solenoid valve is suitable for various ambient temperatures, high temperature, negative pressure, low pressure, high-pressure applications. Applicable fluids include air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, argon, methane, and other gas pipelines. In general, gas solenoid valves are mainly used in medical equipment, rubber and plastic machinery, clothing equipment, drying equipment, and pharmaceutical industry, cooling industry, HVAC industry, electroplating coating industry, food, and beverage industry, vacuum equipment industry, etc.

    The gas solenoid valve has the following characteristics:

    1. The sealing material of the gas solenoid valve can withstand the high temperature of 500 ℃.

    2. The gas solenoid valve body can be cast under a pressure of up to 100Mpa.

    3. The gas solenoid valve coil is made of high-temperature resistant material, which is suitable for the gas pipeline under high ambient temperature. The coil has a long service life.

    4. The gas solenoid valve can use the highest protection level, and the explosion-proof coil can also be used in a complex gas pipeline environment.

    Water Solenoid Valve

    Water solenoid valve

    The water solenoid valve refers to an electromagnetic valve that can automatically or remotely control the opening and closing of a pipeline when the liquid medium is water, hot water, cold water, or sewage. Water solenoid valves are widely used in clean water pipelines in the printing and dyeing industry, rinsing industry, power plants, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, textile industry, food industry, shipbuilding industry, medical industry, environmental protection, city, and other industries. It is mainly used for the complete automatic control of the medium in the water pipeline system, which is an ideal choice for the automatic control of the water pipeline.

    The water solenoid valve has the following characteristics:

    1. The water solenoid valve generally adopts rubber seal, which has little pollution to the working medium, fast switching performance, and high reliability.

    2. In general, the water solenoid valve is not corrosive, so it can be made of cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, and brass.

    3. The water solenoid valve is generally used under normal pressure and temperature and does not need to be explosion-proof.

    The main difference between the gas solenoid valve and water solenoid valve

    Gas solenoid valves usually require a higher protection level and explosion-proof level, higher temperature resistance, and longer service life. If the medium is oxygen, degreasing materials should be used. In contrast, there are simpler requirements for water solenoid valves.

    The above information is provided by the plastic angle solenoid valve supplier.


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      The washing machine has been an inseparable part of our life, now we wash clothes with the washing machine, washing machine water solenoid valve is often damaged, so how to replace the washing machine water solenoid valve? 

      The prepare of replacing solenoid water inlet valve on maytag washer

      Full-automatic Maytag washing machine removing the inlet valve cover shall be in accordance with the following order to 

      washing machine valve

      • (1) taking the two fixed screw on the control panel, launched in the control panel heart clasp for the degree of control panel separately, 

      • (2) remove the cover switch waterproof cover, disconnect the inlet valve and switch of cable fixed inlet valve

      • (3) remove the two screws and remove the inlet valve J 

      • (4) remove the screw fixed switch, the switch will cover from the cover off. 

      Replacement should be carried out in the reverse order to disassembly. It is important to note that due to the relationship between the safety lever and the cover switch back to the safety performance of the washing machine, it must be noted that the brake must be reliably actuated when the cover is open 40 to 90 mm. Cover the top so that the waterproof cover is placed reliably and do not forget to put the sponge back on the inlet.

      washing machine valve

      Washing machine inlet valve working principle

      After putting in the clothes, open the valve of the inlet cock, select the correct water level and working procedure, switch on the power, close the bin door, and close the door safety switch. At this time, the public contact inside the water level switch is connected with the dewatering contact, and the inlet valve is energized to feed water.

      When the water level in the bucket reaches the specified height, under the action of air pressure, the public contact inside the water level switch disconnects the dewatering contact and closes the washing contact. The water inlet valve shuts off and stops the water inlet, and the motor power is connected.

      The motor starts to operate periodically, sometimes turning forward and sometimes reversing, alternating with each other. The wave wheel is driven by the clutch with the same cycle of turning forward and reversing. The wave wheel rotating at a certain speed will drive the water in the bucket and the clothes to form a rotating water flow.

      When the washing process is completed, the drainage solenoid valve is energized, the drainage valve is opened, the water in the barrel is discharged, and the linkage bar also switches the clutch from the washing state to the dewatering state.

      When the drainage is completed, the atmospheric pressure in the bucket drops, the public contact of the water level switch is reset and connected to the dehydration contact, the drainage solenoid valve continues to maintain the energized state, the electric motor is powered to drive the bucket to rotate at high speed and dry the clothes, the washing machine disconnects the water and electricity and stops after the washing process. As for how many times to wash the intermediate process, the length of the laundry time, by the program control.

      washing machine valve

      Washing machine inlet solenoid valve replacement steps

      • 1, first with a small word screwdriver to open the beautiful cover.

      • 2. Then use the cross screwdriver to unscrew the screw. Cross screwdriver with 30~40 cm long more labor-saving and convenient. Some screws are universal with a single screwdriver and a cross screwdriver. The counterclockwise direction is unscrewed. The screw is often very tight, and even when the screw is turned, the wheel will follow, then you can use a foot on the wheel.

      • 3, screw out, pay attention to the connection line of the inlet valve, and the motherboard disconnect, then you can remove the inlet valve, take out the new inlet valve, according to the previous connection line connection position, reconnect with the motherboard.

      • 4. Follow the reverse direction of the above steps to complete the replacement.


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        Path of Exile's latest expansion and challenge alliance Delirium caused a sensation just after its launch. In the Delirium Challenge League, players will encounter hallucinating hallucinations in various areas of the game world. If the player approaches these hallucinations, these hallucinations will release a mist. These mists will flow. Yes, you heard it right. These mists will flow outwards and guide you forward. If you can keep up with it, you will encounter more terrifying enemies when you defeat them You will get a generous reward.

        My job at Grinding Gear is commonly to require a group of game mechanics and rewards and find a story or theme that may unify them. Delirium has been one in all the foremost interesting projects to figure on, because the theme — inexorable, creeping madness — releases lots of possibilities.

        We’ve touched on madness some times throughout Path of Exile’s history. Characters like Niko the Mad (if the name didn’t provide it away) and therefore the antagonists within the Atlas of Worlds have displayed varying degrees of paranoia and delusion. Items just like the sword Innsbury Edge play with the player’s perception of the sport world by causing unusual behavior to occur (Such as your character keeling over dead from seemingly nothing, only to suddenly spring back up… yet leaving your corpse on the bottom at the identical time!). But we’ve never tackled madness on this broad a scale, then intimately tied to the player’s behavior. We’ve also never really used madness as a part of actual gameplay. Usually, it’s just a touch little bit of flavor. We would have liked to make sure that a league centred on madness set itself apart.

        As a visible representation of the results of Delirium, the flowing fog simply looks fantastic. It makes the planet want it’s shifting and obscures the bottom barely enough that {you just} may not make sure if you just saw that enormous, glaring eyeball emerging from the dirt or not.

        It's great to challenge the alliance Delirium, which gives players more interest. The flowing mist and scary monsters encountered in the game have brought great challenges to players. Now please log in to the MMOAH website, it will provide a lot of POE Exalted Orb, these Path of Exile Currency will help you pass this challenge.

        Besides new monsters turning out while you travel through the fog, the monsters that were already there may behave… differently. And by ‘differently’, I mean they'll tear themselves in half and have a terrifying entity emerge and attack you, before retreating back to the first monster’s body. Or even you only imagined it.

        Early on, you’ll hear whispers and phrases as you approach and activate the Delirium mechanic. It’s quite unsettling. But not nearly as unsettling as what you’ll hear later, when the Delirium begins to essentially ensue. You will start hearing voices. And what those voices say won’t always be helpful… or true. It’s up to you, the player, to see what's real, what's madness and what's caught in between.

        Path of Exile's passive tree often suffers from players’vomiting, mainly because the passive tree is too complicated and varies in size. In the past few years, in Path of Exile, as long as players add jewelry, players will be allowed to customize the passive tree. Similarly, Delirium is adding new jewelry, which can not only customize the passive tree, but can also be added to the passive tree. With the step-by-step expansion, you can add more jewelry.

        Although the design of the passive tree has shortcomings, it can still bring a lot of new gameplay to players. Only by adding jewelry can you customize the passive tree. At this time you may need some POE Currency, if you want to buy POE Orbs, please contact MMOAH.


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          As the capital cold to admission MMR is to accomplish victories, alone accomplishment receive to be stepped forward. In accession to acquirements the basics of the game, the beginner take delivery of to accretion out vicinity they excel. Whether you are larger at attacking, advancing and creating moves, or amphitheatre with friends, it's far crucial for the amateur to set their possibilities and attention on their skills.

          The amateur can receive their map options in Arenas. However, it'll not always abatement right into a favorable arena. Therefore, the right is to be accustomed with all the arenas of the recreation. Yield some affable suits to research anniversary acreage blazon and now not be bent off bouncer if a altered amphitheatre is the acreage of one in all your ranked suits.

          Air skills are one of the quite a few difficult techniques to Rocket League Prices adept in Rocket League. Authoritative the flight of cars business enterprise accepting able to amalgamate all-overs and turbos that shoot the car into the air. This accomplishment creates abounding possibilities for abrupt moves adjoin your opponents and can be the cogwheel for your rank. Although one of the hardest locations to apprentice inside the recreation, education this accomplishment can placed you at a college affiliated than your fighters.


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            jasa pembuatan maket creator murah di jakarta

            Copywriting adalah teknik untuk menghasilkan tulisan dan membuat pembaca bisa memberi respon yang diinginkan. Copywriting juga dibuat dengan tujuan membujuk individu atau kelompok agar membeli, menggunakan produk atau jasa, bergabung dalam komunitas yang Anda buat. Penulis copywriting disebut sebagai copywriter. Copywriting juga merupakan hal yang sangat penting dalam bisnis online.

            Terutama karena bisnis online menggunakan media tulisan untuk menghadapi para calon pembeli. Sederhananya menggunakan copywriting untuk bisnis online sama seperti menggunakan salesman agar bisa menarik calon konsumen supaya mau membeli produk barang dan jasa Anda atau bahkan untuk bergabung dalam komunitas yang dimiliki. Hanya saja salesman ini dalam bentuk tulisan.
            Seorang copywriter biasanya akan dikerjakan oleh agensi copywriter, periklanan, atau juga perusahaan hubungan antar masyarakat. Agensi periklanan juga umumnnya akan mempekerjakan seorang copywriter untuk bagian tim kreatif dan bekerja dengan direktur kreatif atau direktur seni. Copywriter juga akan menulis skrip iklan sesuai dengan informasi yang didapatkan dari klien itu sendiri.
            Jika bisnis online tidak menggunakan copywriting, sama dengan Anda membuang waktu dan juga tenaga. Karena kurang pahamnya pebisnis online mengenai copywriting, maka tenaga, biaya, dan waktu jadi terbuang sia-sia. Hal ini dikarenakan pebisnis online mengeluarkan konten atau iklan yang tidak menarik sama sekali. Sehingga copywriting sangat penting untuk bisnis online.


            Meskipun demikian, tidak semua copywriting melakukan pekerjaan yang erat kaitannya dengan periklanan. Ada juga copywriting yang menuliskan konten berita dengan tujuan untuk memberikan informasi pada pembaca. Peran copywriting tujuannya untuk promosi produk dan jasa dan erat kaitannya dengan suatu brand khusus atau perusahaan. Mengetahui deskripsi pekerjaan copywriter memang penting adanya.
            Bekerja sebagai copywriting bukan hal yang mudah dilakukan. Dibutuhkan skill atau juga kemampuan yang khsusu agar bisa menjadi seorang copywriter. Pekerjaan ini juga bisa berkaitan dengan media online, surat kabar, TV, atau bahkan radio. Tentu saja copywriter sebuah media online beda dengan media radio dan TV atau bahkan surat kabar.
            Jika membuat iklan pada media online, maka diperlukan iklan banner dan juga kampanye online. Sehingga seorang copywriter harus yahu bagaimana cara membuat iklan untuk media itu. Seorang copywriter juga dituntut punya tingkat kreatifitas tinggi. Dapat dibilang posisi ini bisa diisi oleh orang yang memang punya bakat dalam kreasi dan ide.

            Terutama jika copywriting yang digunakan untuk bisnis online, maka seorang copywriter harus bisa membuat konten menarik untuk digunakan atau dibeli calon konsumen. Selain itu juga bisa mengarahkan pembeli agar menggunakan produk jada yang ditawarkan dengan cara membuat sebuah iklan. Seorang copywriter umumnya juga akan bekerja sesuai dengan deadline yang ditetapkan.

            Kunjungi juga web lainnya:

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              Epoxidized soya bean oil(esbo) is a chemical product produced by oxidation of soybean Oil. It is a light yellow viscous oily liquid at room temperature. It is a widely used non-toxic plasticizer and stabilizer of PVC.It has excellent thermal stability and light stability, water resistance and oil resistance, and can give products good mechanical strength, weather resistance and electrical properties, and is non-toxic. It is an internationally recognized chemical process additive for food packaging materials.

              Epoxidized soybean oil is a pale yellow viscous viscous oil-like liquid at room temperature. Its solubility in water is less than 0.01 (25℃), and its solubility in water is 0.55% (25°C). It is soluble in organic solvents such as hydrocarbons, ketones, esters and higher alcohols, and slightly soluble in ethanol.The product is one of the most widely used PVC non-toxic plasticizer and stabilizer: good compatibility with PVC resin, low volatility, small mobility.It has excellent thermal stability and light stability, water resistance and oil resistance, and can give products good mechanical strength, weather resistance and electrical properties, and is non-toxic. It is an internationally recognized chemical process additive for food packaging materials.It can be used in all PVC products.Such as all kinds of food packaging materials, medical products, various films, sheets, tubes, refrigerator seals, artificial leather, floor leather, plastic wallpaper, wires and cables and other daily plastic products, can also be used for special inks, paints, coatings, synthetic rubber and liquid composite stabilizer.

              In general, the higher the ESO epoxy value, the better the heat resistance, the lower the price of ESO iodine and the better the compatibility with PVC, the less easy to precipitate!

              Epoxidized Soybean Oil

              Epoxidized Soybean Oil

              Epoxidized soybean oil manufacturers will introduce its characteristics.

              (1) non-toxic

              Comply with FDA food additive regulations "181.27 and 175.300".It has been approved by JHPA PL specification [b.7 (1)] (approved number: j-7059).Especially suitable for food packaging or medical materials.

              (2) low volatility, resistance to extraction and resistance to migration

              The molecular weight of b-22 and b-22d is about 1000, and its volatility is 1/5 of that of DOP, and its solvent resistance is much better than that of DOP.The iodine price of b-22 and b-22d is low, so the migration resistance is good.

              (3) excellent weather resistance and heat resistance

              B-22 is used together with metal stabilizer in PVC products. Synergitism can improve the weather resistance, heat resistance and transparency of PVC resin, and reduce the amount of metal stabilizer and reduce the cost.

              In today's environmental awareness, b-22 and ca-zn stabilizers are pollution-free and non-toxic formulations that can replace cd-ba-zn or lead stabilizers.In the refractory formula, b-22 was added, and the stability was greatly improved.


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                Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has excellent corrosion resistance, flame retardancy and high mechanical properties, but because the PVC structure contains double bonds, branch points and initiator residues, etc., heating to 100 ℃ is accompanied by dehydrochlorination degradation At the processing temperature (170 ° C or higher), the degradation reaction is accelerated and macromolecular cross-linking occurs quickly. Therefore, stabilizers are introduced into PVC formulations. Stability is also called stabilizers. Broadly speaking, all substances added for the purpose of improving the thermal stability of polymers can be called thermal stabilizers.

                Heat stabilizer for pvc is an indispensable stabilizer for PVC processing. It can prevent the degradation of PVC caused by heat and mechanical shearing during the processing, and at the same time make the products stored during the processing It has good long-term weather resistance during use.

                Classification and performance requirements of heat stabilizers

                The ideal PVC heat stabilizer should have the following basic conditions of use (stabilizer selection principles):

                (1) High thermal stability and good light stability.

                (2) Good compatibility with PVC, good swingability, no sublimation, no migration, no frost spray, and it is not easy to be extracted by water, oil and other solvents.

                (3) With proper lubricity, there is no depressurization during the extrusion process and no scaling.

                (4) Does not react with other additives, and is not contaminated by substances such as sulfur and copper.

                (5) It does not reduce the secondary processing properties such as electrical properties and printability of the products.

                (6) Non-toxic, no abnormal smell, no pollution, transparent products can be made.

                (7) Convenient processing and use, low price.

                In fact, a single product stabilizer that fully meets the above conditions does not exist, so it is necessary to combine and select stabilizers according to the purpose. There are many kinds of heat stabilizers used in PVC, and the classification methods are different. PVC heat stabilizer manufacturer introduces to you:

                According to the role played, it can be divided into three categories:

                Main heat stabilizer (lead salts, metal soaps, organic tins, etc.)

                Auxiliary heat stabilizers (epoxy compounds, phosphites, polyols, etc.)

                Pvc Heat Stabilizer

                Pvc Heat Stabilizer

                Compound stabilizer composed of main and auxiliary stabilizers

                1. Main heat stabilizer

                PVC stabilizers mainly include lead salts, fatty acid metal salts, and organic tins.

                1.1 Lead salts include all lead salts except lead soap, and most of them contain lead salts that are lead monoxide (PbO). Lead salt stabilizers are the most commonly used and most effective stabilizers for PVC, but are not suitable for transparent products; lead salt stabilizers have gradually withdrawn from the market in recent years due to their greater toxicity.

                1.2 Mostly salts of metals (barium, cadmium, lead, zinc, calcium, magnesium) of fatty acids (lauric acid, stearic acid, etc.). Its general formula is (RCOO) nM, in addition to its role with HCl, its main role is to replace the active allyl chloride atom. The stabilizing effect of metal soaps is general, transparent, toxic or non-toxic. They are rarely used alone, and are generally used in combination, mainly for soft products.

                1.3 The general formula of organotin is RmSnY4-m (R is an alkyl group, and Y is a group connected to Sn through an oxygen atom or a sulfur atom). According to different Y, organotin stabilizers mainly have the following three types: fatty acid salt type, maleate type and thiolate type. Organic tins have a good stabilizing effect, are suitable for transparent products, and have non-toxic specifications; but their prices are more expensive.

                2. Auxiliary heat stabilizer

                2.1 Epoxy compound

                Epoxy compounds are important auxiliary heat stabilizers for PVC. They can enhance the heat resistance and weather resistance of the main heat stabilizer. It is mainly divided into two types: plasticized and resin.

                The plasticizers are mainly epoxy soybean oil, epoxy linseed oil, epoxy butyl stearate, octyl ester and other epoxy compounds.

                The main resin types are epichlorohydrin bisphenol A epoxy resin.

                2.2 Phosphite compounds

                There are many types of phosphite compounds, including trialkyl phosphite, triaryl ester, mixed alkylaryl ester, trithioalkyl, bisphosphite, and polymerizable phosphite.

                2.3 Organic phosphite compounds

                Organic phosphites are peroxide decomposers. They are widely used as auxiliary antioxidants in polyolefins and synthetic rubbers, and as chelating agents in PVC. When used together with metal stabilizers, it can combine metal ions to prevent the catalytic degradation of metal ions, thereby improving the heat resistance and weather resistance of PVC.

                2.4. Polyol

                Polyol can improve the thermal stability of PVC and improve the color. It is currently believed that the addition of polyol can absorb impurity ions to inhibit its catalytic degradation and electrical conductivity. The main varieties are pentaerythritol, xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol, etc.

                3. Compound heat stabilizer

                There are many types of composite stabilizers in PVC additives, the more common ones are composite calcium and zinc stabilizers, lead salt composite stabilizers, barium cadmium zinc composite stabilizers, organic tin composite stabilizers, etc.

                The advantages of composite heat stabilizer: good compatibility with resin, good transparency, not easy to precipitate, easy to disperse, easy to measure, good processing performance.

                Development trend of PVC material heat stabilizer

                (1) Develop low-toxic and non-toxic varieties

                (2) Vigorously develop organic tin stabilizers

                (3) Actively develop organic auxiliary heat stabilizers

                In short, as people's environmental protection and health awareness are gradually strengthened, heat stabilizers will develop towards low toxicity, pollution-free, compound and efficient.


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                  1. CLICK TO CHAT WHATSAPP

                  Click to Chat for WhatsAppClick to Chat for WhatsApp
                  Plugin WhatsApp chat WordPress terbaik pertama adalah “Click to Chat WhatsApp”. Plugin ini memiliki active installation 100.000 lebih dengan rating skor bintang 4.5.
                  Whatsapp plugin ini mendukung untuk versi mobile dan web, Jadi jika Anda mengakses dengan perangkat mobile maka akan diarahkan ke aplikasi WhatsApp pada smartphone. Sebaliknya jika Anda mengakses chat whatsapp dengan perangkat laptop/computer, Anda akan diarahkan ke WhatsApp Web. Ada beberapa fitur yang dimiliki oleh Click to Chat WhatsApp diantaranya :
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                  2. WHATSAPP ME

                  WhatsApp meWhatsApp me
                  Plugin yang kedua adalah “WhatsApp me” yaitu plugin dari developer Creame. Rating skor dari WhatsApp me ini memiliki bintang 5 dengan unduhan sekitar 50.000 user lebih. Fitur yang ada di WhatsApp me yaitu Anda bisa menambahkan beberapa nomor telp, pop-up untuk menarik pengunjung, custom Call to Action, Custom template pesan, analitic data, button WA design dll.
                  Pada artikel lain kami telah membahas mengenai cara membuat chat WhatsApp di WordPress dengan plugin WordPress WhatsApp me, silahkan dibuka.

                  3. WHATSAPP CHAT

                  WhatsApp ChatWhatsApp Chat
                  Plugin WordPress ketiga nampaknya tidak berbeda jauh dengan plugin kedua, plugin ini memiliki skor rating bintang 5 dengan jumlah unduhan mencapai 50.000 lebih. Untuk fitur yang Anda dapatkan diantaranya ada pesan untuk pengguna khusus, variasi posisi button, sembunyikan button berdasarkan jenis post, tombol dan warna icon WhatsApp, kotak WhatsApp dll. Jika Anda membutuhkan fitur lebih, WhatsApp Chat ini menyediakan fitur premium yang lebih lengkap seperti multi contact WhatsApp dan variasi icon kontak whatsapp yang lebih beragam.

                  4. ADD WHATSAPP BUTTON

                  Add WhatsApp ButtonAdd WhatsApp Button
                  Add WhatsApp button memungkinkan Anda untuk menambahkan icon atau button WhatsApp pada website. Uniknya plugin ini bisa mendeteksi apakah pengunjung yang datang menggunakan device mobile atau computer. Untuk plugin ini jumlah unduhannya belum terlalu banyak, tetapi Anda bisa mencobanya karena dari rating dan review yang dituliskan semuanya bagus.

                  5. CHATY

                  Chaty menjadi plugin terakhir yang kita bahas, Chaty memiliki keunggulan dengan mendukung berbagai aplikasi pesan dan panggilan sepeti WhatsApp, Messenger,Telegram, Email, SMS, Maps, Live Chat dll. Jadi dengan satu plugin Anda bisa memasang berbagai aplikasi chat dan panggilan dalam satu website.
                  Demikianlah pembahasan mengenai rekomendasi plugin WordPress chat terbaik, Untuk rekomendasi plugin jika Anda menginginkan plugin live chat, lebih baik menggunakan plugin WhatsApp me, alasannya karena lebih simpe dan mudah dalam setingnya. Akan tetapi jika Anda lebih membutuhkan banyak aplikasi chat dan panggilan, lebih baik menggunakan plugin WordPress Chaty.

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                    jasa maket creator

                    1.LAYAR MONITOR

                    Seperti yang telah kami bilang sebelumnya, pembahasan mengenai perangkat keluaran tidak melulu mengenai komputer ataupun laptop. Begitu juga halnya dengan layar monitor yang termasuk dalam perangkat output yang paling sering kita jumpai.
                    Jenis-jenis layar monitor adalah CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), Plasma Display, LCD Monitor, dan LED Monitor. Pada umumnya, fungsi dari sebuah monitor adalah untuk menampilkan informasi grafis yang telah diolah sebelumnya oleh perangkat mesin terkait. Keluaran yang dihasilkan bisa berupa gambar, tulisan, hingga video.

                    2.SPEAKER ATAU PENGERAS SUARA

                    Perangkat yag satu ini memang sangat sering kita jumpai di berbagai toko elektronik. Pengeras suara atau speaker termasuk dalam perangkat yang cukup dibutuhkan dan vital keberadaannya. Ada cukup banyak jenis dari pengeras suara, diantaranya adalah :
                    • Sub woofer
                    • Woofer
                    • Midrange
                    • Tweeter
                    • Full range
                    Secara umum, fungsi dari pengeras suara adalah mengubah gelombang listrik menjadi gelombang suara yang bisa didengarkan oleh telinga manusia normal.

                    3.PRINTER ATAU PENCETAK

                    Perangkat output berupa printer mungkin sudah cukup dikenal kalangan masyarakat. Karena memiliki fungsi yang sangat vital, bahkan banyak orang yang membeli perangkat printer untuk keperluan pribadi.
                    Jenis-jenis dari printer cukup banyak, diantaranya adalah :
                    • Printer Dot-Matrix : jenis printer yang mencetak tinta pada kertas dengan cara menorehkan tinta melalui benturan jarum pada panel yang berbentuk pita.
                    • Printer Ink-Jet : jenis printer yang mencetak tinta pada media printing dengan menggunakkan torehan tinta yang diperoleh dari semprotan pada nozzle.
                    • Printer Laser : jenis printer yang menggunakan teknologi laser. Printer yang satu ini akan menorehkan tinta pada media printing dengan cara menghasilkan nodes atau titik-titik.
                    • Printer Thermal : jenis printer yang menghasilkan tinta pada media printing  dengan cara memanaskan roll  karet dengan pemanas elektronik.  Jenis printer thermal biasanya Anda  temui di kasir supermarket.
                    • Printer 3D : jenis printer ini memiliki berbgai kemiripan dengan jenis printer inkjet perbedaannya ada pada jenis plastik yang digunakan untuk mencetak tinta, yaitu plastic molten wax.
                    • Printer Multifungsi : jenis printer yang memiliki berbagai fungsi sekaligus. Berbagai fungsi dari jenis printer ini adalah scanningfaximile printing, dan lain sebagainya.


                    Perangkat keluaran lain yang tidak boleh terlewat adalah LCD Proyektor.  Proyektor memancarkan output pada layar presentasi berupa tampilan grafis. Berbagai jenis LCD yang harus Anda  ketahui adalah :
                    • Proyektor LCD
                    • Proyektor CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)
                    • Digital Proyektor
                    • Proyektor LCOS (perpaduan antara LCD dengan DLP)
                    • Proyektor DLP (Digital Light Processing)

                    5. HEADSET ATAU PERANGKAT JEMALA

                    Anda  mungkin sering mendengar kata “headset”, tapi pernahkah Anda  mendengar bahwa sinonim kata bahasa tersebut adalah “perangkat jemala?”
                    Memang cukup aneh terdengar, namun nyatanya perangkat jemala merupakan saah satu perangkat keluaran yang cukup vital. Fungsi umum dari perangkat keluaran yang satu ini adalah mengubah energi listrik menjadi gelombang suara, hampir sama seperti speaker.

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