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First, the mixed flow pump from the appearance, the structure is between the centrifugal pump and the axial flow pump; Mixed flow pump pumping principle, the high speed rotation of the impeller, both centrifugal pump centrifugal force, and axial pump lift, mixed flow pump by the mixing of these two forces and pumping.

Second, the performance of the mixed flow pump is between the centrifugal pump and axial flow pump mixed flow pump from the appearance, structure is between the centrifugal pump and axial flow pump; Mixed flow pump pumping principle, the high speed rotation of the impeller, both centrifugal pump centrifugal force, and axial pump lift, mixed flow pump by the mixing of these two forces and pumping.

Mixed Flow Pump

Three, the mixed flow pump performance is also between the centrifugal pump and axial flow pump, it and the centrifugal pump comparison, lower head, and flow; It is compared with the axial flow pump, the head is higher, but the flow is smaller. This for China's vast territory, complex terrain, more than a pump according to the local conditions of the selection

Four, the mixed flow pump performance to work parameters to express. Such as flow, head, power, efficiency, speed and so on. At a certain speed, the flow is taken as a variable, that is, if the flow of the pump is changed, the head, power and efficiency of the pump will all change accordingly. The relationship between the changes of the law, the comprehensive drawing into a few curves to express, this is the pump performance curve.

Five, the mixed flow pump performance curve shape is also between the centrifugal pump and axial flow pump, for high head mixed flow pump, its flow and head, flow and power of the relationship between the change law is close to the centrifugal pump, in use, can be used to close the valve to start, then the power is minimum, the safety of the power machine. For low head mixed flow pump, performance parameters between the change rule is close to the axial flow pump, in use, should not be used to close the valve to start, but should open the valve to start, then the power is relatively small, the motor is not easy to be burned.


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    Mid-suction axial-flow pump

    It is mainly applied to the reconstruction of pump station,flood control and drainage,urban flood control pump station,irrigation pump station,amusement park and large flow drainage pump station.

    Use ranges:

    It is mainly applied to the reconstruction of pump station,flood control and drainage,urban flood control pump station,irrigation pump station,amusement park and large flow  drainage pump station.

    Zhonglan Mid-suction axial-flow pump introduction:

    Mid-suction axial-flow pump is a replacement product of traditional split type water pump-motor unit.The pump unit and motor are coaxial integration., The motor driving the water pump is a dry fully closed submersible three-phase asynchronous motor. The submersible pump can be immersed in water for a long time and has good sealing and insulating effects,not only having efficiency of traditional pump unit,but also having the incomparable advantages of energy saving and initial investment reduction compared to the traditional products.

    Zhonglan Axial Flow Pump characteristics:

    (1)The cable adopts the cover type pure red copper,full square special submersible cable,the cable installation protection is done very well.

    (2)Bearings are made of domestic brand “Wafangdian”,the P5 precision grade bearings are two grades higher than the ordinary motor bearings: High precision,long service life,good quiet performance,can bear axial force,large bearing capacity.

    (3)We adopt 3-disc precision bearings to coordinate positioning.

    (4)Our enameled wires are made of 99.999% pure red copper,adopt drawing wrapped insulating paint by sino-Japanese joint venture construction period,magnetic permeability is 15% higher than domestic process.

    (5)The whole structure of our motor adopts YE3 high-efficiency and energy-saving motor technology,which saves 15% energy and power compared with ordinary Y2 series.

    (6)the impeller is made of stainless steel 304 ( pls inform us in advance when ordering)

    Performance parameters:

    (1)Water head range1-20m(according to the designed water head range)

    (2)Water flow 18.5KW~~300kw,means 300m3/h~~15000m3/h (according to the site water intake and designed displacement and product quantity)

    (3)Motor rated power  18.5KW~~300KW(designed value)

    (4)Rated voltage grads  380V/660V high voltage should be customized(voltage)

    Ordering instruction:

    1.the accurate product model,performance parameters(water flow,water head range,motor power,blade mounting angle) and operating voltage shoould be indicated in the contract.  2.the control cabinet should indicate the starting manner(direct start,self-coupling step-down start,soft start, variable frequency starting,etc.),liquid level control manner (float level,pressure transformer digital display level),installation manner(indoor ,outdoor).  3.if a terminal box is needed,pls indicate if it is a control type or a linear type.  4. The normal supply length of the submersible cross-flow pump cable is 8meters,if you have special requirement,pls specify.  5.if there is other special requirements,pls contact our technique department.

    Why choose us?  3 advantages:

    1.quick delivery! Stock products can be shipped quickly;

    2.Reliable quality! Manufacturing the pump many years, have a number of new and old customers;

    3.Competitive price! Manufacturers supply directly without middlemen.


    If you want to know more related products, please click here.  



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      Due to the factors of environment and the time when the stainless steel submersible pump works, some problems will occur inevitably.In order to improve its work efficiency,we must find out the reasons and eliminate the problem of the stainless steel submersible pump in time.

      There is instability and abnormal oscillation during stainless steel submersible pump working

      The main reasons and the solutions for abnormal oscillation and instability of the stainless steel submersible pump:

      1,The anchor bolt of the pump is not tightened or loose.(tighten all the anchor bolts evenly)

      2,No independent support was added to the pipeline outlet,and the pipeline oscillation affected the water pump. (provide independent and stable support for the water outlet pipe to prevent the water outlet flange of the pump from bearing the load)

      3,The impeller quality is unbalanced or even damaged or device is loose.(repair or change the impeller)

      4, The upper or down bearing of the pump is damaged(change the upper or down bearings)

      Stainless steel submersible pump runs without water or lack of flow:

      The main reasons and the solutions of stainless steel submersible pump running without water or lack of flow:

      1, The pump device is too high, which makes the impeller submerged depth is not enough, resulting in a drop in water output. (the allowable deviation of the standard height of the control pump device should not be expanded at will.)

      2, The pump rotates the other way. (before the pump test,let the motor run idle and check the steering to make it with the pump)

      3, The outlet valve can not be opened. (check the valve,and always protect it.)

      4, The outlet pipeline is not smooth or the impeller is blocked. (clear the obstructions in pipes and impellers, and often salvage sundries in pool .)

      5, The wearing ring of the lower end of the pump is badly wore or blocked by obstructions. (change the wearing ring of the end of the pump, clear the obstructions)

      6, Pumping liquid density is too high or viscosity is too high. (reequip the matching pumps)

      7, The impeller is falling or damaged.(reequip or change the impeller)

      8,When multiple pumps share output pipeline,no one-way valve or the sealing of one-way valve is not good.(equip the one-way valve,change the sealing of the one-way valve)

      The stainless steel submersible pump is not rotating when turning it on

      The main reasons why the stainless steel submersible pump can not be turned on and the solutions:

      1, The power switch and plug do not touch well(repair or change the switch or plug)

      2,Control line was burn down securely(change securely)

      3,Main circuit was burned down(change securely)

      4,The capacitor of two-phase stainless steel submersible pump is burned out.(change the capacitor)

      5, Three-phase stainless steel submersible pump lacks phase (connect the circuit that breaks the phase)

      Stainless steel submersible pump


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                  think they changed their layout recently, I can't figure out either...right now i'm using romulation or frozen-roms. However I'd like to know how to use now too...used to use it all the time. A very reliable source for roms. If someone knows, please answer.



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                    Soybean sauce storage tank

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