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Many users are curious. Does the American box substation need maintenance? How long is its service life? What should happen when using? In fact, after using the American box transformer device, it basically does not need to be maintained, but due to various reasons, the maintenance work of the box transformer is indispensable. Outdoor power substation supplier shares with you.

Due to the technical problems of the outer surface treatment of the shell, it should be strengthened to check its corrosion status;

The oil filled in the oil tank of American box-type substations is usually FR3 insulating oil, and its ignition point can reach 312 ℃, and it has good electrothermal characteristics, high insulation strength, good smoothness, strong arc extinction, non-toxic, and can stop biosynthesis Therefore, the harm to the environment and health is reduced to a greater extent. FR3 insulating oil does not form precipitates like traditional mineral oil, and the domestic  American-style tanks are mostly filled with 25 # ordinary mineral oil.

Prefabricated Substation

In addition, under normal conditions, the upper part of the tank of the American-style box-type substation is filled with inert gas to prevent the moisture in the air from communicating with the oil. The domestic American-style tank transformer ZGS-100kva may not have been stopped by this enterprise. After a long time, the performance of the oil will be reduced. In addition, its sealing performance cannot reach 7 Psig requests, so the oil must be changed regularly.

American tank without oil temperature maintenance, as long as a thermometer to show the oil temperature, when the oil temperature is too high, rely on the plug fuse to stop the maintenance, there is a pressure release valve to release too much pressure in the tank. Therefore, you should always check whether the fuse can operate normally under these two conditions, and whether the case can leak oil.

Since the oil tank of the American tank is exposed to the outside, patrols should be frequently stopped to avoid oil leakage due to damage caused by external forces.

Our company provides prefabricated substation.


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    In the transformer operation. Exceeding the currency specified on the nameplate means overload operation. Under normal circumstances, long-term overload operation is not allowed. A transformer overload operation will increase the temperature. The main factor that determines the service life of the transformer is the degree of aging of the insulation, and temperature plays a decisive role in the aging of the insulation. The results of the study prove that when the temperature during the insulation work increases by 8 ° C, its life will be reduced by half. The oil transformer supplier shares with you.

    In the case of actual operation. A load of most transformers is not always stable, and the load changes every day and night and every season. The insulation aging is smaller than the rated load during the period when the load is small, therefore, overload is allowed for a part of the time without affecting the service life of the transformer, that is to say. On the premise of not damaging the winding insulation and not reducing the life, the transformer can be overloaded during peak load in normal operation and winter. The allowable overload value should be determined according to the load curve of the transformer, the temperature of the surrounding cooling medium, and how much load the transformer has been carrying before the overload.

    Three Phase Power Transformer

    Transformers have their own fixed capacity, and overload occurs when the power load exceeds this capacity.

    The transformer capacity is fixed, and the primary and secondary voltages are also fixed. Then, the rated current of the primary and secondary sides is the maximum current that the transformer can carry. As the load increases, the primary and secondary currents will increase accordingly. When the current value exceeds the rated current, it is overloaded.

    For example, a 10kv / 400v transformer with a capacity of 1000KVA, the rated current of its primary and secondary sides are: 58A, 1440A

    When the secondary current exceeds 1440, the primary current must also exceed 58 at this time. Then it is overloaded.

    When the transformer exceeds the rated current and the temperature rises slowly, it is called overload. Such as 400KVA transformer. The secondary current is 600A. If your equipment runs to 650-700A, then it is overloaded. In fact, the 600A transformer is very full. Normal transformers work at 60-75% of the rated load is the best operating state.

    Our company provides three-phase power transformer.


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      The iron core is the basic component of the power transformer, which is composed of the iron core lamination, insulating parts, and iron core structural parts. The core body is composed of a magnetic steel strip with very high permeability. In order for different windings to induce a voltage proportional to the number of turns, the magnetic flux of the two windings is required to be equal, which requires a very high permeability in the winding For the core made of high material, try to make all the magnetic flux linked with two windings in the core, and make the magnetic flux linked with only one winding as little as possible.

      In order to reduce the excitation current, the iron core is made into a closed magnetic circuit, and the iron core is the skeleton of the installed coil, which is an extremely important component for the electromagnetic performance, mechanical strength and transformer noise of the transformer.

      The core laminations are formed by stacking or winding electrical magnetic steel belts. The core structural parts are mainly composed of clips, feet, braces, draw straps, pull screws and press nails. The structural parts ensure that the laminations are fully clamped to form a complete and firm core structure. There are insulating parts between the laminations and the clips, the feet, the supporting plates, the pull straps, and the pull plates. The core lamination leads the ground lead to the clamp or to the outside through the fuel tank to reliably ground, the core does not allow the existence of multi-point grounding. The lower clamp of the large transformer core is positioned by the positioning nails of the mailbox, and the positioning parts on the upper part of the core are coordinated with the fuel tank for positioning.

      Three-Phase Power Transformers

      In order to reduce the no-load loss and no-load current of the transformer, besides the core is made of cold-rolled electrical magnetic steel strip with high permeability grain orientation, a series of measures are taken correspondingly in the structure, and the core is bound by oblique joints without holes In order to adapt to the directionality of cold-rolled oriented magnetic steel sheet and the use of symmetrical magnetic core structure.

      The part of the core that is covered by the winding becomes the core post, and the other part that is not surrounded by the winding and forms the closed path of the magnetic flux becomes the iron yoke. The space defined by the core post and the iron yoke is the core window, and the size of the core window is related to the number and cross-sectional area of the winding.

      Transformer cores are generally divided into two categories, namely shell cores, and core cores. Each type of iron core is divided into two types: stacked iron core and rolled iron core. Among them, the sheet-shaped electrical steel strips are stacked one by one to become a stacked core; the wound core is continuously wound with a ribbon-shaped material in a suitable shape mold on a winding machine. In addition, there is a double-frame iron core, that is, a large and small frame structure, but now because of the use of high-quality cold-rolled electrical magnetic steel strips, the width of the steel strip can already meet the requirements of the width of the core and the iron yoke, so the double frame (small and large frame) is rarely used. In addition, there are new double-frame and multi-frame structures, such as single-phase double-frame and three-phase four-frame structures.

      If divided according to the number of phases of the transformer, the cores of single-phase transformers are collectively called single-phase cores, and the cores of three-phase power transformers are collectively called three-phase cores; they can also be classified according to the number of columns and frames of the transformer core.


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        wedge anchor is a type of specialty fastener used to attach objects to concrete or masonry structures. They may be used to secure a piece of artwork to a brick wall, hang ductwork or plumbing pipes from a ceiling, or bolt an item into the floor. Wedge anchors may also be known as anchor bolts or expansion bolts in some areas.

        wedge anchor

        The standard wedge anchor consists of two components that are joined together by the manufacturer. A standard metal bolt makes up the base of the wedge anchor, and is surrounded by a metal or thermoplastic sleeve. Once an installer inserts the bolt into a masonry wall or floor, the base of the anchor slides up inside the sleeve. A rounded or conical tip on the end of the base forces the walls of the sleeve out to the side, where they grip the interior of the concrete or stone wall to form a secure hold.

        Installers must select each wedge anchor carefully based on a number of factors. They must consider the load the anchor will need to support, as well as the composition and condition of the surface where it will be installed. Crumbling concrete and older walls, for example, require a more heavy-duty wedge anchor than new walls. Everything from the length, thickness, and material of the anchor bolt can impact the security of the installation. While standard steel works in most applications, galvanized or stainless steel may be required in areas subject to frequent moisture or chemical exposure.

        Before installing a wedge anchor, contractors must drill a hole that’s slightly longer than the anchor itself. This requires a hammer drill or other tool designed for drilling masonry. The stone or concrete surface must be completely clean and free of debris prior to installation. This includes removing any loose concrete and vacuuming or blowing away dust.

        Next, the entire unit must be inserted into the pre-drilled hole and pounded in place using a hammer or mallet. Once the face of the wedge anchor sits flush with the surrounding surface, installers use a drill or screwdriver to turn the base of the anchor. As the base turns and draws up inside the sleeve, the walls of the sleeve wedge themselves against the walls of the hole. Heavy-duty applications require installers to use a torque wrench to ensure that the anchor has been installed correctly, and that sufficient force has been applied to ensure the finished project will be safe.



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          Beast Kingdom is currently launching a product that is a product in the Dynamic 8ction Heroes series that has been developing. There are many characters in World of Warcraft, and this time it is the Ranger General Srivanas Windrunner. She will have 24 articulated points to attain a sensible recreation of her in game character. As if she came right out of World of Warcraft, she is going to feature a true fabric outfit and realistic styled hair that's made up of a woolen material. The Beast Kingdom team put lots of your time and energy to undertake and obtain every detail correct with Sylvanas from her look to her coloring. Her cloak is additionally fabricated from cloth and can feature an inner wire with a large range of poses to recreate. On top of the amazing design and sculpt, she is going to also include five pairs of interchangeable hands and Slyvanas longbow with three arrows. This is often one figure that dedicated fans of World of Warcraft won't want to miss. The WOW Classic Gold is a unified currency in World of Warcraft. It can be used to exchange almost all items such as the WOW Classic Gold For Sale. It is generally used to go to the black market to bid for some out of print, rare, card mount toy pets. The goal of MMOWTS is to create a higher quality and safer global game player service platform for all customers in the WOW series, where you can buy WOW Classic Gold or other items you want. She had no control over her own destiny as nearly as her whole existence was within the service of others. She joined the rangers and rose to the amount of Ranger-General of Silvermoon. She has experienced three deaths and suffered many betrayals by underlings. She is on their own and wanting to reunite together with her sister, but lack of understanding and hostility forced her to become cold-bloodedly decisive, determined, and ruthless. However, she contributed most to the full of Azeroth that the title of 'queen' is suitable for her and well-deserved. She is Sylvanas!" "Beast Kingdom's D.A.H. series (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) presents a brand new 1/9 scale highly movable action figure: the classic World of Warcraft character Sylvanas Windrunner. so as to recreate Sylvanas realistically and permit the sport to unfold before your eyes, this figure has twenty-four movable joints, comes with real fabric outfits, and her hair is formed of woolen material. The clothing design uses a meticulous coloring method to breed Sylvanas' appearance within the game. The cloak is formed of fabric with an inner wire enabling collectors to administer a large range of poses for the figure. additionally, the accessories include five pairs of interchangeable hands and Sylvanas' longbow plus three arrows to supply collectors with a better level of playability and recreate your favorite scene within the game. Serious fans of World of Warcraft shouldn't pass up such a classic item! Add it to your collection now!" MMOWTS can guarantee that all orders can be delivered within 10 minutes. On the basis of satisfying all stocks and reliable suppliers, the prices of all commodities are indeed reasonable, attentive service and prompt delivery. The order to reserve Sylvanas Windrunner Dynamic 8ction heroes in World of Warcraft is not yet valid. However, its pricing can be extrapolated based on previous data. There are many collections released with it, but I think Sylvanas will be more popular. World of Warcraft has been released for more than ten years. Not only has it not fallen into a downturn but it has become more and more popular, there are still a lot of loyal fans. Many of these players will not want to miss the opportunity to play against Sylvanas and improve their level and collection. From now on, we accept all quick orders for Vanilla WOW Gold, and then click "Buy Now", please don't hesitate, otherwise you will miss it. If you want to buy classic World of Warcraft gold, MMOWTS is a trusted website.


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            Wedge anchor product features

            1. The closed packaging of the glass tube is convenient for visual inspection of the quality of the tube agent, and the glass acts as fine aggregate after crushing.

            2. Resistant to acid and alkali, heat, fire and low temperature sensitivity.

            3. No expansion extrusion stress on the substrate, suitable for heavy load and various vibration loads.

            4. The installation spacing and margin requirements are small.

            5. Fast installation and quick curing without affecting construction progress.

            6. Wide construction temperature range.

            wedge anchor
            Wedge anchor application

            1. It is suitable for heavy loads to be fixed on near margins and narrow components (pillars, balconies, etc.).

            2. Can be used in concrete.

            3. Applicable to the following anchors: reinforced steel, metal components, trailers, machine base plates, road guardrails, formwork fixation, soundproof wall footing fixation, street sign fixation, sleeper fixation, floor edge protection, heavy-duty support beams, roof decoration Components, windows, safety nets, heavy lifts, floor supports, fixing of construction supports, through transmission systems, fixing of sleepers, fixing of supports and shelf systems, collision avoidance facilities, car trailers, pillars, chimneys, heavy billboards, heavy Acoustic walls, heavy door fixation, complete equipment fixation, tower crane fixation, pipeline fixation, heavy trailers, rail fixation, nail plate connection, heavy space divider, shelves, awning fixation.

            4. It is suitable for fixing the base plate with small wheelbase and multiple anchor points.

            Specification model

            German system: M6 M8 M10 M12 M14 M16 M18 M20 M22 M24 M30

            Surface treatment

            Blue and white zinc

            Material: Carbon Steel



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              Low-cis-cis-butadiene rubber was first developed by Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in 1955 and was put into production in 1961. The catalyst was butyl lithium; medium-cis-cis-butadiene rubber was first developed by the American Phillips Petroleum Company (1956) and was put into production by American Synthetic Rubber Company in 1960. The catalyst is titanium tetraiodide-trialkyl aluminium; high cis-butadiene rubber is available in cobalt series (monochlorodialkyl aluminium-cobalt salt) and nickel series ( Nickel naphthenate-trialkyl aluminium-boron trifluoride diethyl ether complex) catalyst for production. The cobalt-based catalyst was developed and put into production by Montecatini, Italy (1963), while the nickel-based catalyst was industrialized in 1965 by the Japanese Synthetic Rubber Company using Hashiishi Tire's technology. At present, there are 15 countries including China, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, the Soviet Union, and the Federal Republic of Germany, producing nearly 20 varieties of cis-butadiene rubber. In 1980, the world's annual output has exceeded 1.8 Mt, and its total output is second only to styrene-butadiene rubber, ranking second in synthetic rubber. Our company provides quality industrial rubber sheets.

              In 1963, Chinese scientists Ouyang Jun and Shen Zhiquan first discovered rare-earth complex catalysts. In the 1970s, Jinzhou Petrochemical Company and the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted research and development of rare-earth oil-filled butadiene rubber and conducted scale-up tests on a 1,000-ton pilot plant with success. Afterwards, the two units cooperated to design a 10,000-ton industrial production. However, due to various constraints, the industrial production of rare earth rubber has not continued. With the development of the national economy, the tire industry has put higher and higher requirements on the variety and quality of synthetic rubber. The overloading and high-speed driving of automobiles require the tire compound to have higher strength, better wear resistance and flexibility, and lower heat generation. In addition, the improvement of the road surface and the development of highways also have more stringent requirements on the resistance of the tire rubber to wet skid, environmental protection and energy-saving. It is hoped that the tire rubber will have lower rolling resistance, which is beyond the reach of nickel rubber. To this end, some countries have carried out the research and development of rare-earth butadiene rubber on the basis of drawing on our country's technology. In 1988, the Italian company Eni and the German company Bayer successively realized the industrial production of rare earth butadiene rubber, and quickly pushed the product to the world, forming a production capacity of 6 brands and 100,000 tons. Rare earth cis-butadiene rubber has been widely used in the sidewalls and treads of original car tires, and its excellent performance has attracted worldwide attention.
              The above information is provided by rubber floor mat anti-slip factory.


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                The production process of cis-butadiene rubber includes preparation and metering of catalyst, terminator and antioxidant, butadiene polymerization, glue coagulation and dehydration and drying of rubber. Almost all of its polymerization adopts continuous solution polymerization process. Most of the polymerization devices use 3 to 5 kettles in series, and the single kettle volume is 12 to 50 m. Rubber floor mat anti-slip factory shares with you.

                The solvent used and the product obtained vary with the catalyst. ① Butyl lithium is used as a catalyst to produce butadiene rubber, and cyclohexane (or hexane) is mostly used as a solvent. This polymerization system has high catalytic activity, simple process, and easy control of reaction; but the resulting cis-butadiene rubber has low cis 1,4 content, narrow molecular weight distribution, and is not easy to process. The physical properties of vulcanized butadiene rubber are generally poor. Only mixed with polystyrene resin as modified resin. ②When producing cis-butadiene rubber with titanium or cobalt catalyst system, benzene or toluene is generally used as the solvent to produce cis-butadiene rubber with a high content of cis 1,4, and the physical properties of vulcanized rubber are similar. The molecular weight distribution is narrow, the cold flow tendency is large, and the processing performance is not as good as cobalt and nickel cis-butadiene rubber. ③Using nickel-based catalysts to produce cis-butadiene rubber, aromatic hydrocarbons (such as benzene or toluene) and aliphatic hydrocarbons (such as cyclohexane, hexane, heptane or hydrofining gasoline) can be used as polymerization solvents and can obtain high molecular weight and high Cis-cis-butadiene rubber, the technology of producing cis-butadiene rubber by using nickel naphthenate-triisobutylaluminum-boron trifluoride etherate complex as the catalyst and the residual oil as the solvent (main technical method of producing rubber in China) China began research in 1959 and built a 10,000-ton production plant in 1971 and put it into production. ④ There are still three new types of catalysts: rare earth catalysts (such as rare earth naphthenate-monochlorodiethylaluminum-triisobutylaluminum), π-allyl nickel chloride catalysts [such as (π-C3H5NiCl) 2-four Chloroquinone] and halogenated π-allyl uranium catalyst [such as (π-C3H5) 3UCl-AlRCl2, where R is ethyl] can produce high cis (96% ~ 99%) butadiene rubber, Moreover, the activity and physical properties of the obtained vulcanizates are also good, but due to the late development, they have not reached the level of industrial production by the mid-1980s.
                Butadiene rubber can be vulcanized by the traditional sulfur vulcanization process. Its processing performance is similar to that of general rubber, except that the mixing speed is slow and the roller is slightly removed during mixing.
                Our company provides smooth surface rubber sheet.


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                  The mixing characteristics of different types of butadiene rubber are also different, and the mixing characteristics of high-type butadiene rubber are also better, including better rolling property and dispersion, the temperature of the roll during the smelting should be lower than that of natural rubber, with an ideal temperature of 40~50℃. Medium cis requires lower temperature, low cis butadiene rubber because it can not crystallize processing performance is better, butadiene rubber sulfur dosage is lower than other diene rubber, which should be sulfur in butadiene rubber migration faster, easy to produce spray phenomenon. Butadiene rubber should be mainly mixed with two sections. The process and physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber can be improved obviously by two-stage mixing. Such as using a mixed rubber conveyor belt cover plasticity is 0.33, using two mixings is 0.38, when the plasticity is 0.2 ~ 0.25, can produce roll-off phenomenon, with prepared two pieces of rubber, it also improved the tensile strength of vulcanized rubber. The softener should join after carbon black dispersion, which can improve the tensile strength of the vulcanizates and stretching stress, first in the mixer mixing butadiene rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber, then add the other ingredients, and can not obviously improve and rubber vulcanizates performance, if the raw rubber and carbon black into the at the same time, and then add softener, stretch stress and tensile strength can be improved. Our company provides industrial rubber flooring sheeting.

                  1. The mixing
                  Cis-rich butadiene rubber should be cold flow property, appropriate USES two method, roll WenYi low (40 ~ 50 ℃) from the appropriate is small, the first section of the first to add raw rubber, zinc oxide and anti-ager, cutter, mix and BoTong, then add a third of carbon black, stearic acid and oil, relaxing roller spacing and left in the carbon black, cutter, refined evenly, finally a slice of parking, the second section of the roller WenYi again below 40 ℃, first, add a gel, the cutter was mixed. Add sulfur, and after all, are mixed, the cutter will be thin. 
                  2. The mixer
                  It is suitable for soft open smelting, especially for mixing at high temperatures. Feeding capacity should be 10~ 15% larger than natural rubber.
                  (1) traditional mixing method. A. For general mixing, the debonding temperature should be controlled at 140 ~ 150 ℃. The feeding sequence is raw rubber → stearic acid → oxidant → antioxidant → carbon black (twice) → softener. It can also use the inverted method, its debinding temperature is 10 ~ 20 ℃ lower than the down roller method, which can save 40% of the refining time. The order is carbon black → softener → small medicine (including sulfur and accelerator) → carbon black → butylbenzene Rubber, butadiene rubber. B. Two-stage mixing, same as general two-stage mixing.
                  This mixing method can improve the performance of butadiene rubber and other rubber when used together. The method is to increase the content ratio of all components (including butadiene rubber) in the first mixing stage. Compared with the traditional mixing method, the viscosity of the rubber can be increased by 3~4 units, the tensile strength of vulcanized rubber can be increased by 2.5~ 3.0mpa, and the elongation can be increased by 70~ 100%, and the tear strength can be increased by 15kN/m.
                  The above information is provided by industrial rubber sheets manufacturers.


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                    Tầm quan trọng của sức khỏe quý giá đến mức nào thì ai cũng biết, cũng nghĩ đến nhưng làm sao để có được điều đó thì không phải ai cũng thực hiện được. Chế độ ăn uống  khoa học điều độ: Ông tổ của ngành y Hippocrates cũng đã từng nói “Hãy để thức ăn là thuốc của bạn”, không có loại thuốc nào quý giá và hữu hiệu bằng việc bạn lựa chọn cẩn thận, thông minh  những loại thực phẩm mà bạn và gia đình tiêu thụ hàng ngày. Tinh thần luôn lạc quan vui vẻ: Chúng ta không nên chủ quan những tác dụng vượt bậc mà những niềm vui về mặt tinh thần mang lại cho sức khỏe. Khi bạn lạc quan, vui vẻ, suy nghĩ tích cực, cơ thể chúng ta sẽ tiết ra những hormone tốt cho sức khỏe, thậm chí những hormone được tiết ra khi bạn hạnh phúc còn có thể hỗ trợ tích cực trong việc điều trị bệnh. Khám sức khỏe định kỳ 6 tháng một lần: Việc khám sức khỏe định kỳ sẽ cho bạn biết được tình trạng cơ thể của mình đang ở mức độ nào để từ đó có phương pháp điều trị đúng đắn. Có rất nhiều trường hợp bệnh nhân khi phát hiện bệnh đã quá muộn. Vậy nên, dù không có bệnh nhưng bạn hãy thường xuyên khám định kỳ để đảm bảo cơ thể bạn luôn khỏe mạnh. Hạn chế sử dụng các chất kích thích: Không nên sử dụng rượu, bia, quá mức, chỉ nên uống có chừng mực. Thuốc lá cũng nên hạn chế, hoặc nếu chưa dùng bao giờ thì bạn cũng không nên tập hút thuốc. Bởi những chất kích thích này sẽ là nguồn nuôi dưỡng các bệnh tật trong người nhiều hơn. Tập thể dục đều đặn, ngủ nghỉ đúng giờ: Bạn cần tập thể dục thường xuyên, đều đặn ít nhất mỗi ngày 30 phút vào buổi sáng hoặc trước khi đi ngủ. Nếu bạn chăm chỉ luyện tập thể dục, thể thao vận động thường xuyên, vóc dáng của bạn không chỉ được cải thiện mà não bộ và các hormone trong cơ thể còn được kích thích để hoạt động tối ưu, tăng cường sức khỏe. Có rất nhiều hình thức tập thể dục như: Chạy bộ, bơi, đạp xe đạp…Uống nước ion kiềm giàu hydro hàng ngày: Nước ion kiềm giàu hydro có các đặc tính vô cùng quý giá đối với sức khỏe là: giàu hydro hòa tan – chống oxy hóa cực mạnh, giàu tính kiềm tự nhiên – cân bằng môi trường axit kiềm, giàu vi khoáng – cung cấp vi khoáng cho cơ thể, phân tử nước siêu nhỏ – thải độc, thanh lọc cơ thể hiệu quả. 

                     Sức khỏe quan trọng như thế nào? Với những câu hỏi này, chúng ra chỉ biết trả lời rằng: Sức khỏe là tài sản vô giá nhất của con người mà ngay cả vàng, bạc châu báu không thể mua được. Chính vì thế, ngay từ hôm nay bạn và gia đình hãy quan tâm đến sức khỏe nhiều hơn để mỗi ngày trôi qua là một ngày vui có ý nghĩa tích cực với cuộc sống của bạn…

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