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    Mamafood - Cửa hàng quà tặng, thực phẩm dinh dưỡng, dịch vụ nước uống, đặc sản. Chuyên cung cấp giỏ quà tết, hộp quà tết và các dịch vụ tết như in hộp tết, gói quà tết chất lượng và uy tín

    Địa chỉ: 133 Nguyễn Hồng Đào, P.14, Q.Tân Bình, TP.HCM

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      Use the valve test bed to test the valve pressure and leakage

      Valve test medium, generally normal temperature water, important valves can use kerosene. Safety valve constant pressure test, can use nitrogen more stable gas, also can use steam or air instead. For diaphragm valves, test with air. Pressure and leakage tests must be conducted by valve test bed before installation, whether new or repaired valves are used.

      Valve pressure test means body strength test. Valve leakage test, refers to the sealing surface tightness test, these two tests are to check the main performance of the valve.

      Following picturer is Xinjiang a valve maintenance unit inverted double pressure valve test bed debugging site


      Field debugging of valve test bed

      Use the valve test bench to test the valve pressure and leakage three steps:

      1, open the valve access, fill the valve cavity with water (or kerosene), and increase the pressure to the pressure required by the strength test, check whether the valve body, valve cover, gasket, packing has leakage.

      2, close the valve road, pressurize one side of the valve to nominal pressure, check whether there is leakage from the other side.

      3, turn valve upside down and test on opposite side.

      (1) Nominal test pressure of valve is from 0.4mpa to 32Mpa. For these commonly used pressure valves, the test pressure of valve strength is 1.5 times of its nominal pressure. Valve seal test pressure, equal to 1.1 times of nominal pressure.

      (2)Valve test method valve pressure test leakage, in the valve test bench. The structure of the valve grinder, which has a pressing part above and a pipeline connecting with the pressure test pump below. After the valve is pressed tight, the pressure test pump works. From the pressure gauge of the pressure test pump, you can read the pressure of the valve. Valve test pressure filled with water, to the valve air exhaust. Test table upper pressure plate, with vent, with small valve open and close. A sign of clean air is that all that comes out of the vent is water. After the vent is closed, the pressure increases. The boost process should be slow, not sharp. After reaching the specified pressure, hold it for 3 minutes, the pressure will not become qualified.


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        Abrasive of the valve grinder is a mixture of abrasive, dispersant (also known as abrasive fluid) and auxiliary materials. Abrasive is used for grinding and polishing, and the abrasive particles are free when used. Because the dispersant and the auxiliary material composition and the coordination proportion are different, the abrasive has the liquid, the paste and the solid 3 kinds. Liquid abrasive can be used directly without dilution. Paste is often called grinding paste, can be used directly or add grinding fluid after the use of dilution, oil dilution called oil soluble grinding paste; Water - soluble grinding paste. Solid abrasive (grinding soap) at room temperature is lumped, can be used directly or after adding the dilution of grinding liquid. The abrasive in the abrasive plays the cutting role, the commonly used abrasive has the corundum, the silicon carbide, the boron carbide and the artificial diamond and so on. Soft abrasives, such as iron oxide, chromium oxide and cerium oxide, are also used for grinding and polishing.

        Types of abrasive materials:

        Alumina. Alumina, also known as corundum, has a high hardness and is widely used for grinding cast iron, copper, steel, stainless steel and other materials.

        Silicon carbide (SiC). Silicon carbide has green and black, its hardness is higher than alumina. Green silicon oxide is suitable for grinding hard alloy, black silicon oxide is suitable for grinding brittle material and soft material workpiece, such as cast iron, brass, etc.

        Horizontal Type SYTW400/3.5-32 Valve Pressure Test Bench

        Boron carbide (B4C). The hardness is second only to diamond powder and harder than silicon carbide, which is mainly used to replace diamond powder to grind hard alloy and grind hard chromium plated surface.

        Chromium oxide (Cr2O3). Chromium oxide for valve pressure test bench is a hard and very fine abrasive which is often used to polish and polish hardened steel.

        Iron oxide. Iron oxide is also a very fine abrasive, but the hardness and grinding effect are worse than chromium oxide, the same use as chromium oxide.

        Diamond powder. That is, crystalline carbon, it is the hardest abrasive, better cutting performance, especially suitable for grinding hard alloy.

        Note: the abrasive particle size of the sealing surface is generally 120#~240#. W40~14 in fine grinding.

        Modulation of abrasive, usually into the abrasive directly add kerosene and oil, with 1/3 of the kerosene and 2/3 of the oil and abrasive blend into the abrasive agent is suitable for rough grinding; With 2/3 of the kerosene and 1/3 of the oil and abrasive blend into the abrasive agent can be used for fine grinding, when the grinding hardness of the workpiece, the use of the abrasive agent effect is not ideal, can use three parts of abrasive plus a heating lard to reconcile up, after cooling to form paste, use some kerosene or gasoline to adjust evenly.


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          The working principle and product characteristics of one-way valve are briefly described by valve testing bench supplier.

          What is the working principle of one-way valve, do you know it, what are the characteristics of one-way valve products, the following we do a simple description for everyone, look at the working reasons and characteristics of one-way valve.

          Understand the specification of instrument valve production and specification use to a more comprehensive introduction card sets of nipple, copper card sleeve joint, steel card sleeve joint, card sets, instrument valve 4, through the middle joint ladder type bridge 1, instrument, instrument valve valve, instrument valve 3, SF - 2 b integration three valve group, and other products, we will continue to publish relevant knowledge, help you to understand more information.

          What is the working principle of the one-way valve, do you know it, what are the characteristics of the one-way valve products, the following we do a simple description for you, look at the one-way valve work reasons and characteristics.

          PG Series Bi-semi-ring Pipe Beveling and Cutting Machine

          One-way valve is the flow of airflow can only flow in one direction and can not reverse the direction of the control valve. Its working principle is the same as hydraulic one-way valve. The compressed air of the circulation fan enters from port P, overcomes the spring force and friction force to open the one-way valve port, and the compressed air flows from P to A; When there is no compressed air at port P, under the action of spring force and residual air at port A (cavity); The valve port is in A closed state, blocking air flow from A to P.

          One-way valve is applied to the occasions where airflow is not allowed to reverse flow, such as the air compressor to air tank when filling, between the air compressor and the air tank set a one-way valve, when the air compressor stops working, can prevent the compressed air in the air tank back to the air compressor. One-way valve is often combined with throttle valve, sequence valve into one-way throttle valve, one-way sequence valve.

          That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply pipe beveling and cutting machine for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.


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            maintaining a business is one of the troublesome assignment, there are numerous individuals who maintain their business effectively and gain benefit through it, business is worried of different offices and areas, the accomplishment of business is relies upon how they fuse every one of these segments, we all think about HR administrations, bookkeeping and so on, yet there are different segments likewise like buying of column materials, finance, and so forth, the cost must be in every case not exactly the benefit, at that point just the business will be achievement, the examination shows that 20% of the business bomb before complete one money related year, the absence of business the board is one of the purpose for it. Presently it is the hour of programming and everyone utilizes the product, 












































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              Beauty is every ones concern and people ready to do anything to maintain their beauty, our grandparents use natural remedies to keep their beauty, we all know that our nature is the best blessing we have, the solution for every skin problems can be made from our nature itself, our planet is rich with many herbals and medicinal plants, many of which can be used for improving our beauty, for example like hair growth, skin tone, hand and body care etc, now everyone is busy, and people become lazy, and only use ready to use items, that is why the demand of skin care products in market increasing day by day, if we use tradition skin care remedies, each medicinal plant is converted to skin care products through different process, now there are certain oils available in market,preparing oil in home is very difficult and so all are buying products from market, now cleanser, massage oils, hair oils etc are available in market and there are number of brands famous for beauty care products, but some of the products contains chemicals in that it may have side effects, the presence of chemicals lead to damage in the area which we use that product. 



































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                Top torrent sites currently include old favorites like the pirate bay and the most popular torrent sites like RARBG, 1337X, 123Movies, Yesmovies, Putlocker, and Movierulz.

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