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Ultrasonic facial beauty device mainly based on two principles: one is the use of ultrasound to cavitation of liquids; the other is the use of ultrasound probes to directly affect the biological effects of human skin. 

The principle of cavitation is that the liquid generally contains a lot of submicroscopic bubbles. Under the action of ultrasonic mechanical vibration, as the dissolved gas in the liquid around the bubbles precipitates out to the bubbles, these bubbles will gradually expand. When the bubble grows to the length of the ultrasonic wave, the bubble is equivalent to the resonant cavity, and its resonance amplitude can be several orders of magnitude larger than the amplitude of the incident ultrasonic wave. Through the action of "cavitation bubble", it can cause biological effect ultrasonic wave.

The probe is to directly apply ultra-high frequency mechanical vibration to the human skin to produce biological effects. In summary, it is mainly due to its three major effects on the body, namely mechanical action, warming action and physical and chemical action.

Ultrasonic Facial Beauty Device

The ultrasonic effect has the mechanical effects of enhancing tissue penetration, improving cell metabolism, promoting blood circulation, softening hard tissues, etc. The treatment of skin problems such as plaques and scleroderma is better than mechanical massage. Under high-frequency mechanical vibration, the blood circulation of the body is strong, and the excitability of nerves and muscles is reduced, which can produce good analgesic and antispasmodic effects, accelerate cell metabolism, promote tissue pH changes, and increase cell membrane permeability. It is the main performance of ultrasonic physical and chemical effects.

In addition, ultrasound promotes the transdermal penetration of substances. It is one of the widely used beauty techniques. When various problems occur on the skin, certain nutrition and drugs are often required to adjust. However, due to the relationship between the composition of the nutrients and the skin structure , Its absorption will be affected to varying degrees. If we make full use of the diffusion of ultrasound and tissue penetration, so that the corresponding nutrients or drugs can penetrate the body through the skin or mucous membrane, it will greatly increase the therapeutic effect, because ultrasound has good plant essence or small molecule compounds The absorption promotion effect.

The above information is provided by skin care tool supplier


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    Đèn Duhal là một thiết bị chiếu sáng rất phổ biến trên thị trường. Tuy nhiên, không phải tất cả người dùng đều biết những ưu điểm và nhược điểm của sản phẩm.

    Đèn led Duhal có thể tiết kiệm năng lượng so với các loại đèn truyền thống khác, đèn duhal giảm thiểu chi phí điện hàng tháng cho người dùng. Tuổi thọ của đèn duhal có thể lên tới 50.000 giờ. Hiệu quả chiếu sáng của đèn Duhal cao hơn các loại bóng đèn khác. Các sản phẩm dẫn đầu của Duhal như như về đèn nhà xưởng duhal, đèn pha led duhal, đèn tuýp led duhal được trang bị chip dẫn chất lượng. Trong quá trình phát sáng, đèn Duhal không tạo ra tia UV và UR có hại cho sức khỏe.

    Các chỉ số về chỉ số hoàn màu, chỉ số chống chói đều đáp ứng mức tiêu chuẩn cho bóng đèn Duhal. Các đèn LED duhal được chia thành các dòng sản phẩm khác nhau bao gồm đèn trần led, đèn led nhà máy, đèn pha led, đèn led ống, đèn led ốp trần, đèn led panel, bóng đèn led, máng đèn led.

    Ứng dụng:

    Chiếu sáng nhà cửa, căn hộ và căn hộ
    Chiếu sáng văn phòng và
    bệnh viện Chiếu sáng bệnh viện, trường học, trung tâm thương mại
    Chiếu sáng nhà hàng và khách sạn Chiếu
    sáng khu công nghiệp, bãi đỗ xe, nhà kho, nhà máy
    Độ tản nhiệt của đèn LED Duhal thấp hơn đèn thông thường như đèn sợi đốt, nhỏ gọn , Vân vân. Do đó, các bộ phận chip LED, linh kiện điện tử nhỏ bên trong ít bị hư hỏng do nhiệt độ cao.

    Đèn led duhal được nghiên cứu và sản xuất theo tiêu chuẩn IEC60598, các vật liệu nhựa để sản xuất đèn được làm từ chất chống cháy polycarbonate an toàn cho người dùng. Hơn nữa, các thành phần đèn được làm từ vật liệu chất lượng cao, hoặc được làm từ chất bán dẫn nên chúng ít có khả năng bị hư hỏng do tác động nhẹ.

    Bóng đèn Duhal không gây hại cho mắt và thân thiện với môi trường, đặc biệt loại đèn này có màng chống bức xạ nên ánh sáng của nó không gây hại cho mắt.



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      POE manufacturer GGG has already prepared for this to ensure that players can still have fun in the game. But the phenomenon behind this is the dilemma that the game team is working hard to develop and break away from the creative team day and night. Originally players were very much looking forward to the launch of the new season of POE in June. According to reliable news, players may complete better tasks in the new season's POE to get more POE Currency.

      General expansions and patches in the game are still going according to original plan. However, GGG has to shift the center of gravity to the most important POE, so the development speed of games like Risk of Rain 2 will be limited.

      The developers of the game team have tentatively released the expansion of the game on the 24th of next month to calm down some players who complain about it. But at present, players may not be sure whether they can complete the original plan before this time. In short, players hope that the game team can release high-quality content that will satisfy them.

      In fact, the advent of COVID-19 may make the development of POE better. Because many people had to isolate at home and it helped the growth of POE players. This is where game services such as Steam and video streaming platform Twitch originated. Under the current influence, the game team found that the number of online games on many platforms has broken the record thanks to the people who are idle at home to join the game.

      Developers view these current problems of Path of Exile as challenges with optimism. They assure POE's loyal fans that they will continue to launch the same high-quality challenge content as before. Since the number of players is growing so fast, their demand for POE Orbs and Path of Exile Currency and POE Items will definitely be greater. Many newly joined friends do not know what method to use to Buy POE Currency to save the most money. They can find answers from the most reliable agents. POE is waiting for more curious people to join!


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        GFSJ Hammer Grinder

        fruit grinder machine

        1. Main application

        GFSJ series pulverizer is used to grind the raw material into fine powder. It meets the requirements of GMP Standard. It is a kind of pulverizer to make fine powder from big-size material. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, powder metallurgy, cosmetic industry, dying stuff industry, etc.

        2. Working Principle of dates grinding machine

        The machine is used to grind the big-size material into small granule or fine powder. The material is fed on is used to mix several kinds of raw material into even mixture. There are two rotary shafts: positive one and negative one. The positive shaft is driven by the shaft connector, which is connected to the reducer. Meantime, the negative shaft rotates accordingly. As one part, the hoop and the drum, which are connected together by the belts, are fixed on the shafts. When the shafts rotates, the hoop and the drum will move in cycles to mix the inside materials together.  


        (1) The machine mainly consists of transmission system, the hoop, the material drum and the base. The transmission system includes the motor, the reducer, the shaft contactor, and the positive and negative shafts. The drum is fixed on the hoop, angled with the horizontal line. This ensures the even mixing effect.       

        (2) The drum is fixed on the hoop and it can be taken off easily from the hoop. So normally, one or two drums are prepared for changing.

        (3) The advantage of the dates powder making machine: compact structure, easy operation, easy cleaning, beautiful appearance, small holding area, etc.  


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          liquid nitrogen crusher

          1.moringa leaf grinder GENERAL INTRODUCTION

          This machinery is mainly applicable for the pharmacy, the chemical industry, metallurgy industry, and the foodstuff industry, etc. It specially grinds the hard and solid materials including the plastic, copper wires, discarded type and so on. It also can be used as the corollary equipment for fine grinding process.

          It is an ideal equipment for rough crushing with high efficiency and overcomes some abuses of the vertical machine, such as the locked moving cutter, the left material in the shell, the low efficiency, etc.


          The coarse crusher for the horizontal crushing structure, the material from the hopper into the crushing chamber, the use of rotating knife and fixed knife impact, shear and get crushed by the rotation of the centrifugal force, the material automatically flow to the exit. Powdered icing sugar grinding machine is designed according to the "GMP" standard. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. The structure is simple, the cleaning is convenient and the noise is low. It is the most ideal equipment in the roughing machine.

          3.STRUCTURAL PRINCIPLE OF Hammer Pulse Dust Collector grinding machine

          The machine adopts horizontal structure, the spindle is supported by two rolling bearing, and installed with two movable frame, each movable frame total installed with 3 moving knives. bearing the lateral have transmission in cabinet are installed in the fixed knife 4. Therefore the dynamic knife with 6 to 4 the fixed knife material shear strength, to smash purposes. In bearing the lateral have drive pulley, there are 4 fixed knives in the cabinet, therefore the materials is effectively grinding by the 6 moving knife and 4 fixed knife , to achieve crushing purposes.


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            At present, there are more and more patients with joint replacement (total knee surface replacement, unicondylar replacement, hinged knee replacement, total hip replacement), and the survival time of joint replacement includes patient factors, doctor factors and prosthetic factors. Joint prosthesis manufacturer shares with you.

            In 2019, Boyer Bertrand and other scholars published a report in Orthopaedics & Traumatology: Surgery & Research. They analyzed 63619 joint replacements, including 30733 total hip replacements, 28583 total knee surface replacements, 3754 unicondylar replacements, and 649 hinge knee replacements, with an average follow-up of 5 years. The patient factors included age, gender, body mass index (BMI), diabetes, and body weight. What are their meaningful discoveries?

            1. Factors affecting the survival time of total hip replacement prosthesis (with revision as the end point)

            (1) Factors affecting overall renovation: age, gender, diabetes, weight

            (2) Factors affecting the revision of infectious loosening: age, diabetes,

            (3) Factors affecting the revision of aseptic loosening: age, gender, diabetes, weight

            Joint Prosthesis

            2. Factors affecting the survival time of total knee surface replacement prosthesis (with revision as the end point)

            (1) Factors affecting overall renovation: age

            (2) Factors affecting the revision of infectious loosening: age and gender, but attention should be paid to the potential impact of diabetes (P = 0.0682)

            (3) Factors affecting the repair of aseptic looseness: age

            3. Factors affecting the survival time of knee unicondylar replacement prosthesis (with revision as the end point)

            (1) Factors affecting overall renovation: gender

            (2) Factors affecting infectious loosening leading to revision: age, gender

            (3) Factors affecting the repair of aseptic looseness: age, gender

            4. Factors affecting the survival time of hinged knee replacement prosthesis (with revision as the end point)

            (1) Factors affecting the overall renovation: none have any impact, but attention should be paid to the potential impact of gender (P = 0.0593)

            (2) Factors affecting the repair of aseptic looseness: age, gender

            To sum up

            Gender, age and diabetes affect the survival time of lower limb joint replacement prosthesis, while BMI has no effect, but bodyweight affects the survival time of total hip replacement prosthesis. Therefore, we should explain to the patients before the operation; in addition, when we do the survival study of joint replacement prosthesis, we need to describe the gender, age, and diabetes status in detail to avoid the incomparability of the patient base.


              vidno vsem

              Whether the limbs are the same length after surgery is a question that people pay more attention to after hip replacement.

              Everyone already has a more perceptual understanding of the joint prosthesis from various channels, but the word "modular" should not be known by many friends.

              The development of prosthesis assembly is mainly reflected in the femoral stem. In the 1970s and 1980s, the one-piece femoral stem was mostly used, and there was no link to disassemble, which meant that the angle and length could not be fine-tuned.

              Later, the femoral stalk with head and neck connection emerged, which is also the most widely used design today. Some people call it a single assembly design. Its main advantage is to adjust the length of the limbs by controlling the depth at which the femoral stalk neck is inserted into the ball head. So sometimes it looks like the neck of the prosthesis on both sides is not the same length.

              Joint Prosthesis

              In some cases where the deformity is heavy or there is abnormal development, this single-assembly design cannot reconstruct the hip joint well.

              Therefore, the dual-assembly design came into being. In addition to being adjustable at the head-neck junction, it can also be adjusted at the neck-body junction, but studies have shown that the clinical effect of this design is not significantly better than the single-assembly design, and The ability to deal with complex deformities is limited, so it is not widely used.

              At present, we are accustomed to referring to the femoral stem with only the head and neck as an integrated femoral stem.

              The special prosthesis mentioned in the explanation of the patient's condition is the current assembly prosthesis. Its assembly structure enriches the adjustment of the prosthesis in terms of limb length, angle and muscle tension. Applied to hip joint diseases with complex deformity, abnormal bone torsion, and high dislocation of the femoral head.

              On the side of the acetabular cup, the principle of placement is to make as much contact with the bone as possible. In most cases, it will be placed in the same nest as the femoral head.

              When the socket is relatively shallow and cannot cover the acetabular cup, especially the dysplastic acetabulum, we will choose to move the acetabular cup up. So the two sides are asymmetric at first glance, giving the impression that the limbs are not equal in length.

              But is this really the case? Obviously not, the prosthesis's compatibility is to compensate each other and cancel each other out. It's shorter here, and it will be done if there is some growth there.

              The above information is provided by joint prosthesis manufacturer.


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                Elderly people are at high risk of falling and may cause hip fractures. They fell because they lost their coordination. Hip joint system prosthesis supplier shares with you.

                There are many risk factors for hip fractures, including:

                Osteoporosis: This disease causes the bones to weaken, making them more likely to fracture. In the United States, an estimated 10 million people already have osteoporosis, 80% of whom are women. In this population, hip fractures may occur during simple weight-bearing activities.

                Double Tapered Stem Prosthesis

                Gender: As estrogen levels decrease after menopause begins, women are more likely to lose bone density than men.

                Heredity: People with thin bones; Caucasians and Asians have an increased risk of osteoporosis.

                Nutrition: Malnutrition in childhood increases the risk of hip fracture. Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia can damage bones.

                Smoking and drinking: Smoking and drinking too much can cause bone loss.

                Drug therapy: Taking four or more drugs at a time or taking any psychoactive drugs is a risk factor for falls.

                Home environment: Throwing carpets and wires at random is a danger of tripping, as is the lack of stair railings and handrails, as well as unstable furniture and poor lighting.

                Medical diseases: The following diseases may increase the risk of hip fracture through bone loss or an increased risk of falls: endocrine disorders, such as type 1 diabetes; gastrointestinal diseases; rheumatoid diseases; prolonged bed rest or mobility impairment; neurological diseases, For example, Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis; dementia; and depression.

                Our company provides double tapered stem prosthesis.


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                  • IDN Live  Data HK  memiliki berbagai permainan

                  1 putaran Sicbo

                  Anda dapat menggunakan 3 file baru di awal tahun server ketiga, tetapi Anda dapat menggunakan memori pengguna untuk mengunduh 3 halaman, dan Anda dapat menggunakan manual selama 3 tahun untuk mengunduhnya. 

                  jadi initnya permaianan ini hanya menunggu hasil dari pengocokan dadu ini, angka yang keluar berarti angka hasil.

                  2. Roda roulette 

                  Permainan Roulette Pool adalah permainan menebak angka dari angka 0 hibgga angka 36. Dengan berharap bola juga akan berhenti ke tempat taruhan yang telah dipasang.

                   Bundaran lanei Casino pertama. Permainan Roulette ini mejadi permainan yang banyak digemari sebab permainan yang mudah dan juga kekalahan dan kemenganya memiliki nilai yang seimbang, sekiranya kita bermainya dengan keseimbangan akan lebih mudah didapat kemengan.

                  3.Dice 6 Pool

                  Dadu 6 Pool yaitu game dadu online yang bisa sangat menarik sekali lebih menarik dibandingkan dengan game dadu yang lain. Langkah- langkah bermain Dice 6 Pool juga bisa di bilang sangat mudah sekali karena kitaa cukup menebak angka yang akan keluar dari dadu yang di mainkan oleh dealler.

                  Anda dapat mengunduh game di komputer Anda, mengunduh versi Android, dan menggunakan aplikasi IDNPlay untuk mengunduh pemasangan. Anda dapat mengunduh melalui ios.

                  4.Oglok Pool

                  Permainan oglok pool adalah permainan menebak keluaran dari tiga buah dadu di mana pada setiap-setiap komponent dadu itu ada gambar udang, ayam, kendi, koin, kepiting, serta ikan.

                   ke-3 dadu ini di masuk dalam satu wadah lalu di kocok hingga dadu dadu itu bertukar gambar jika kita berhasil menebak gambar yang di tunjukkan oleh dadu dadu itu saat dibuka jadi kita bisa mendapatkan kemenangan.

                  Permainan ini sangat mudah sekali karena kita hanya menaruhkan Keberuntungan di permainan ini agar kita tidak perlu berpikir terlalu berat untuk permainan yang satu ini.

                  5.Billyard Pool

                  IDNLive Billiard Pool adalah cara yang sangat populer untuk bermain bilyar, dan ada sistem media yang memungkinkan Anda bermain roulette online secara online. Satu-satunya cara untuk membebaskan mereka adalah tetap. Karna Anda hanya perlu menebak angka bilyar mana yang paling dekat dengan komponent meja billard dari Pemukul.  

                  Sesudah itu Anda dapat melakukan taruhan dengan koleksi jenis yang disediakan seperti taruhan besar-kecil, terka angka dan tebak baris yang dapat Anda mainkan melalui satu akun Anda.

                  Permainan ini juga melatih keberlanjutan dan tidak perlu banyak membahas takti atau cara bermain yang menguras otak.

                  6. Pool Dadu Poker

                  Permainan Poker Dice Pool adalah permainan kasino tipe 2 judi pilihan adalah permainan Poker dan Dadu, hingga permainan ini dibuat populer serta dibeli oleh masyarakat luas di Indonesia.

                   Untuk pertama kalinya, Anda akan dapat memainkan game ini, Anda tidak akan bisa bermain poker, Anda tidak akan bisa bermain poker. Dadu yang dimakan terbagi dalam 5 buah dan memiliki 3 buah warna merah dan 2 warna hitam.

                  Jika Anda tidak ingin menggunakan ID Karta Anda Langsung, jika Anda tidak ingin pergi ke IDN Live, maka Anda akan bisa mendapatkan banyak bantuan dari IDN Live Anda.

                   Semoga yang saya jelaskan barusan bisa menambah ilmu kita tentang permainan yang ada di IDN Live, saya ucapkan terima kasih.

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                    League of Legends has several difficult elements when it comes to power up the champions and working on those strategies that can beat opponents. But, it is easy to understand the main goal to beat the opposition's Nexus. Many League of Legends Gambling matches contains a single round in which the winner's team only needs to destroy the opponent's Nexus once.