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This portal offers all its content in a very systematic way. Here we can find the torrents in different categories, in addition to the usual search engine in this type of webs. But it is not the only function that it offers us. Keep reading and discover what the characteristics of this portal that can serve as an alternative to websites (some already closed) such as Elitetorrent, ExtraTorrent, or Kickass Torrents are:

  • Find content grouped by categories: movies, television series, music, videogames, software, adult content.
  • Explore the news section.
  • Register as a user and save your settings for use.
  • Access previews of the content through images before downloading.

About Rarbg

With a simple download method and high-quality content, downloading any torrent is completely free. All the positive things that are known about RARBG make it one of the favorite torrent sites all over the world. It is already known that finding a high-quality torrent site is not an easy task, RARBG, as well as the other RARBG proxy sites, have quickly become the favorite destination of all users who wish to have high-quality content.

To access the content of the site from anywhere and at any time use a RARBG proxy or a RARBG mirror. Let’s examine these two options below.


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    The word chai latte and chai have been popular around the world. In many parts of the world, the word chai is associated with lovely spicy beverage drinks while in countries like India and China, it is simply tea.

    In India, it is also referred to as masala chai or Indian spicy tea. For many years chai has been adored for health benefits in Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine.

    The Chai latte is known widely for its unique flavor, blend of spices and herbs and various health benefits. Chai latte made from a blend of black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, honey, ground cloves, peppercorn, spices, and milk.

    The chai helps to make you stay active, protects heart health, boost the immune system, reduces pains and aches. Now let us look at some essential and important health benefits of Chai Latte.

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      Does Lipozene Work And Is It Safe?

      Are You Considering Weight Loss With Lipozene? The reviews for the product make it look like the pill is a dump if you're trying to lose weight. But sometimes customer reviews don't tell the whole story.

      For example, is Lipozene safe? And does Lipozene work without changing your diet and reducing calories? It is important to consider the dangers, costs, and efficacy of lipozene compared to other typical weight loss products before making a final decision.

      Lipozene review

      The lipozene website contains references to clinical studies. But they do not provide any details on how the research was conducted or where it was published for evaluation by experts in the field. They claim: "Overweight people in the active group, and all people in the first study, lost an average of at least 4.93 pounds more than the placebo." They continue to say that "78% of every pound lost was pure body fat."

      That statement sounds impressive, but as a consumer, you don't know how long it took people to lose that weight or how body fat was measured. Maybe it took a month, or a year or even five years to lose weight. More importantly, you don't know what people have to do to lose weight. Perhaps the lipozene group   had exercise and reduced calories and the placebo group did not.

      Because the research was not published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, there is no way to know if the study would resist scrutiny.

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        A Recruitment Software or Applicant Tracking System can provide multiple benefits to the company. Among them, we have the following:

        • Job boards posting
        • Application process
        • Resume storage and tagging
        • Resume parsing and screening
        • Semantic search and match
        • Interview scheduling
        • Candidate testing
        • Ecological advantage by decreasing the use of paper.
        • Multichannel dissemination of job offers.
        • Identification of the best professional profiles.
        • Reduction of costs that may involve the dissemination of job offers.
        • The loyalty of candidates.
        • Ease of communication between the recruitment team.
        • Computerized and updated management of all CVs received.
        • Promotion of a talent retention strategy.
        • Creation of a pool of talents.
        • Time savings by reducing hiring times.

        These are just some of the benefits offered by this type of tool. Let's look closely at 3 of the most important to understand their importance better when recruiting candidates.

        1. Time saving

        The most common is that the selection process has a fundamental condition of urgency. It may not be the case: because the process is dedicated to vacancies of strategic type or with a view to the future. In spite of everything, it is beneficial for an organization to shorten them as much as possible over time.

        An  ATS tool  provides all the information gathered from candidates in a quick-access system:

        1. It provides filtering tools to make the selection more agile.

        2. It allows identification of the ideal candidate much faster.

        3. The processes tend to automate.

        4. Waste of time is avoided in tasks that were previously done manually and that required a lot of time

        ATS systems perform their functions in a manner similar to Internet search engines. Their algorithms base the results offered on the number of times a certain word is repeated.

        2. Ease of communication

        Regardless of whether your organization has a large Human Resources department or simply a small group of collaborators; A Candidate Tracking System is essential to support communication between team members.

        The collaborative platform feature offered by some recruiting software will assist collaboration among recruiters. Thanks to this resource, it will not be necessary to print all the relevant CVs and schedule a meeting, as the members involved can work as a team directly on the platform where all the relevant data is centralized. Some tools even have a scoring system, shared comments, and direct messages; to accelerate decision making.

        3. GDPR compliance

        ATS type tools are produced from the design to adapt to the new General Data Protection Regulation at the European level:

        · Providing security

        · Respecting privacy laws.

        · Maintaining a high level of trust.

        Resorting to the implementation of ATS is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to design selection processes. In this way, hiring the ideal person for a job will be much more reliable.

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          The latest report on the global Applicant Tracking System Market added by Value Market Research presents evidence-based information and covers all the market details such as the current technology trends, market opportunity analysis, and competitive landscape. The report also covers regional market share, size along with market drivers and restraints for the forecast period of 2019–2025. Further, this research report also delivers information associated with the latest developments by major players with their respective market share in the market.

          The rising demand for cost-efficient hiring tools is driving the market growth. The emergence of social media platforms is fueling the market growth. However, complexity in the handling process with privacy concerns regarding the database may hinder the market growth. Rising preference towards a cloud-based tracking system is again boosting the market growth. Also, reliability issues such as rejection of suitable candidates may negatively impact the market penetration of the applicant tracking system.

          This detailed market study is centered on the data obtained from multiple sources and is analyzed using numerous tools including porter’s five forces analysis, market attractiveness analysis, and value chain analysis. These tools are employed to gain insights into the potential value of the market facilitating the business strategists with the latest growth opportunities. Additionally, these tools also provide a detailed analysis of each application/product segment in the global market of the applicant tracking system.

          The broad applicant tracking system market has been sub-grouped into component, deployment, organization and vertical. The report studies these subsets with respect to the geographical segmentation. The strategists can gain detailed insight and devise appropriate strategies to target a specific market. This detail will lead to a focused approach leading to the identification of better opportunities.

          Furthermore, the report comprises the geographical segmentation, which mainly focuses on current and forecast demand for an applicant tracking system in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. The report further focuses on demand for individual application segments in all the regions.

          The report also covers detailed competitive landscape including company profiles of key players operating in the global market. The key players in the applicant tracking system market include ADP, Wisestep, Greenhouse Software, Icims, Jobvite, Paycor, Peoplefluent, SAP and Silkroad Technology among others.

          An in-depth view of the competitive outlook includes future capacities, key mergers & acquisitions, financial overview, partnerships, collaborations, new product launches, new product developments and other developments with information in terms of H.Q.

          For more information, go for a Free Demo and get your pricing today.


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            od Kelly Leon - četrtek, 16. januar 2020, 13:44
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            Most recruiters use applicant tracking systems to track applicants.

            An application tracking system is also known as ATS is a software application that facilitates electronic dealing for the recruitment of a company.

            The key advantage of software in an organization is that they help to collect and store job-related data about the candidate.

            The progress of candidates throughout the hiring process is monitored with ATS. The system takes responsibility for filtering applications in an automatic manner depending on the criteria formulated based on keywords, skills, experience, former employers, etc.

            You can try Wisestep extension, By using wisestep you can make more time for revenue-generating tasks like speaking to clients and candidates and leaving the candidate data capture to the Wisestep browser extension.

            Extension Features

            - Automatically extracts all information from a candidate's job board profile when you view it in your chrome browser

            - Organizes the candidate's information and makes the profiles searchable for later use, with one click

            - Works with major job boards: Dice USA, Monster (USA, UK, Poland, Germany, India), CareerBuilder USA, Techfetch, CWjobs UK, JobServe UK, Naukri India

            - Works with LinkedIn

            - Gives you best-in-class candidate data privacy controls with unmatched flexibility

            - It helps you get better value for money for your paid job board profile views that expire after a certain amount of time.

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              A recent market survey shows that by the end of the year 2017 there will be 102 billion mobile app users and downloads. And as a business owner, you might take these numbers as proof enough to start your iOS or Android app development firm. But before you actually begin the process you should ask yourself a few questions or take a self-test that will help you get through this task.process you should ask yourself a few questions or take self-analysis test that will help you get through this task.

              Mobile App Developer in Dubai  -  Given below are the questions that you need to ask yourself:

              1. Would your business offerings fit into a mobile app design?

              Several B2C businesses have found success in Android application development especially in the eCommerce domain. This super success has surged in other industry verticals as well. Even so, it's imperative to evaluate and evaluate the mobile experience. It can be a great challenge to build a mobile app using experience & design for enterprise operating in niche sectors.development especially and the eCommerce domain. This super success has surged in other industry verticals as well. Even so, it's imperative to evaluate and evaluate the mobile experience. It can be a great challenge to build a mobile app using experience & design for enterprise operating in niche sectors. built a right mobile app utilizing experience & design for enterprise operating in niche sectors.

              2. How are you going to acquire customers?

              Motivating customers to download your app on their devices can be difficult - irrespective of whether it is a paid or free app download. Considering the various user acquisition channels suited to your area of ​​operation will surely help you have a great stronghold. When doing so, measuring the lifetime value of your app against basic parameters such as cost per install (CPI) is important as well.

              3. Will your app really solve a problem?

              Be sure to identify the issues faced by the app users. Point out all those charts and eliminate them as soon as possible. Your app can only succeed when you hire the services of the best Android App Developers who will help you locate these issues and rectify them. If you are a business that wants to stay connected with customers and be available to meet their needs at any hour of the day, then you most likely need an app.

              4. How aware are you of your customers' preferences?

              Before you actually launch your app, take a step back and put yourself in the customer's shoes. You should think from the customer's point of view. Be sure to have a clear idea of ​​why users would like to download and use your app. Also, check out if the app directly solves the problem for customers. Properly evaluate the benefits of a paid versus a free app. Keep the user preferences in mind all through your app building process and develop something that is not only useful but also innovative.

              5. Do you have the right mobile app development team to fuel your dream?

              A single developer cannot build a creative app, you will need a team who can accomplish this task and can give you positive results. The iOS app development team consists of front-end and back-end developers, UX designers, and QA engineers. Usually, large firms have all the resources to fund the requirements of such a big team. So if you are not in the big league yet, outsourcing your app development will serve as an affordable option.


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                Flyer printing services play an important role when it appears to your businesses. Appeared one within the cheapest furthermore one in the most ways to promoteand prospects regarding your goods or service. However, there a couple of things build flyer printing most more good information

                Bad or missing call to action - A phone call to action is a key element in the commercial flyer. Without that invitation to do something readers will miss the point ofyour flyer. So check your layout and just determine complex unit have a high quality and convincing call to action. Without it, your flyers might be not fit for massflyer printing yet somehow.

                A cost-effective way of promoting the events of the club can guaranteed your use of flyers. Involved with lightweight, easy to handout and is able to be producedmassively.

                ciick here:

                Tip #2 Know Who Your Competition Is: Another area most business owners lack within just. You have to realize that your not since it is game interested in townin the form of selling, every little thing. Take a look at what the other guy is doing, and then also put your personal spin on it, make yourself unique, you'll beable to find those customers that want to get your particular type of product. Use your uniqueness in relation to your flyers. A lot easier them more effective.

                Direct Mail Marketing - This amongst the important technique you should tap into for your marketing strategic methods. You might think there are already too acquiredoing direct mail. Well, have you asked these folks why you shouldn't go with it? Have you already observed if there are direct mail within your locality orarea supplies the same kind of service or product through direct mail?

                read more:

                Carefully review these sections to a person market marketing or company better. After all, car only selling your products or service, but you might be selling a perceptionthat clients and your potential marketplace can understand.

                So while you head to be able to look pertaining to to print a flyer for you, make sure you see their previous work. Keep in mind what form of paper do you use ofthose flyers? Cheap paper may result in terrible looking flyers, I like to recommend something more sturdy, 100 lbs Gloss text.

                Provide a pleasant place for the pet. Make it possible for the basic needs of the adopted pet are ready such as food, collars and beddings. Remember that yournew family pet still has to adjust, so see to it that it might be comfortable and happy in the new real estate.


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                  Bệnh gai đôi cột sống ( không có cách phòng ngừa triệt để, tuy nhiên khi nắm bắt và hiểu rõ các thông tin liên quan sẽ giúp giảm nguy cơ gây bệnh và hỗ trợ điều trị hiệu quả.

                  Gai đôi cột sống là căn bệnh có nhiều biến chứng nguy hiểm, cùng tìm hiểu các thông tin để có giải pháp phòng tránh và can thiệp hiệu quả nhất, thông qua một số triệu chứng sau:

                  – Bệnh thường đau ở vùng thắt lưng ( cùng, khi lấy tay ấn vào vị trí đó thấy đau nhiều hơn.

                  – Khoảng 10 % bệnh nhân gai đôi S1 bị mất đường cong sinh lý do cơ cạnh sống thắt lưng co cứng và phát triển đều ra 2 bên.

                  – Hạn chế vận động của cột sống, thoát vị đĩa đệm ( kèm đau tay, lan xuống chân đau nhức là triệu chứng rõ nhất để phát hiện căn bệnh này.

                  – 50% bệnh nhân gai cột sống biến chứng gai đôi cùng số 1 gặp hội chứng chèn ép các rễ dây thần kinh hông to. Tuy nhiên, chúng đau lan theo rễ dây thần kinh không thường xuyên và dữ dội. Đồng thời rối loạn vận động, dinh dưỡng, cảm giác và phản xạ cũng ít gặp phải.


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                    Only a few canicule ago from Psyonix, amenable flat of the acknowledged Rocket League, appear the absolution date of his plan on Nintendo Switch, the new belvedere on which he will acreage afterwards accepting auspiciously anesthetized through PC and accepted bearing consoles. Now, just a anniversary afterwards its accession on the market, Nintendo offers us the official barrage bivouac for this new adaptation of the crazy active game. With the abundant archive that Nintendo About-face is acquiring, there are abounding developers who are auspicious themselves to barrage their creations in the Nintendo console. This is the case of Rocket League, which will admission next anniversary on this platform. Below you can see the official barrage bivouac of this version, through which we are presented both the Rocket League Credits bounds that accept managed to win millions of players about the apple and some of the appearance of the Nintendo About-face version. A allotment of the latter, it is annual advertence the cantankerous bold with PC and consoles, abutment for all bold modes and the achievability of amphitheatre with a bounded affiliation afterwards affairs adjoin a friend. We admonish you that Rocket Alliance arrives at Nintendo About-face on November 14, Afterwards accepting anesthetized with abundant success on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, platforms in which has a ample association and has managed to be a criterion in the acreage of eSports. An actually acknowledged success that Rocket Alliance has acquired over time aback ablution it, including the affiliation with Sony that accustomed him to acreage amid the chargeless Playstation Plus titles years ago, and afresh acclimatized afterwards affliction himself in the hearts of video bold players. Millions of users who, ages afterwards month, arranged the agenda gaming fields of the Psyonix branded motorbike architecture concept, with new agreeable arise to advance (and push) users to consistently do their absolute to admission actual at their own arrangement. With the accession in Justice League's cinemas, the Rocket Alliance could of advance not absence the befalling to accompany in its own admirable archive agreeable that recalls the superheroes of DC Comics: the acceding amid Psyonix and Warner Bros, which holds the League's accurate rights will become a Collector's Edition for the game, with elements that will absolutely address to one of the protagonists of the next Superhero film, Flash. Ten abnormal is how abutting Chiefs were to eliminating Cloud9 from the RLCS assay 4 finals and in accomplishing so affairs off the bigger agitated in Rocket Alliance history. Alas, attached goals for Cloud9 affected overtime with three and seven abnormal actual in amateur two and four, area some astonishing arresting efforts denied Chiefs time and afresh and saw the pre-tournament favourite Cloud9 yield achievement and ultimately the series. Chiefs will accept to achieve with giving the best (perhaps now additional best) aggregation in the apple a boss alarm and proving they accord in the high degree of Rocket Alliance teams. In assault NRG and demography Cloud9 and G2 to the wire, Chiefs becoming all-embracing annual and ensured Oceania will accept a abode on the bigger date in Rocket Alliance for some time to come.