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Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach wall, so it is advisable to avoid foods that favor inflammation or irritation. However, medical evaluation is advisable because there are patients who will require more or less intense drug treatment, ”explained Cristina Carretero Ribon, spokesman for the  Spanish Foundation for the Digestive System (FEAD).

"The general recommendations for patients with gastritis include dietary measures to obtain a certain 'digestive rest', trying to avoid the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is stimulated by certain foods," adds Laura Ramírez, of the  Hospital's  Endocrinology and Nutrition Service  University HM Montepríncipe, and Madrid.

To get out of doubt

What foods can not be eaten in case of gastritis and why? Experts offer this comprehensive list to prevent stomach problems:

  • It is recommended to avoid high fat milk and dairy products  (such as cured cheeses or Greek yogurt); fatty meat; sausages; flatulent vegetables  (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, and artichokes)  and raw; fruits, especially citrus fruits, in syrup or candied; the sauces and spicy; Drinks such as coffee, tea,  soda, and all alcoholics.
  • Ramírez advises "avoid foods high in fiber, especially soluble type, as it delays gastric emptying."
  • The endocrinologist at HM Monteprincipe Hospital recommends reducing milk consumption due to its fermentation capacity. "If we can choose, we must opt ​​for the one with the lowest percentage of fat."

    In that sense, Carter points out that “fatty foods irritate the stomach, so it is likely that skim milk feels better than the whole. Skim milk usually has less than 1% fat; the semi-skimmed, approximately 1.5%; and the whole, 3.5% fat. Therefore, the difference is greater between the whole and the semi-skimmed than between the semi-skimmed and the skimmed. "
  • Does yogurt intake benefit patients with gastritis? "Yogurt contains probiotics, which can help improve gastritis," says the FEAD spokeswoman.
  • Dispense with unripe and citrus fruits. Instead, the pear, peach, apple, papaya, and banana would be of choice, and if not tolerated raw, they could be cooked (for example, in compote).
  • "It's very important to avoid consumption of all types of alcoholic beverages,  " says Ramírez. At the same time, the FEAD spokeswoman notes that smoking tobacco also irritates the stomach.
  • It is advisable to drink soft drinks because, among many other ingredients, they contain carbonic acid, which increases the acidity in the stomach. "They are irritating to the gastric mucosa," Carretero adds.

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          What is an ATS and what is it for

          There are different software oriented to the recruitment and selection of personnel departments, such as the tools that serve to know the motivation and opinion of the employees or the monitoring of candidates. One of them is the candidate tracking systems that help automate the search for talent in your company. When we use the concept of ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems we talk about a recruitment and selection software that optimizes the selection processes and represents a great change in the HR sector.

          6 Reasons to integrate an ATS into your organization

          Recruiters always complain about the lack of time, because a good solution to this problem is to automate and track the different processes. The advantage of these tools is that they offer your business a wide variety of functionalities and the possibility to customize each selection process, in addition to many other benefits that we list below:

          ats and email integration

          Time and productivity savings: Having a candidate tracking system when you have a large volume of resumes for a given job offer means saving time to the human resources department and allowing you to invest your hours in more productive tasks. For example, it is usual that a company that integrates an ATS in its selection processes does not waste the time of the recruiter in reading hundreds and hundreds of CVs, rather this figure focuses on correctly defining a series of filters and criteria that fit with the Job offer and software takes care of the rest.

          Improve the quality of the hired candidates: Filtering the candidates and conducting tests is very simple with this type of online tools, you just have to find the one that best fits the needs of your company. On the other hand, it helps to track the candidates, of the different phases of the selection process, to improve the productivity of the company and much more.

          Cost reduction: Using an Applicant Tracking Systems reduces hiring time for vacancies, which means that hiring is always more profitable.

          Commitment to the legal framework of data protection: The security with which these types of tools work allows a better protection of the company's information and of the candidates' data, making them in each of the steps and in the reception of The data has complied with the GDPR and everything that the law entails in this regard.

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            A recruiting software, also called ATS (Applicant Tracking System), allows you to manage your applications and the entire recruiting process. In the market, there is a non-negligible offering that proposes different types of software. Therefore, it is not always obvious to make the right decision.

            Who is the recruitment software for? What are the main features they have? What are the main types of software? What criteria should you use to choose the right one for your company? The answers in our article!

            1. Recruitment software: who is it necessary for?

            The acquisition of software concerns each company, public body, or personnel selection agency that manages more than ten selection campaigns per year. In fact, having an ATS is essential to better manage the large amount of CVs received by the human resources department.

            At Inasoft, we understand that each company and each entity needs a solution that fits their processes. Therefore, we have designed solutions that adapt to each profession:

            • Gestmax software for companies, hospitals, and public entities. By having a high level of customization, it evolves and adapts to your needs and processes. It has numerous optional modules, such as the management of staff requests, the group interview module, the internal mobility module ...
            • The SimplyJobs software for SMEs. This is a simplified version of Gestmax, designed specifically for small and medium businesses. It is an easy solution to adopt and implement, suitable for the SME budget.
            • AD-Men software is a recruitment agency and temporary work agency. This is a solution designed by recruitment experts, which allows you to manage your business as a whole: business administration, hiring, candidate and mission management, billing administration.
            • The Kap Franchise solution for franchisees who want to develop their own network of franchisees. It provides a complete solution to a franchise site and GestMax candidate management software.

            2. The functionalities of recruiting software

            The basic characteristics of an ATS:

            Most recruitment software has basic features such as:

            • Multicast job offers
            • Automatic classification of applications and their management
            • Management of communication with the candidate
            • Implementation of a candidate file
            • Statistical analysis of your campaigns
            • A customizable control panel

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              The term Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is used to refer to candidate tracking systems, usually for human resources departments. They consist of digital systems whose fundamental purpose is to automatically execute the selection processes. Organizations around the world receive thousands of applications for each new job offer and, to optimally, use these types of systems.

              How ATS work

              Most commonly, these applicant tracking systems are based on the use of keywords. It is the main method for establishing the correspondence between the curriculum of candidates and the needs of the job offered. These keywords must be specifically related to the characteristics of the job offer. This method is used for the digital system to establish a classification method. The functions that define employment are compared with the information offered in the curriculum of each candidate.

              ATS systems perform their functions in a manner similar to Internet search engines. Their algorithms base the results offered on the number of times a certain keyword is repeated. There are also systems that are dedicated to performing syntactic and semantic. Repeated keywords and any other terms that are related to the job offer specifications can be analyzed.

              Best Application Tracking Systems:

              1. Taleo Recruiting:


              Taleo provides recruiting software that caters to the recruitment needs of all sizes of companies, from small to large. The solutions offered by this software are fully flexible and are useful for employing any kind of job hiring process. It can save your lot of time and provide you with improved quality of new hires.

              It also holds a special feature of assessing and collecting data about a candidate's attitude and aptitude, which can be judged before they come for an interview. With the use of this software, you can surely hire efficient human resources for your company.

              2. SmartSearch:


              This is another excellent Applicant Tracking System and mainly staffing management software that enables organizations to streamline the hiring process. It automatically imports resumes from your company email, performs well with Outlook and other advance computer programs, offers a search function facility to search through millions of resumes and provides resuming parsing functionality.

              It is highly customizable software that can allow you to create folders, configure views and craft workflows to best suit your needs. It is simple to operate software and if you opt for this then you can even reduce your company time that is spent in training sessions.

              3. Wisestep:


              Wisestep is an agile recruitment software that helps accelerate your hiring process with real-time analytics and effective artificial intelligence. The goal of Wisestep is to integrate data-driven decision making and insights into the recruitment process that assists recruiters and hiring managers to attract the right talent productively and efficiently.

              The ATS solutions it offers are unique like a quick and intelligent way to search candidates, create your talent pool by capturing candidate profiles through their FREE one-click  recruitment automation chrome extension  and create an exceptional candidate experience.

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