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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Revitalize with Vitality

The technology of power batteries for new energy vehicles has undergone a huge reversal at the beginning of 2020, and lithium iron phosphate batteries have hit with huge market prospects once again.

BYD announced in January that it will release a "Blade Battery" with basis of lithium iron phosphate technology. Then an exclusive report from Reuters revealed in February that Tesla is discussing for a cooperation on cobalt-free batteries with CATL. The discussion has stepped on the final stage, and both parties have basically reached a purchase intention. Reuters pointed the cobalt-free battery to the lithium iron phosphate battery intentionally or unintentionally in this report.


LFP Battery from Great Power

Great Power has installed nearly 100,000 vehicles for new energy vehicle companies since 2014, which includes nearly 70,000 vehicles for lithium iron phosphates, and the market has been fully verified. As a dark horse player among power battery suppliers for new energy vehicles in 2019, Great Power has increased its installed capacity year after year, ranking all the way up, and won the 9th place around China in the total installed capacity of power batteries for new energy vehicles in 2019. The number of installed lithium iron phosphate ranks the 5th in China in 2019. (The data is from: Starting Point Lithium Battery Big Data)

Great Power has continued to invest in R & D and technological iterations of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the past few years, compared with the vigorous advancement of ternary batteries in the field of passenger vehicles. Great Power adherers and advocates the development of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Great Power has carried out deep research on the leading new technologies in the industry, learned from the best, developed a new technical solution combining lithium iron phosphate batteries and Pack with more unique features at the same time of independent innovation, in which the volume energy density is further improved, and the endurance mileage is expected to be more than 450kms, which reached the leading level in the industry. We are carrying on joint development and technical demonstration with well-known entire automobile manufacturers in China at present, let's wait and see what happens!

Advantages of the LFP Batteries from Great Power

Great Power has been cultivating in the field of lithium iron phosphate batteries for many years, and has formed a technological concept of leading by innovation and customer first, which has broken through and mastered a large number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The internal resistance and temperature rise of the cell is reduced through homogeneously coated positive electrode, optimizing of particle size and crystal structure, and the construction of a three-dimensional high-speed conductive network. In the aspect of negative electrode, the development and application of new additives greatly shortens the migration path of lithium ions. In terms of workmanship, the unique cell structure design reduces the internal resistance and increases the energy density of the cell significantly. Persistent technical innovation has enabled the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery cells from Great Power exceed 200Wh / kg, and the cycle exceeds 7000 times.

In the application of square products, Great Power released a series of ace products with excellent cost performance, such as 34135214-113Ah42173166-135Ah54173192-206Ah, etc.

The advantages of these products are focusing on the following aspects: The energy density is significantly raised: the energy density of the single cell of the square aluminum case can reach 175 Wh / kg through the improvement of pole piece manufacturing technology and the optimization of the winding assembly process. Break through the bottleneck of cryogenic technology: it solves the problem of performance attenuation under low temperature by using a new type of additive system, while ensuring high energy density. It can still maintain good charge and discharge performance under -20 ℃ Excellent safety performance: it can pass various strict safety performance tests through the optimized design of the chemical system and structural parts, such as overcharge, needling, squeeze, short circuit, thermal abuse, etc. Significant advantage on price: the cost reduction of iron-lithium batteries from Great Power far exceeds the industry average through strict screening and evaluation of raw materials and strict control of process yield. In addition, the lithium iron phosphate battery also has core advantages in itself such as long cycle and environmental friendliness.

Customers’ Acceptance

Great Power has successfully loaded lithium iron phosphate power batteries for Dongfeng Automobile, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Jiangnan Automobile, Joylong Automobile, Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile, Hebei Chang’an Automobile, Liuzhou Wuling Automobile, Chery Commercial Vehicle (Anhui) and many other well-known new energy vehicle companies, including passenger vehicles, buses, logistics vehicles, special vehicles and other application fields. These vehicles are currently running well, and there is excellent reputation among customers.

The Road Ahead

In the future, Great Power will draw on the essence of CATL CTP technology and BYD blade battery technology in terms of power battery technology research and development, deepen the development in the field, raise R & D and innovation, and create star products that belong to Great Power.


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    Daftar ID PRO BandarQ Dan User ID Domino QQ Online - senangdominoq It is very important to find people online now. Semejak terkenal nya id pro, dimana idpro ini sendiri sering kali disebut-sebut dengan user id yang bisa memberikan kemenangan kepada setiap pemain. In this case, we will be able to find a map of the city, and we will be able to find the right place. Maka tidak heran jika id pro ini selalu saja menjadi incaran para pemain judi online di internet. Disini kami akan memberikan sedikit informasi mengenai bagaimana anda bisa melakukan proses pendaftaran id pro domino qq online tanpa dipungut biaya apapun.

    Daftar ID PRO BandarQ Dan User ID Domino QQ Online

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    Cara Mendaftar User ID Pro BandarQ

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        The appearance of the topstitch lines has an impact on how the final project looks. Even for an experienced sewist who has been sewing thousands of straight stitches, the fact that these lines will be visible can be scary. So here are some of my tips to help you achieve those perfect straight stitches you want:

        Increase The Stitch Length


        Sew longer stitches

        Top stitches look better when they are a bit longer than regular stitches. What I usually use is 3.5 mm stitch length. If what you have is a best starter sewing machine  Image  it will surely have this feature.

        Play around with the stitch length until you find the length that suits your projects.

        Use The Right Thread And Needle

        There are needle and thread designed specifically for topstitching, so make sure that you have them at hand.

        Topstitches are visible, so the thread to make them is usually thick. For example, the thread to sew on jeans is golden and can add definition and texture to the overall appearance.

        The needles that go with this kind of thread have a larger eye than usual to accommodate the thread’s thickness.

        Do Not Backstitch

        For thinner thread, backstitching might not look too obvious to worry about. However, for topstitching, this will make part of the lines looks thicker than the other.

        Edgestitch Foot


        The edgestitch foot

        Edgestitch is a special type of topstitch which is made 1/6” to 1/8” from the edge. It is usually used on waistband, plackets, or stands.

        This foot can only be used with machine that allows you to change the needle’s position. For more information on which machine you can put the needle at the left, right or center place, see these 27428159927_1caac58d27_o.gif  Expert Reviews On What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners You Should Buy to find out.

        The edgestitch foot can also be called the stitch-in-the-ditch foot, which features a guide at the center to help sewists sew straighter lines.

        Zipper Foot

        You can use a zipper foot or any foot you can line its edge with the edge of the fabric. Or you can be creative, using the foot you feel fit for this task, as long as it has a guide for you to follow.

        I love the zipper foot when I need to topstitch as it allows me to sew really close to the edge. It has a guide for my eye to follow so I always have the straight stitches I want.

        To use these feet, snap the foot you choose on and place the fabric underneath. Make sure that the guide is lined up with the edge of the fabric so that you have something to follow. Adjust the needle so that it lands right on the place you need to sew topstitch on.

        With these tips and a little practice, you can achieve that straight topstitches you want, even if what you have is a best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners, like what I have here: -How-to-uninstall-EmailArchitect-Server-SDK-8-0-0-1 BrJkexc.gif  . Check it out.


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          3 in 1 portable dining feeding baby table chair with music light


          As pictures showed.

          Lead Time:








          This supplier also supports
          L/CD/ D/PT/WEstern
          Union MoneyGram payments for offline orders.


          3 in 1 portable dining feeding baby table chair with music light


          Type: Other Baby Toys

          Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

          Brand Name: Ocean Toys

          Model Number: OC0444260 baby table chair

          Product name: baby table chair

          Description: baby feeding chair

          Packing: Color Box

          Package Size:50*38*34 CM

          Carton Size:83*40*66 CM

          Carton Volume.:0.219 CBM

          Quantity/Carton:6 PCS

          GW/NW:20 / 18 KGS

          Function: Birthday Gift

          Feature: Multi-Function



          Baby Chair Introduction

          The baby chair seat is to help the baby successfully transition from the one-to-one feeding process to eating at the same table with the parents and elders, which not only makes it easier for parents to take care of the baby but also allows the baby to find fun in the process of eating.

          All functional designs are based on the baby's physical development and subjective feelings, without designing split functions to avoid lowering safety performance and focusing on the optimization of the feeding chair's own functions.


          The Role of Baby Chair Walmart

          Infants begin to learn to sit up in 6 months, and physical development has new progress every day. Three meals a day is a major event for the baby ’s growth. The baby feeding chair helps the baby to successfully transition from one-to-one feeding to the same table as the parents and elders Dining not only makes it easier for parents to take care of the baby but also allows the baby to find fun in the meal process (many families take the baby in turns after the baby has a baby).

          Babies generally learn to turn over in 3 months and sit up in 6 months. The process of turning to sitting is also the process of spine growth and development. Babies who cannot yet sit up fully indicate that the spine is still weak and needs good protection, and 3-4 Monthly babies gradually start to join in complementary foods. They ca n’t sit and have to solve the problem of eating complementary foods. All baby feeding chair is considered. The function of the backrest can be adjusted separately to achieve the function of both sides. The complete spine protects the spine from the problems caused by the weight of the body, on the other hand, it can easily and safely help the baby transition from pure breast milk or milk to adding complementary foods to learning the whole process of eating alone, easy and safe. It is also a good choice to take a nap after eating!


          Classification of baby feeding chair

          There are a lot of wooden baby feeding chairs and split baby feeding chairs on the market, and they claim that they have been used for a long time. Yes, the detachable feeding chair has achieved a certain degree of diversification of the overall function, but also ignored the feeding chair. Main functions and their own comfort. The folding baby feeding chair is dedicated to creating a professional comfort for babies. All functional designs are based on the baby's physical development and subjective feelings. The split function is not designed to avoid lowering safety performance. Focus on the optimization of the feeding chair's own functions, relative to wood Baby feeding chair and plastic split baby chair seat have a more comfortable and humanized physical experience, while comfortable seats can better take care of the baby's healthy development and the formation of good learning habits.


          Ocean Toys supply all kinds of feeding chairs, if you need, please contact us


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            Battery operated deformation robot military army tank toys with light music


            As pictures showed.

            Lead Time:








            This supplier also supports
            L/CD/ D/PT/WEstern
            Union MoneyGram payments for offline orders.


            Battery operated deformation robot military toy army tanks with light music


            Material: Plastic

            Plastic Type: Safe plastic

            Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

            Brand Name: Ocean Toys

            Model Number: OC0464960 army tank toys

            Style: Battery Operated Toy, DIY Toy, Educational Toy, Musical Toy

            Function:Light & Sound

            Product Name: RC tank

            Description: deformation robot toys

            Packing: Color Box

            Package Size:20*10.5*10.5 CM

            Carton Size:83.5*35*77 CM

            Carton Volume.:0.225 CBM

            Quantity/Carton:72 PCS

            GW/NW:30 / 26 KGS

            Function: DIY Kids Toy

            Feature: Educational



            Plastic Army Tanks Introduction

            Toy army tanks can improve children's cognition and understanding of the structure of RC tanks, on the basis of training their ability to assemble, drag and sort, improve hands-on awareness and self-care ability, and understand the transformation relationship between objects by building together.


            The role of toy army tanks

            1. Toys mobilize children's enthusiasm

            2. Toys enhance perceptual awareness

            3. Toys cause association activities

            4. Positive thinking and imagination

            5. Help cultivate collective ideas and spirit of cooperation



            Purchase of toy army tanks

            1. Look at the packaging. Genuine creative toys are well-packed. Whether the packaging is sealed or printed, it should be impeccable. If the printed text on the packaging is blurred, it is not a genuine product. Most of the pirated creative toys are not exactly the same as the genuine ones on the packaging. Pay attention to the packaging drawings provided on the official website or publicity.

            2. If you are shopping online, the pictures provided by everyone are similar, then look at the price. The price of the original version and the original version will not be too cheap.

            3. About tail goods. A lot of people love to buy tail goods, and they think they are cheap and good. China is a big factor in the world, and many creative toys from foreign companies have gone to China to find and manufacture toy factories. Therefore, it is not new to shed some imperfect defects. However, for creative toys, the technological content of creative toys is either very high or very low, so it is basically not common to have bulk goods and tail goods. A lot of goods are actually imitation or copy.

            4. Some rc tanks are printed with the Chinese version, Asian Chinese version, and the like. It looks like it is the original authorized product. Look carefully for the original trademark, or the trademark circle C or circle R without the original authorization. Many authorized versions have anti-counterfeiting stickers, so we should pay attention to this.

            5. Since June 1, 2007, the country has implemented mandatory product certification (CCC) for six categories of toy products, such as baby carriages, electric toys, ejection toys, doll toys, plastic toys, and metal toys, which directly affect the health and safety of children. ), For the above six types of products, we need to see whether the CCC logo is affixed.


            Ocean Toys supply all kinds of tank for sale, if you need, please contact us


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              Mini model toy electric fast remote control RC boats for sale


              As pictures showed.

              Lead Time:








              This supplier also supports
              L/CD/ D/PT/WEstern
              Union MoneyGram payments for offline orders.


              Mini model toy electric fast RC boats for sale


              Type:Boat & Ship

              Power: Battery

              Material: Plastic

              Plastic Type: Safe plastic

              Scale: Mini

              Radio Control Style: RC Model

              Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

              Brand Name: Ocean Toys

              Model Number: OC0419566 fast RC boat

              Product name: fast RC boat

              Description: electric rc boats

              Packing: Window Box

              Package Size:17*7.5*8.3 CM

              Carton Size:60*40.5*55 CM

              Carton Volume.:0.134 CBM

              Quantity/Carton:60 PCS

              GW/NW:15 / 12.2 KGS

              Function: Turn Left

              Feature: Eco-friendly Material



              Brief introduction of RC boat

              The remote control boat uses radio and other media to remotely control the boat to move back and forth and turn left and right. The remote control boat was originally manufactured by Nikola Tesla in 1898, the world's first radio remote control boat. The manufacture of the fast RC boats made Marconi's radio communication theory a reality. Now the development of boat remote control is mainly reflected in the toy industry, which is the first choice for people's outdoor toys. The current remote control boat is mainly made of engineering plastic as the outer shell, and the internal part is composed of integrated circuits and electronic components. According to the size of the remote control boat, the price ranges from 200 to 1,000 yuan.


              Fastest RC Boat Performance

              Performance: Three-channel forward, turn left, turn right, very easy to control.

              1 Automatic power-on function, push the throttle button of the remote control forward, the two propellers rotate the speedboat forward at the same time, and the speedboat stops.

              2 When the direction button of the remote control is moved to the left, the left propeller stops rotating, and the right propeller working speedboat turns left.

              3 When it is pulled to the right, the right propeller stops rotating, and the left propeller speedboat turns right. It can make the boat turn left or right arbitrarily while driving.

              4 Double motor design, strong power, fast speed, and more exciting. Double propeller-driven, copper core connected to the motor, and special materials to prevent water ingress.


              Quick Fast RC Boat Operation Guide

              1 forward, left, right, stop

              2 Push the remote control knob forward, the boat moves forward, let go of the car to stand by, and move the remote controller knob left or right to make the boat turn left or right while driving. How to test the machine: Find some water. After your fingers get wet, don't wipe them dry. Press them on the two shafts respectively. One hand pushes the throttle of the remote control upward, and the slurry starts to move.





              Q: Why should we wet the water?

              A: The motor will only move because of a micro-short circuit. This is to prevent idling. Because of the high power of the motor, idling is easy to hurt people and the heat of idling is fast, which is easy to cause damage to the speedboat.


              Q: Why didn't I turn after I got wet?

              A: You can try it a few times. After all, the wet water is not put in the water. If you do not turn the test repeatedly, please try it in the water. If you still do n’t turn it in the water, try it after charging for two hours.


              The quality and price of our remote control boat is well, which can make children have fun, and the best service will be given to you. Come and get it!


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                Educational English machine books kids learning toys manufacturer with song



                As pictures showed.

                Lead Time:








                This supplier also supports
                L/CD/ D/PT/WEstern
                Union MoneyGram payments for offline orders.


                Educational English machine books kids learning toys for 3 year olds


                Type: Other Educational Toys

                Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

                Brand Name: Ocean Toys

                Model Number: OC0428939 kids learning tools

                Product name: Educational English machine books kids learning toys

                Description: toys for kids, girls, boys

                Function: Sound

                Feature: English

                Packing: Color Box

                Package Size:26.5*3*26.5 CM

                Carton Size:76*29*59 CM

                Carton Volume.:0.13 CBM

                Quantity/Carton:48 PCS

                GW/NW:21.5 / 19 KGS


                The importance of educational toys

                Early childhood is a key period for children to learn English. Through playing toys for 3 year old boys, they can build a language foundation. Learning toys is a method of literacy teaching, with the help of pictures to learn words.

                Babies 2-3 years old have no clear concept of literacy, but they are beginning to be sensitive to colors, lines, shapes, and forms.

                Babies with better visual space intelligence are very keen on vision and can clearly understand some subtle changes in color and shape. Our learning toys for 3 year olds are colorful and can attract children's attention, and they are all corresponding to the real thing. Babies are usually interested and will form a corresponding relationship between images and fonts in the brain, so they can be firmly remembered.

                At this stage of the baby, the purpose of playing toys for 3 year olds is not to really understand the text or the picture itself, but to let the baby understand the relationship between the text and the real thing.


                Advantages of learning toys for 3 year olds:

                1. Reading consciousness can also be generated, but it is easier for children to understand through the correlation between the image and the text.

                2. It can effectively increase knowledge of daily life. For young children, picture recognition and literacy become one, and it is easier to remember once they recognize the know-how.

                3. There are no more limitations on image thinking and extension of thinking so that while children understand the text, they also retain the ability to associate with similar images.

                4. Effectively increase the interest and enthusiasm in the literacy process, effectively expand the scope and methods of literacy.

                5. It is easy to associate the teaching content, which can effectively increase the vividness of the teaching content.


                We supply educational toys for 3 year olds, welcome choose us!


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                  best pretend to play toys kids cleaning set for 3 year olds


                  As pictures showed

                  Lead Time:








                  This supplier also supports
                  L/CD/ D/PT/WEstern
                  Union MoneyGram payments for offline orders.


                  best pretend to play Toy Cleaning Set for 3 year olds


                  Type: Other Pretend Play & Preschool

                  Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

                  Brand Name: Ocean Toys

                  Model Number: OC0381418 toys cleaning

                  Product name: best pretend to play toys kids cleaning set for 3 year olds

                  Description: Kids Pretend Toys, Cleaning Supplies

                  Packing: Window Box

                  Package Size:20.5*20.5*47 CM

                  Carton Size:64.5*49.5*90 CM

                  Carton Volume:0.287 CBM

                  Q'ty/Ctn:12 PCS

                  GW/NW:14.5 / 11 KGS


                  Material: PP


                  Kids Cleaning Set Accessories List:

                  Bucket x1, mop x1, broom x1, laundry detergent x1, brush x1, trash shovel x1


                  Features of the Kids Broom Set:

                  1. Various cleaning tools

                  Cleaning buckets and cleaning tools can not only satisfy children's imitation of cleaning but also cultivate children's hands-on ability at home. Let your children choose their favorite cleaning tools.

                  2. Rich simulation tools

                  Brooms, mops, brushes, and other various cleaning supplies not only make children's awareness of cleaning stronger but also get a good habit of loving clean from childhood.

                  3. Ergonomic design

                  Free assembly and disassembly, convenient storage, applying human mechanics design, more comfortable.


                  Ocean Toys supply all kinds of toys, if you need, please contact us


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                    Trải qua hơn 2 năm hình thành và phát triển, Công ty TNHH PT-Fitness đã có những bước phát triển không ngừng trong việc phân phối , sửa chữa và bảo dưỡng những trang thiết bị thể thao , trang thiết bị phòng Tập , CROSSFIT hàng đầu thế giới.

                    Với phương châm “Sự hài lòng và thành công của bạn là tiêu chí phát triển của chúng tôi”.

                    • PT – Fitness luôn mong muốn mang đến những sản phẩm có chất lượng tốt nhất, phù hợp với nhu cầu, sức khỏe của người tiêu dùng Việt Nam. • PT – Fitness có một đội ngũ nhân viên làm việc nhiệt tình, năng động, với bề dày kinh nghiệm cao sẽ tư vấn giúp khách hàng chọn được những sản phẩm phù hợp với từng nhu cầu của bạn.

                    Chúng tôi sẵn sàng phục vụ Quý khách mọi lúc, mọi nơi để đáp ứng nhu cầu cần thiết với những mức giá hết sức hợp lý!