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Grinding Gear Games released "Road to Exile 2" and "Road to Exile" in December. From the data analysis, it was found that players are already excited about online action role-playing games. Grinding Gear Games general manager Chris Wilson shared a lot of game development details in his speech on Delirium expansion on March 13th. It can be found that "Road of Exile" is the most increase in the playing time of its western servers in five years. One of the fast games. From a numerical point of view, the growth peak from 2018 to 2019 has become higher. After the start of 2018, this is another rapid expansion of Betrayal's expansion.

"Path of Exile" (Path of Exile) is an action game developed by New Zealand game manufacturer Grinding Gear Games, which is completely the essence of "Diablo 2." It is a free and open game. Players can use magnificent equipment attributes, talent maps and skill combinations to match the heroes who are really standing in their own minds. Exile currency paths and POE balls play an important role in player trading systems. They can be used to exchange powerful equipment and even other types of spheres that players need to make.

Wilson said in the video: "I'm very happy to see growth. The number of players increased between 2018 and 2019 is basically the same as the number of people in 2015. This is a big increase. Hopefully we can continue to grow. "These figures do not include growth in mainland China and Taiwan, because" Grinding Gear Games "requires permission from partners in the region to disclose these figures.

The Road of Exile releases many new extensions and technical updates every year, as well as new cosmetics. For Delirium, Grinding Gear is dedicated to improving skills and wands. Developers have been learning to update free online action role-playing POE Currency Buy games for many years. "Road to Exile" is one of the first online action role-playing games.

Wilson said: "I think we are doing the right thing. We have a lot of ideas that can be applied to the game. I believe that the game we release is content that people like." In the new expansion of the road of exile, players can choose to like it. The content of the game is undoubtedly very user-friendly. Because the early expansion focused entirely on the storyline and character customization, there was not enough emphasis on providing game content for all players. Although this did satisfy a group of players, it did not actually increase the number of players. Another reason for growth is part of the megatrend of action role-playing games. As you can see in the most recent RPG version, action role-playing games with large single-player games can attract your great attention. Everyone likes to play with new storyline content in these games.

Grinding Gear wants to add a true sequel, Path of Exile 2, to retain players and increase player time, enabling players to bring their characters and microtransactions from "Road of Exile" to "Road of Exile 2" . In fact, no matter what kind of storyline will be updated, there will be some players withdrawing from the game, which we cannot stop, but as long as we make unremitting efforts to publish the content of games that people like, I believe that players will continue to grow.

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