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od Jonathan Forley - torek, 25. februar 2020, 10:56
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First, outline the outline. Before writing the text, plan and write all the first-level headings, second-level headlines, and third-level headings. These headlines are actually the general outline of the article. With the outline, let the instructor With a slight modification, the overall idea of ​​the article will not go wrong;

Each break, after the title of each level, the article can begin to write. But remember not to spend too much time under one title, stop writing immediately, stop fighting under another title, continue to write, but stop the unfinished position, it is recommended to set the font to read, so as not to miss writing, Pick simple to write first, and then write difficult ones. As the number of words on the page increases, the mindset gradually relaxes, and an article can be completed quickly;

Set the font color. As mentioned above, before completion, the article should set different colors. For example, it is recommended to set the completed part to blue and the unfinished part to red. Set it to purple. In this way, hold down the ctrl key and then roll the mouse wheel to reduce the space. Throughout the full text, you can see your completion progress at a glance. The mentality is good, and the work efficiency can be effectively improved;

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