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We know as   Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). The computer systems used to track candidates, automate and centralize the selection processes. And while the concept sounds simple, it goes much further because these software has become a vital part of talent recruitment and staffing in large companies.

These platforms are born from the need to manage multiple positions, store relevant information from candidates, and be able to optimize the selection processes in time and effort. I am using CRMs as a basis. The idea of ​​a platform designed for human resources teams, technical managers, and headhunters was created.

ATS is a solution for talent search

ATS  is the solution to your proactive and reactive recruitment efforts. This allows them to communicate and connect with potentially qualified candidates through social networking sites. Recruiters can search and engage people who match certain skill sets and rules. Using Indeed, Linkedin, CareerBuilder, and Monster. Then create and store contact lists within the ATS.

Your system will not only provide a portal for all interested applicants to apply for job opportunities, but it will provide your hiring team with an innovative tool that allows them to search for candidates, establish relationships and convert passive applicants into new employees. Employers are becoming more proactive in their quest to find the best talent. Cultivating relationships to turn people into employees is very similar to the CRM process, so ATS is the CRM to recruit!

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

The use of this type of software for the recruitment and management of candidates has multiple benefits. Although, without a doubt, the most striking are these three:

  • Time savings by Human Resources.

  • Improvement of communication with the candidate.

  • Selection of the best candidates for the position.

Time savings by Human Resources staff

Through the use of these types of recruitment tools, Human Resources personnel will be able to devote less time to selecting candidates and more to investigate and prepare interviews that will be conducted to those selected by Applicant Tracking Systems

This will result in the more effective and less tedious selection process since the selection of staff will be reduced to a few options instead of tens or hundreds of them. Allowing those in charge of personnel selection to focus more on each of the candidates.


There are many different alternatives when choosing an Applicant Tracking System. Most of them have two characteristics in common, which have a high price and are complicated to use. However, other suggestions try to improve these aspects.


Wisestep is an agile recruitment software that helps accelerate your hiring process with real-time analytics and effective artificial intelligence. The goal of Wisestep is to integrate data-driven decision making and insights into the recruitment process that assists recruiters and hiring managers to attract the right talent productively and efficiently.

The ATS solutions it offers are unique like a quick and intelligent way to search candidates, create your talent pool by capturing candidate profiles through their FREE one-click recruitment automation chrome extension and create an exceptional candidate experience.


It is a very important platform within the Human Resources world, there is no doubt. However, it suffers from the problems that most affect these types of platforms. Since, on the one hand, this ATS is complicated to understand. From the moment we seek to access their services until the moment of truth.

And, because it is an identity "settled" their prices are well above those of other platforms. Making it not the best option for medium or small businesses.


Another of the best-known Applicant Tracking Systems is Workable. And not in vain, since it is a solution that seeks to improve the ease with which the user handles the tool. However, this makes its service offer limited. Since it only has two possible options when using its services.

In addition, the prices it handles are also quite high. Something that may not be fully justified, especially if we are not clear about 100% of the details of the service our company needs.

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