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Do you love horses but are afraid of their massive size? Don't worry, a miniature horse is a great option for people who want to have this royal friend without its obvious large size. A miniature horse offers the best of both worlds as just like their larger counterparts, they are a natural guide for man.

Keeping an ESA needs a valid and legally sound ESA letter but having a service animal is different and you will not need to have any legal document to have and keep your animal. 

In addition to their adorable demeanor and size, these horses work great as guides and service animals. Thinking about what makes these great alternatives to service dogs? Read on.

1. They are Cost-Effective

A guide horse is more economical than a guide dog. It may sound strange but considering the cost of training and maintenance, this is true. Due to this high cost, many blind people cannot afford an esa dog.

With a miniature horse, they can get help easily. The cost of their training is significantly low and they are quite low maintenance as well.

2. They have Longer Life Span

On average, a service dog lives for 8 to 12 years. In the case of a horse, this time span increases to 30 to 40 years with some living up to 50 years of age. While no one knows how much they would live, still, it is great to have someone who could stay with you for so long.

3. They are Calm and Universally Accepted

Horses could maintain their calm in even the most chaotic of situations. They could be easily controlled and unlike a dog or an emotional support cat, that could gallop when it saw something worth chasing, and a horse could be better controlled.

In addition, it is also more widely recognized as a service animal. In many places, a service dog is confused with a pet, which does not happen to a horse.

4. They are Suitable for Everyone

Have dog and hair allergies? You can have a miniature horse instead. Unlike dogs, they don't get fleas and only shed twice every year. They could also be trained to live in a house, a big house of course, and provide the needed help minus the allergies.

5. They have Great Vision and Memory

Horses have a legendary memory. It is said that they could remember things like dangerous situations for ages and could warn you when faced with a similar situation, which is great.

Additionally, they have an amazing 360-degree sight range that you could see for long-range and distance. Interestingly, it can also move its eyes individually and track danger from miles.

6. They are Highly Conscious and Robust

Since they are natural guides, they have the instinct of looking for and detecting danger. Because they remember dangerous situations very well and could detect obstacles and prevailing danger, they help their owners stay safe and out of danger.

Having an Emotional support animal letter for housing service miniature horses is a great and unique experience and we are sure that your neighbors' kids would love it too.