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Worried about trimming your dog's nails? Nail trimming is a part of your  esa dog  in regular grooming but it may not be as simple and easy as it may seem. Different breeds have different types of nails and trying to cut those nails with your personal nail cutter is definitely not an option.


Having an  emotional support dog letter is not enough to keep your dog happy. You will have to dedicate time for its proper grooming and hygiene. Your dog's nails are important to your dog and just like our nails protect our fingers, their nails are their self-defense. But, untrimmed nails only cause problems for your pup. 


To trim the nails safely and properly, follow the following tips.


  1. Know that dogs are not familiar with dog nail clippers and grinders, which means that they could be really nervous on their sight. Whenever preparing to cut your dog's nails, give him lots of hugs and encouragement. Once done with nail clipping, give it a treat for positive reinforcement and encouragement.


  1. Before trying the clipper on your dog, it is important that you understand and know how to use it properly. Buy a nail clipper that has all the instruments, or consult a veterinarian for it. In case you do not know or understand how to use the clippers, it is better to take your dog to a professional dog groomer.


  1. Do not clip your dog’s nails in a room that has inadequate light. Either take your dog out under the sunlight or sit in a bright room. Make sure that you have your reading glasses on if you use one, and make sure that you can see where the clipper is going. Cutting too close is harmful to your dog.


  1. When cutting the nails, separate each toe with your other hand, do not just take your dog’s paw in hand and start with the cutting, separate each toe to make room for the clipper and to see its working.


  1. If your dog is heavy on fur then trim the hair around the nail area like you trim trim the hair of your emotional support cat. This will increase the visibility of the toenails and will give you a clear image of what you are doing. Besides, this will also help you to access the nails easily. Trying to cut the nails without trimming the surrounding area first will increase the chance of cuts and injuries.


  1. For petite and small size digs, have them sit into your lap while you trim their nails. For the dogs who are medium to large in size, place them on a table in the height from where you could see and access the nails easily.


Trimming your dog’s nails is important for his health and to get this dog you need an ESA letter. Overgrown nails a lot of problems like pain in the joints, imbalanced gait and sores on that part of the foot. Trimming the nails will save your dog will all of these problems plus a number of health issues that could arise due to dirty nails. This way you not only keep your dog’s health in optimal condition but keep your veterinarian’s bill low also.