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Due to the costly task of selecting hundreds of candidates in the selection process,  ATS recruitment technology was born. This is a tool that helps human resource managers manage the information collected when recruiting staff.

The ATS, known in English as   Applicant Tracking Systems. ATS is a top trend in the recruiting field as they make work much easier. Its main feature is that they are software that allows you to filter all the information received from job applicants, greatly reducing the volume of curricula to be reviewed. It is based on parameters such as the use of keywords that define the degree of correspondence between the candidate's curriculum and the position offered, and some also use syntactic and semantic analysis of the words.

Why the ATS system is effective for selecting personnel in companies

The ATS allows the human resources department to be much more agile and efficient in all its processes and also has multiple advantages. We tell you:

  1. They offer a clean database: ATS technology discards all applications that do not meet the requirements for the position in the first phase of the process. In this way, you avoid wasting a lot of time by checking which curriculum adapts to the job offer.

  2. Filtering system: Thanks to the filtering system using keywords or other parameters that you can set, there is the possibility of excluding proposals that do not fit quickly.

  3. They save time: Before, the HR team filtered a large number of resumes. Now, with recruiting tools such as ATS applications, it may not be necessary to filter more than ten before deciding which candidates are suitable for a personal interview.

  4. Management improvements: An ATS application allows you to manage everything related to job offers and applications in the same online support.

The most outstanding ATS recruitment systems

In Wisestep we have different integrations with ATS that allow companies to use our website as a source of recruitment and dump of registrants. Some of the most outstanding ATS systems with which we work to have the best recruiting tools.