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A recruiting software, also called ATS (Applicant Tracking System), allows you to manage your applications and the entire recruiting process. In the market, there is a non-negligible offering that proposes different types of software. Therefore, it is not always obvious to make the right decision.

Who is the recruitment software for? What are the main features they have? What are the main types of software? What criteria should you use to choose the right one for your company? The answers in our article!

1. Recruitment software: who is it necessary for?

The acquisition of software concerns each company, public body, or personnel selection agency that manages more than ten selection campaigns per year. In fact, having an ATS is essential to better manage the large amount of CVs received by the human resources department.

At Inasoft, we understand that each company and each entity needs a solution that fits their processes. Therefore, we have designed solutions that adapt to each profession:

  • Gestmax software for companies, hospitals, and public entities. By having a high level of customization, it evolves and adapts to your needs and processes. It has numerous optional modules, such as the management of staff requests, the group interview module, the internal mobility module ...
  • The SimplyJobs software for SMEs. This is a simplified version of Gestmax, designed specifically for small and medium businesses. It is an easy solution to adopt and implement, suitable for the SME budget.
  • AD-Men software is a recruitment agency and temporary work agency. This is a solution designed by recruitment experts, which allows you to manage your business as a whole: business administration, hiring, candidate and mission management, billing administration.
  • The Kap Franchise solution for franchisees who want to develop their own network of franchisees. It provides a complete solution to a franchise site and GestMax candidate management software.

2. The functionalities of recruiting software

The basic characteristics of an ATS:

Most recruitment software has basic features such as:

  • Multicast job offers
  • Automatic classification of applications and their management
  • Management of communication with the candidate
  • Implementation of a candidate file
  • Statistical analysis of your campaigns
  • A customizable control panel

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