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Applicant Tracking System can be used by the organizations for a variety of purposes like posting openings on sites, requisition tracking, customizing input forms, screening the questions, automatically ranking of resumes and multilingual capabilities.

Nowadays it is widely used and on an estimate, about half of mid-sized firms use some or other kinds of applicant tracking systems.

The importance of communication cannot be denied by anyone and resolving communication hurdles means triumphing over half of the recruitment conflicts.

The importance of ATS and Email Integration can be understood as follows:

ATS Email Integration Importance for Hiring Companies:

1. No Loss of talent:

Candidates often wait a long time to know the outcome of their interviews with the organizations.

An organization which response quickly definitely gets preference. Sometimes even the organization loses talent due to lack of communication with their desired candidate.

Hence organizations should use it to communicate with the candidates and seal the deal faster and also to reduce the chances of risk of losing out the right person.

2. Bulk Recruitment:

Bulk recruitment processes mean a huge task of managing and handling a number of vacancies and people.

The recruiter may lose personal touch with them and this may disorient the candidate. Also, remembering the details about each and every vacancy is not a meager task.

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