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A Recruitment Software or Applicant Tracking System can provide multiple benefits to the company. Among them, we have the following:

  • Job boards posting
  • Application process
  • Resume storage and tagging
  • Resume parsing and screening
  • Semantic search and match
  • Interview scheduling
  • Candidate testing
  • Ecological advantage by decreasing the use of paper.
  • Multichannel dissemination of job offers.
  • Identification of the best professional profiles.
  • Reduction of costs that may involve the dissemination of job offers.
  • The loyalty of candidates.
  • Ease of communication between the recruitment team.
  • Computerized and updated management of all CVs received.
  • Promotion of a talent retention strategy.
  • Creation of a pool of talents.
  • Time savings by reducing hiring times.

These are just some of the benefits offered by this type of tool. Let's look closely at 3 of the most important to understand their importance better when recruiting candidates.

1. Time saving

The most common is that the selection process has a fundamental condition of urgency. It may not be the case: because the process is dedicated to vacancies of strategic type or with a view to the future. In spite of everything, it is beneficial for an organization to shorten them as much as possible over time.

An  ATS tool  provides all the information gathered from candidates in a quick-access system:

1. It provides filtering tools to make the selection more agile.

2. It allows identification of the ideal candidate much faster.

3. The processes tend to automate.

4. Waste of time is avoided in tasks that were previously done manually and that required a lot of time

ATS systems perform their functions in a manner similar to Internet search engines. Their algorithms base the results offered on the number of times a certain word is repeated.

2. Ease of communication

Regardless of whether your organization has a large Human Resources department or simply a small group of collaborators; A Candidate Tracking System is essential to support communication between team members.

The collaborative platform feature offered by some recruiting software will assist collaboration among recruiters. Thanks to this resource, it will not be necessary to print all the relevant CVs and schedule a meeting, as the members involved can work as a team directly on the platform where all the relevant data is centralized. Some tools even have a scoring system, shared comments, and direct messages; to accelerate decision making.

3. GDPR compliance

ATS type tools are produced from the design to adapt to the new General Data Protection Regulation at the European level:

· Providing security

· Respecting privacy laws.

· Maintaining a high level of trust.

Resorting to the implementation of ATS is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to design selection processes. In this way, hiring the ideal person for a job will be much more reliable.

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