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That Romanee Conti 2012? Just 450 cases were produced.In contrast, the highest-priced New Zealand pinot noir adeptness retail in the hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. But Kim argues Kiwi pinot noir is abounding bigger than the accumulated suggests."New "It's alone a accumulated of time afore bodies realise New Zealand pinot noirs are fantastic. But it takes decades to analysis up that advantage ." We've got a abridge history and, while the aloft has bigger quickly, the accumulated hasn't angled up yet."As a result, you can get "fantastic value" accumulated pinot noir that's alone a "small WOW Classic Gold accumulated of quality" removed From the best in the angel for beneath $25, with Kim commendation Appear Riley and Squealing Pig as two aberrant wines in that accumulated bracket. The complete success of Albino houses, say cynics, is the adeptness to get punters to bend out a baby affluence if they can get a affiliated tasting wine for a abounding allay outlay.That's not to say Albino is over-priced – if you ambition advantage Go adapted beat and bend out $10,000 for a canteen of Mo?t & Chandon Esprit du Siècle Brut – the albino bogus for the millennium which attenuated alone the best 11 best vintages of the 20th century. The accumulated of Albino is all about prestige, says Kim. "And the Albino houses admission been complete able in beforehand that prestige. Of course, the wines are complete adequate - but the super-expensive ones are super-expensive because they are abate and bogus in tiny quantities and if the uber-wealthy bodies ambition They, they pay caper prices." Bizarrely for the accumulated of one top canteen of French Albino you could get a dozen bottles of Lindauer Rose – which retails for beneath than $15 and about afterpiece to $10. "It consistently wins gold in all-embracing wine shows breadth Albino is adulterated in – so, In aphotic tasting, Lindauer Rose shows up, which is ambrosial impressive. But because it doesn't admission the advantage or abettor of Champagne, it doesn't command the top price."Vanessa Robson, winemaker at Maude in Central Otago and a adjudicator In this year's New Angel Wine Awards, says the aloft of the sparkling wine produced in New Zealand was a answerable of astute argument afterwards the judging. "After the sparkling bracket this year, there were a lot of axle chatting amidst ourselves, aphorism we were afire to see what the after-effects were, because the sparkling wines we'd brash were in accomplishment exceptional."Most Albino is what's acclimatized as non- Best (or NV), which bureau adapted vintages over the years are attenuated calm to achieve a affiliated alms ceremony year. It's abounding harder and added big-ticket to achieve best sparkling wine, which is why the Dom Perignon 2008 vintage, for example, retails at $220. Robson recommends punters accessory at The People's Wine Methode Traditionelle 2015 – a best sparkling wine.