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od kavin M - sobota, 30. november 2019, 12:12
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What is Spam Score by Moz?

The Spam score is a metric that is used to calculate the quality of the links that are pointing to your website. Moz has segregated links based on the spam percentage. Moz has given the grade of 1 to 100% of the Spam Score for linking domains pointing to your website.

Below screenshot will give you a clear idea about it:

Spam score breakdown by Moz

Make sure to get the links from 1-10% of spam score. In the screenshot you can see, external links to my website are mostly from Spam score 1-30% which is a good indicator for increasing the domain authority.

Due to the same, my website Spam score is 0. If your website spam score is low (under 10) then you can consider the quality of the external links is good.