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od Kelly Leon - sreda, 13. november 2019, 12:27
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answer for tell me about yourself in an interview:

The objective of any job interview is to sell you as the best option for the position available.

So you should be like a good salesman and always focus on saying things that will improve your chances of being hired. That doesn't mean you can lie, but carefully select the facts you present to them.

For example, if you are looking for a job as a Marketing executive, bragging about your achievements on the cricket pitch will get you nowhere compared to the interclass quiz competition you won.

The same goes to tell them about you. Focus on the skills that you are known for, and the qualities that represent you, which help the recruiters determine how much of an asset you are to the company.

Rambling on and on about how you will be an asset to the company, how you are hardworking and easy-going will only fight the recruiter.

Stick to talking about the skill sets you have developed that will help you in your role within the company.

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