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If you don't have a Facebook webpage or a Twitter account, you're likely not considered among the very"plugged in" of today. Virtually everybody has a BlackBerry these days; texting has replaced phone calls, which have been replaced by mails which only about buried the idea of actually writing a hand written letter. For businesses looking to advertise their goods and services it became compulsory years back to get a website; which has been considered an"electronic business card". Websites are inexpensive ways that can reach mass quantities of people, and today, if businesses don't have the latest tools of social media functioning in their favor they may be losing out. Thus a new study to find out who's plugged into where and how they rank. ductinluxury
It's known as the"Digital IQ" ranking system and has been created by the L2 Luxury Lab of the New York University (NYU) Stern School of Business. The analysis cover 109 luxury brands, but we are focusing on results for luxury watch brands just. Each brand's site was examined for search engine optimization, aesthetics, interactivity and use of social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc..)
Depending upon how each brand scored, they have been placed in various categories, the top being"Genius","Gifted","Average","Challenged," and"Feeble."

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đồng hồ franck muller
TAG Heuer was the only luxury watch brand to receive rank of"Genius" and came in eighth overall. (Apple was number one, followed by BMW, Audi, Sony, Porsche, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren; the latter two companies do in fact make men's and women's luxury watches.
An individual may have believed that Rolex would come in as king although maybe not so. Rolex, along with Swarovski and Cartier, all placed in the"Gifted" class. https://www.pinterest.com/ductinluxury/

These Upcoming brands Put at the"contested" rankings: IWC, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, and Harry Winston.
There was just 1 watch brand among the jewellery manufacturers which came in last and categorized as"weak". This"honor" goes to Franck Muller.
There was also a note created about the fact that most high end luxury watch and jewelry brands use words such as"exclusive, sophisticated, luxury, etc" when describing themselves and although pictures of their products on the sites are stunning, the search engine optimization and user interface / interactivity are anything but.
Of the brands studied, TAG Heuer was the only one which rapidly and efficiently provided links to authorized retailers. Breitling wasn't contained in this analysis, but if you go its site, you'll see that you can only enter once you've clicked onto a list of licensed retailers.
Others such as Rolex, Movado and Hublot have these links but it requires between six and three clicks to get the info. https://www.plurk.com/ductinluxuryvn
In the watch class, TAG was the only new to include links to authorized retailers on the Web. In addition, with the exclusion of TAG, Rolex, Hublot and Movado, the websites of other watch brands analyzed in the analysis require three to six clicks to navigate from the product display page into retail location details.
The study gives the opinion category props, however, in terms of social networking. Findings show that observe brands have more presence on social media platforms than most luxury brands.
In terms of social websites, the study reports that luxury watch brands use social networking platforms more than compared to other luxury brands (clothing, cars, etc..)