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Dire Maul is the next WoW Classicdungeon opening, coming the week of October 15th. The addition of this dungeon does not simply bring about more bosses that drop loot; Dire Maul is a gigantic dungeon filled with ways to get World Buffs( Mol'dar's Moxie: 15% Stamina Increase; Fengus' Ferocity: +200 Attack Power; Slip'kik's Savvy: +3% Spell Critical Strike), an epic tanking weapon(Quel'Serrar), class-specific trinkets, class mounts(Summon Charger for Paladins and Summon Dreadsteed for Warlocks.), and a variety of recipes.

WoW Classic Dire Maul

WoW Classic Dire Maul Boss Loot

Many of the items from Dire Maul have solid itemization, and below we've highlighted some of the most notable drops:
Tempest Talisman from Hydrospawn
Satyr's Bow from Zevrim Thornhoof
Whipvine Cord from Alzzin the Wildshaper
Sublime Wristguards from Guard Mol'dar
Boots of the Full Moon from Captain Kromcrush
Kromcrush's Chestplate from Captain Kromcrush
Mindtap Talisman from Magister Kalendris
Distracting Dagger from Prince Tortheldrin
Bracers of the Eclipse from Prince Tortheldrin
Padre's Trousers from Illyanna Ravenoak
Harmonious Gauntlets from King Gordok
Brightly Glowing Stone from King Gordok
Tarnished Elven Ring from Gordok Tribute
Redoubt Cloak from Gordok Tribute
Insightful Hood from Gordok Tribute

WoW Classic Quel'Serrar

WoW Classic Quel'Serrar

Quel'Serrar is a one-handed tanking weapon that can be obtained by Warrior and Paladin players after completing a relatively short (but difficult) questline that involves journeying to Dire Maul and Onyxia's Lair.The first step (and arguably the most difficult) is to obtain Foror's Compendium of Dragon Slaying. This item can be found in Dire Maul as either a random boss drop, or from A Dusty Tome that spawns in any wing of the dungeon - overall it has a very low drop rate.

Knot Thimblejack's Cache - Leatherworking and Tailoring

Completing the quest  Free Knot! rewards you with Knot Thimblejack's Cache. To complete this quest, you must turn in a  Gordok Shackle Key. Here are some of the recipes that can be found inside:
Gordok Ogre Suit: makes you friendly with the Ogres, allowing you to skip additional bosses for a more-effective Tribute Run.
Pattern: Shifting Cloak: Elemental Leatherworking recipe, equip increases dodge.
Pattern: Hide of the Wild: Tribal Leatherworking recipe, equip increases healing.
Pattern: Chromatic Cloak: Dragonscale Leatherworking recipe, equip grants Fire Resistance and spell critical strike.
Pattern: Belt of the Archmage: Tailoring recipe, very solid pre-raid BiS belt.
Pattern: Felcloth Gloves: Tailoring recipe, Shadow Damage gloves.
Pattern: Inferno Gloves: Tailoring recipe, Fire Damage gloves.
Pattern: Mooncloth Gloves: Tailoring recipe, spirit gloves.
Pattern: Cloak of Warding: Tailoring recipe, defense cloak.
Pattern: Girdle of Insight: Leatherworking recipe, intellect belt.
Pattern: Mongoose Boots: Leatherworking recipe, agility boots.
Pattern: Swift Flight Bracers: Leatherworking recipes, attack power bracers.

WoW Classic Mage Water

Mages can learn their highest rank of Conjure Water from Dire Maul through the quest Arcane Refreshment. This version creates the most amount of water per cast, and restores the highest amount of mana.

Dire Maul World Buffs

When players complete a DM Tribute Run, each player in the group will receive a buff,  King of the Gordok, allowing them to speak to the Ogres inside the dungeon. The group will then travel back through the dungeon speaking with each skipped boss, upon which they will be granted a specific buff that lasts for 2 hours. Speak with Guard Mol'dar, Guard Fengus, and Guard Slip'kik to receive their buffs:
Mol'dar's Moxie: 15% Stamina Increase
Fengus' Ferocity: +200 Attack Power
Slip'kik's Savvy: +3% Spell Critical Strike

Dire Maul Consumables

Upon completing a Tribute Run, Stomper Kreeg turns friendly and sells buff alcohols:
Kreeg's Stout Beatdown: +25 Spirit / -5 Intellect
Gordok Green Grog: +10 Stamina
Demonic Rune is dropped by Demons and restores mana at the expense of health, making it useful for long boss fights. While they can be obtained already in Phase 1 from places like Felwood, Dire Maul presents another place to farm. Runn Tum Tuber Surprise is a recipe dropped by Pusillin which is preferred by casters due to the +Intellect.

WoW Classic Mounts

WoW Classic MountsWoW Classic Mounts

Two classes can acquire 100% speed mounts from long quest lines involving Dire Maul: Summon Charger for Paladins and Summon Dreadsteed for Warlocks.
Both questlines require the character to defeat a dungeon boss; this boss can be resummoned in all future dungeon runs and drops rare-quality loot:
Lord Hel'nurath is a summonable boss in Dire Maul for Warlocks.
Death Knight Darkreaver is a summonable boss in Scholomance for Paladins.
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