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od Charles Norman - torek, 24. september 2019, 08:43
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Stay AwakeSleep is a major concern for students when they are studying. There is no greater distraction than sleep. Every student wants to sleep maximum hours while preparing. It keeps them fresh and agile. But when exams are around the corner, it is very hard to sleep for 6-8 hours. The first thing a student has to compromise is sleep. Some students are habitual of late-night study and find it very easy to stay awake. But for some, it is very hard to disturb the daily sleep-wake cycle. This makes them lethargic and anxious. They look for ways to make themselves active without taking enough sleep. It is very hard for them to do so. But nothing comes before the exams. Therefore, there are certain ways in which the student can keep them active and agile. These methods are always accepted by the students during the exam session. They work for most of the students. But it is very important to manage your sleep during these hours. Otherwise, the preparation will not be up to the mark.  

Drink coffee or tea at intervals 

The students are habitual about taking short breaks while studying. This actually helps them a lot. In this way, they replenish their energy and set themselves to study for another session. These breaks prove very beneficial. In order to keep yourself active, coffee or tea is advised during these breaks. These drinks contain stimulants. When a person takes coffee the stimulants sensitize the brain cells. Even if you are not blind since last night after drinking coffee you can feel fresh for 3-4 hours. For some students, tea is the choice. But it is very important as it keeps you awake. After taking these drinks you may not feel drowsy or lethargic. There are no side effects of these drinks. Some students find that their stomach is upset. But it can be compensated. Energy drinks are also preferred by some students. They keep their minds active. It depends upon the choice of the student. But these drinks surely help in keeping your mind active. The brain cells refresh their energy and get ready for another strenuous study session.  

Do running or exercise 

This is one of the best and healthy ways to keep your lethargic attitude away. Some students think that going for a run or doing some light exercise will waste their time. This is a true misconception. You have to set your schedule in this way. At least you will have to spare 20 minutes a day for this activity. When you engage yourself in some physical activity your brain cells get the maximum blood supply. This makes them active and helps them restore their energy. Moreover, it is very healthy for your other body parts. During the exam session, students have a sit for hours and study. This makes them sick. Having an exercise session is very healthy for them. It not only keeps them active but also restores energy. The student doesn't feel sleepy or drowsy anymore. Therefore, it is a must to keep such sessions in your daily schedule. It is conducted biologically that doing 5-10 sit-ups will make your brain a super brain. Your mind will feel better and act as new. What else does a student need. So, one has to break the concept of wasting time and make exercise the daily part of their study schedule.  

Do your assignments yourself 

When the exam session is there, students have to study for long hours. This exhausts the brain cell. Sleep is the biggest distraction. For them, it is very hard to minimize the sleeping demand of the body. This is due to the exhausting study session. The books become a burden. The body demands change. And this change manifests in the form of sleep. In order to avoid this sleep, students have to find another activity. This activity should be beneficial as well as relieving. In this hour of need, the only escape will be doing your written assignment yourself. During the exam season, students look for relief from assignments. They are found saying "I need someone to do my assignment tigers". For them, the tigers are their rescuers. But this never works. They find it easy to hand someone else the burden. This will prove beneficial for your brain. It will become active. 

Appreciate group study sessions 

If you want to keep yourself away from sleep, you have to study with someone. Some students do not find it comfortable to study in a group. One can select a close friend and study with them. When you study in someone's company it is very easy to stay awake. When you study alone, it makes you slow and drowsy. Therefore, always plan your study in a group or with some close friend. Even if you can't study the whole time with the group, schedule some sessions for 2-3 hours during the day or at night. Such sessions at night are appreciated as they will keep you away from sleep. This is the most effective way. Moreover, you can sleep near a friend and ask them to wake you up. This will also shorten your sleep cycle. It is very tough to avoid sleeping especially when your brain is tired and exhausted. But this is the only way to achieve good grades. If you compromise your sleep. This will surely prove beneficial. Sleeping and wasting your time are not signs of a good student. One can always recover the sleep after the exams. But it is very important to make your study your priority. When you score good marks you will find it worth it.