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No Bird Flu Detected in Poultry Samples Taken from Ghazipur Market in Delhi: Official

New Delhi: To the greatest relief for buyers and sellers of poultry products in Delhi, all 100 samples taken from the Ghazipur poultry baths, Asia's biggest chicken market, tested negative for bird flu, officials said on Thursday.

It finally came three days after samples taken from crows and ducks in the country's capital tested positive for bird flu. This led the Delhi government on Monday to ban the sale of processed and packaged chicken brought in from outside the city. Read Also - BREAKING NEWS Jan 14 LIVE Update: India Report 16,946 New Coronavirus Cases, 198 Deaths in 24 Hours

The government has also closed the poultry market for 10 days as a precaution.

Bird Flu

"The test results of 104 samples arrived on Wednesday night. Of these, 100 samples were collected from 35 birds in Ghazipur market. All samples have tested negative for avian influenza, ”said Farm Unit Senior Officer Rakesh Singh.

This means that there is no spread of bird flu in poultry in Delhi, he said.

The remaining four Heron bird samples were taken from Hastsal Park and bird flu was suspected in these four cases, Singh said, adding that these samples had already been sent from the Jalandhar-based lab to Bhopal for confirmation.

Civil authorities on Wednesday imposed a temporary ban on the sale and storage of poultry or processed chicken given the bird flu situation here.

Three municipal companies have warned companies such as restaurants and warungs of tough action, including canceling their licenses, if they fail to comply with orders.

Officials previously said that 10 samples from three areas of Mayur Vihar Phase-3, Lake Sanjay and Sektor Dwarka-9 tested positive for bird flu.

A trip to exterminate the ducks was undertaken on Monday at Lake Sanjay, some of which were found dead.

Avian flu has been confirmed in 10 component countries, including Delhi and Maharashtra, which support the culling of birds with Sentra calling on state officials to check the availability of animal vaccines in such countries.