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There are over a dozen types of essays, and each essay has a substantial and unique role to play. Usually, the students find it hard to create lengthy writing pieces due to poor writing skills and lack of interest in academic writing. Moreover, a few students often struggle in establishing the differences among several essays as there is a thin line that differentiates all the writing papers from one another. 

Especially when it comes to writing an argumentative paper or persuasive writing piece, the students mingle the theme of one essay with another one. As a result, the students get stuck in the middle while composing a detailed writing piece, either argumentative or persuasive. 

Before reading the concepts of both writing pieces, students need to understand that they cannot remove the ambiguities or confusion if they do not pay full attention while developing an absolute understanding of the concepts of each genre of essay. 

It is also necessary for students to adopt a habit of keenly observing how a prominent  write my essay  service composes various essays and what tips it uses to make the content compelling. Learning essay writing rules is not a big deal. However, applying those rules and regulations smartly in the text makes a big difference in making the essay engaging, fascinating, and attractive.

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Students must learn the concept of both essays that are the argumentative essay and the persuasive essay. Only then can the students differentiate both papers from each other.

  • What is argumentative essay writing?

It is one of the major academic writing genres that demand an essay writer to present a logical argument regarding its opinion regarding the topic. It is up to the author whether to compose a deep-dyed writing piece in favor of or against the topic. However, it is the utmost duty of a scribbler to present a logical argument and give an opinion regarding the topic vividly and categorically. 

Notably, students must impart a detailed and balanced overview of both sides of the topic. For this purpose, an essay writer should have profound knowledge about the topic. Only then can a scribbler create a presentable argumentative paper.

Undoubtedly, convincing others according to your viewpoint is one of the most challenging tasks. The students have to bend over backward to learn the art of making the text compelling to change the readers' minds according to their idea. It is imperative to bring in the students' minds that they should notice what tips and techniques a legit academic essay writing service uses to the targeted audience's minds according to their thinking.

As its name indicates, the argumentative essay urges a scribbler to mention a robust argument to support its opinion. Also, the author must also address the opponents' opinions regarding the same issue. Afterward, declaring the opponents' viewpoint less important or irrelevant by giving a logical argument is necessary. The authors cannot express emotional feelings in the text. 

  • What is persuasive paper writing?

It is another genre of academic writing. In a persuasive essay, a student's main focus remains on the primary watchword that is to persuade the readers according to its idea. Just like an argumentative essay, a scribbler must take a firm stance in advocating a narrative or negating it. However, the author's position should be clear whether it supports the assigned statement or negates it. There is no space for emotional feelings that a writer can express. 

In a persuasive essay, the writing tone should remain emotionally charged and aggressive as the writer is supposed to impose its opinion on the readers by amalgamating a logical argument with emotional feelings. Doing so is not an easy task as it takes blood, sweat, and tears of the students at the early stage of academic writing. To learn the art of evoking emotional feelings in the readers, the students should observe how a custom essay writing service creates a persuasive writing piece. 

  • Differences between the argumentative essay and persuasive essay

Even though both specific essays have the same primary purpose: to convince others according to your viewpoint, several contrasts differentiate both papers. 

  1. In an argumentative paper, a scribbler is bound to present both sides of the assigned statement, whether it supports it or negates it. In contrast, an essay writer gets the liberty of highlighting only the supportive side of the topic. The writer completely ignores the opposite side, and its primary focus remains on advocating its opinion only throughout the essay. 
  2. A writer should give vivid examples and present legitimate pieces of evidence to uphold its opinion and make it compelling in an argumentative paper. On the other hand, the author does not have to impart examples or even single evidence while creating a thorough, persuasive essay.
  3. In the argumentative paper, the writing tone remains smooth and consistent throughout the essay. Whereas it is aggressive and emotionally charged in persuasive paper writing. 
  4. It is of maximum importance for an author to mention a counter-argument in an argumentative essay. In simple words, it urges an author to address the opponents' ideas while there is no such requirement in a persuasive essay. Sometimes, even the  best custom essay writing service  skips the section of counter-argument that, resultantly, skews the entire writing effort. Therefore, students must endorse the importance of counter-argument and learn the art of declaring opposing ideas as null or void by raising a powerful yet logical argument.

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