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There are many strategies that help to learn faster and more effectively. They provide useful guidance for learning in a better way. Let us have a look at the most important learning strategies and their impact on the learning process as well.

Throughout our course we have learned that there are three main strategies, namely cognitive, metacognitive, and language learning strategies. Every strategy is significant and plays an important role in learning. That is to say, that cognitive strategy deals with manipulating the learning material. The bright example is highlighting important information and keywords. Moreover, it is possible to make notes and indentify unknown vocabulary. In other words, cognitive strategy helps to perceive the material mentally and physically. Metacognitive strategy deals with monitoring the thinking process. According to Teaching Strategies, a learner has to preview the material, identify the purpose of the task, and monitor what he/she understands. The last strategy is language learning strategies. They are strategies that help to learn foreign languages better. Thus, there are many approaches that comprise the language learning strategy, namely skimming, the usage of verbal and non-verbal communication, and self-talk as well.

The other significant facts mentioned are the reasons why a learner should use certain strategies. Accordingly, the strategies help to become a better learner: learn to think critically, and boost academic level respectively. Nevertheless, it is not an easy thing to choose the right strategy. Basically, every learner has to put some effort into identifying the best learning strategy. Forthwith, a perfect way to get the right strategy is to practice every single one and find out what strategy suits better. After the practicing, the best strategy should be used for boosting the learning process.

The last part of the presentation deals with the ways how to teach strategies. For this reason, the best way to teach is to use preparation, presentation, and practice Preparation is important because it encourages learners to prepare for the class. Presentation helps to show how to use and implement strategies in the actual learning process. Practice pushes learner to move from the theoretical points to application.

The analyzed material evoked a great amount of feelings. I was absolutely surprised when I read about the language learning strategies. Moreover, I was impressed by the fact that, apart from verbal communication, a learner should use non-verbal communication and gestures. The last thing that I was impressed by is the issues that influence the selection of strategies. It was strange for me to know that the curriculum might be quite influential when choosing the right strategy.

Basically, I supposed that learner can choose any strategy to make the learning more effective. However, according to the presentation, not every strategy is suitable for all learners. It is quite a personal issue that should be chosen according to learner’s preferences and the level of competence respectively. The reason why I made such an assumption is connected with my overall knowledge of strategies. Indeed, I knew that all strategies are universal and common to everyone. Under those circumstances, my assumption was invalidated because the curriculum indentifies the learning strategy. Moreover, a learner`s mental abilities also have an enormous impact on the learning process. Now I might admit that I had a wrong understanding of the learning strategies in general. My knowledge was limited, and I did not have any insight that there are many internal as well as external factors that influence the choice of a learning strategy. Now I know that personal preferences are significant while choosing the right learning strategy. Correspondingly, I realized that learners can practice every single strategy and choose the most appropriate one. That is to say, that the learner may find out what strategy can bring more effect.

Having analyzed the above-mentioned information, it is possible for me to make some changes in the way my students get the information. I will provide a week probation of the three mentioned strategies, namely cognitive, metacognitive and language learning strategies. Accordingly, I will provide such an environment that helps a learner to find out the perfect strategy. Similarly, I will compile the tasks which can help to understand each strategy in detail. In addition to that, I will discuss with the students the peculiarities of different strategies. I want them to learn each strategy separately for better understanding. Furthermore, I want to listen to the students about their own methods of learning. It seems that there may be quite effective ones, and the strategies can be used by the other students respectively. Thus, such activities will help to boost learners’ desire to find ways that will improve their success in learning. Commonly, it will be beneficial for them to see their own successes reached with the help of learning strategies.

Summing up, the analyzed material provides general information about the learning strategies. Among the most popular strategies are cognitive, metacognitive and language learning strategies. They strongly influence the learning process by making it more effective. Nevertheless, not all strategies are useful for a learner. The learners have to identify the best strategy that can boost their productivity. Also, this information was a complete surprise to me. My previous knowledge was invalidated, and the material from the presentation proved that every individual has to have an appropriate strategy. After the analysis of the presentation, I will apply gained knowledge in class. I think it will have great success.

About the author: Elif Flores is a master in Literature at Maryland University. She is currently working as one of the best writers at the She also studies male psychology.

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