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In writing a 5 paragraph essay, every paragraph has its points. The 5 paragraph essay is a way of teaching on how you can write an essay in helping students when they need to write one and so not know how to go about writing an essay. Here are the parts of the paragraph essay and how what it contains.

5 paragraph essay

1st Paragraph - This is the introductory paragraph of the 5 paragraph essay. This is where you have your thesis statement wherein you will be stating the summary of what the readers will expect in the whole essay.

2nd Paragraph - This is the first body paragraph of the 5 paragraph essay. At this point you should be starting off with a topic sentence and this is the where your argument should stick with the topic that you would like to discuss on this part.

3rd Paragraph - This is the second body paragraph of your 5 paragraph essay. This is has the same content with the second paragraph but this is the just to strengthen your argument.

4th Paragraph - This is the third body paragraph of your 5 paragraph essay. Like the paragraph three, this would also help strengthen your argument for your thesis statement.

5th Paragraph - This is the last part of your 5 paragraph essay and contains your conclusion. This is where you will convince your readers that you have provided enough evidence to prove your argument.

This is how you will go with your 5 paragraph essay wherein you will need to follow carefully so that you will be presenting your point clear enough that the readers will understand. This will surely help you in starting your very own 5 paragraph essay.