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AMD's Fidelity FX adaptive contrast sharpening function has been adopted by more and more games. The latest title of CCP's EVE Online is just that. Patch 18.05 adds this feature in order to provide clearer visual effects in EVE Online. The developers of CCP have their insights on why they chose to add "contrast adaptive sharpening" to the space MMO game.

The entire New Eden and some areas with large contrast differences are accurately enhanced with CAS for visual effects. In addition, CAS has nothing to do with the platform. The contrast of the pixels in the sharpening process is something to be considered in the "contrast adaptive sharpening". The same artifact problem mentioned above will no longer cause trouble on edges and gradations, and can still accurately sharpen areas with large contrast differences.

The Cheap EVE Echoes ISK surface of the moon is a good example in EVE Online. There are craters, surface rings, mountains and flat areas, and there are large contrast differences when designing these areas. In this case, CAS stands out. It can successfully make the subtle details created by the artist become clearer in the final rendering after enabling the existing post-processing.

The fine details of the hull show the EVE Echoes ISK outstanding performance of CAS. When we see the panels and decals used on Orca and Naga, we feel particularly good. The performance cost of this enhancement is far less than the cost of pre-existing post-processing. This feature can only be enabled when the "Post Processing" setting in EVE Online is temporarily set to "High".

On the DirectX 12 client, CCP is still doing intense preparations. It will improve many performances of EVE Online.Players can live their own way in the EVE Echoes game. Every day players will get EVE Echoes ISK rewards after completing basic login and tasks. But what players need is a website that can provide them with a lot of EVE Echoes ISK. The emergence of the MMOWTS website is very timely.